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Hey Everyone!

Marty Basto here with Basto Media - I know very creative name :P

We have a few projects going on right now and we figured we'd share them with you.

We're always looking for feedback so dont be shy!

Because really...we're not shy..

Current Residence: Canada
Personal Quote: Some of life's most precious moment can be lived in the form of a dream

Today, we talk about our very first Prince.

We are starting with the Royal Family of Brockland Heights, a city high above the mountains. It's location always served as a stronghold for the old nation. A location that has never been captured by enemies. At the foot of the mountain lies the great river Adonis, providing the people of Brockland Heights an abundance amount of food when the hunts are not fruitful.

The city of Brockland Heights is being ruled by Chief Uriel who's sole mission was to increase the way of life of his citizens by increasing the technology and scientific output under his rule. Therefore, it comes to no surprise that his son would be raised with the mindset of a scholar and an engineer.

You can view Prince Tobias' image here!


Prince Tobias is a gentle heart with a sense of reality, knowing too well the harsh penalties that come with war. Ever since the death of his mother, his father, Chief Uriel has been severely over protective of his only son, causing Tobias to have very few friends. The word few being very generous.

Within the castle's garden is a huge hot spring, an area that Tobias often visits to clear his mind while working on a few trinkets of his own. Lost in his thoughts, he often tries to write down his feelings, in hopes to escape them. When he's not studying or training under the watchful eyes of his father, Tobias likes to sneak around in order to go further to the side of the mountains to watch the wildlife pass him by, sharing a moment of tranquility in his soul.

As a Prince, Tobias is well articulated, kind, polite and sincere, as should any noble truly hope to be. However, if he ever wishes to rule the Kingdom, he will need to face his deepest fears which are no doubt his own inner feelings. He will need to gain the confidence needed to stand tall, be proud of his heritage and believe in himself. A task, far more difficult than anything else in the world for a person desperately trying to live their lives without emotions.

If Annabelle ever wishes to get to Tobias, the REAL Tobias, she will have to obliterate his very own defensive wall that protects his heart. Doing so may allow him to grow pass the pain or leave him emotionally crippled which could have the reversed effect for the sake of her mission.

Decisions, Decisions...


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djack232 Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2013
It'll be great to see the other Dark Wick art that doesn't show up in the comic. I'm a little surprised your gallery doesn't have the Lt. Glory/Lady AI Christmas pinup from the voting incentives.
MartyBasto Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
I was thinking of putting it up but it's not really close to Christmas...

I'll put it up and some more...
MartyBasto Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Here you go. I decided to add the Christmas Promo
djack232 Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2013
Sweet, I love that one. Felle does some awesome work for the comic.
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MartyBasto Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2009
Please leave a comment, I'd love to hear about you
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