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Derpy Can Fix Things WP

By martybpix
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Something simple this time.
I made a wallpaper for myself. Got an idea from [link]
Perfect vector for this by: ~blmn564
Apple logo (What Used To Be) is © Apple

Feel free to use it :)
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Perfect for my MacBook Pro Retina!!!!!!
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my computer stoped working
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Apple/I-Tunes are responsible for Derpy being 'censored'...
I wish she could fix'em.  (*evil hand rubbing*) MUWAHAHAHAHA!
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I knew there was something wrong with apple.
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So that's what was wrong with the Apple logo! :D Nice job Derpy! 

Nice job! 
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You have great imagination. And can make lots of things really cute. You're an awesome artist. Keep up the good work.
LOL am the first comment in months XD
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But Derpy, Mac wanted a computer without the apple being fixed. :XD:Buy Some Apples! by oakleafninja23
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oh god this is so cute, Derpy x3
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XD LOL sure Derpy, sure you did.
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It would be awesome to have this wallpaper sized.
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Aww poor derpy, she wins and fails at the same time. soo cute!
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that derpy looks like it came from one of my comics.
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Derpy, we never ASKED you to fix it.
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this is great in two ways! Derpy's just plain awesome and that's totally how she would attempt to fix a half-eaten apple, and two, even Derpy has found a way to improve apple products...
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Woot!  Love it.
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If you don't like meaningless insults about Apple and Apple related products, then turn around and don't comment on my comment! Just leave.

Comment in 5...






Did derpy figure out a way to install Flash on iPhones and iPads?! She's alot smarter than people give her credit for, especially if she can out-think the guys at Apple.
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sent my iphone (it was bought for me) in to be repaired, not only did apple break it more, they didn't even fix what was wrong...
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the idea is adorable
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Soooo cute :3
Well done derpy :)
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Awwww I love it! was this all ur idea! :)
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XD awww she is so cuuuuuUUUUUuuuuutttee!!
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