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"Emily faces her worst nightmare when she finds herself trapped in a lift with Adrian, the man who, without her consent, pressured her into having sex with him five years before. But he remembers that night very differently, and is shocked to discover what Emily thinks happened.
"It's the first time they've seen each other since and an emotional argument ensues. Will Adrian take responsibility for his actions? Will Emily be able to use this encounter to finally move on?"

Directed by Mark Corden and co-written by Emmeline Kellie and Tommy Draper, 'Keep Breathing' promises to closely examine attitudes towards consensual and non-consensual sex. It promises to engage the audience, provoke critical thought and encourage discussion. They plan to submit this to as many suitable film festivals around the world as they can, along with schools and colleges as well as social media.

It is currently being crowdfunded and would graciously accept any donations. It is a stone's throw away from reaching its £10,000 goal.…

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-You have to post these rules. 
-Each person has to share 13 things about them.
-You can't say what you don't do.
-Answer the ≤13 questions asked to you and invent ≤13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
-Tag ≤13 people, if you can/want to. -Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
-Be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things. 

1. I discovered DeviantArt through Wikipedia, which I discovered through, which I discovered through

2. I have recently re-discovered soundtracks from television shows I watched as a child. As I am penning this journal, I am listening to the Song of the Flea from Bagpuss.

3. I am still at Citizens Advice.

4. I was given an ocarina for a little gift this year. We will see if I can still play after a decade and a year.

5. I have recently begun reading the Song of Ice and Fire and have finished reading the first part of A Storm of Swords.

6. Speaking of, I have yet to unwrap the DVD box set of Game of Thrones that I got for Christmas.

7. Also speaking of, I have been reading a fanfic where Sean Bean wakes up in White Harbour and finds himself having to continue playing Ned Stark while leading the North in the War of the Five Kings.

8. I am playing Herr Flick in an upcoming production of 'Allo 'Allo.

9. My taste in music remains as eclectic as ever. So long as it has a good melody, I will listen.

10. Outside of DeviantArt, the only gift I can give to people is food. Recently, this has taken the form of brownies and cakes.

11. I made a savoury cheesecake last week.

12. I really want to try and serve a saddle of venison, and a whole poached salmon.

13. I also want to try and make a baked Alaska from scratch.



1. Do you smoke?
I do not.

2. Be creative! What do you think what would happen if Elephant can fly?
I like to think that that would make them less endangered, so long as they can avoid air traffic. I remember an episode of Bagpuss about an elephant who flew.

3. Do you like Yuri or Yaoi or both or not at all?
I'm open to new things.

4. Are you sometimes aware that you're being hypocrite?
Sometimes, I am. That said, I can't put my finger on specific occasions.

5. Favourite food?
Starter: Smoked salmon and prawn paté.
Main course: Roast leg of lamb, with roasted vegetables and onion pudding.
Dessert: Black Forest Trifle
Hot beverage: Homemade hot chocolate
Cold beverage: Homemade strawberry cordial

6. How do you usually get inspired to develop something?
Usually by what I see and hear. If I hear a piece of music that I especially like, I try to imagine a scenario that would include it, and then I would develop the idea from there.

7. Do you have an idol that gives you a hope that what you're doing is possible and can lead you into something good?
I do not, at least not one that inspires hope in what I am doing. I'll just give a rundown of my favourite actors: Christopher Lee, Sara Kestelman, John Hurt, Corey Burton, Scott McNeil, Catherine Taber...

8. What is your lifetime goal?
Be credited on the big screen!

9. What kind of movie/TV series/Show do you like?
Fantasy, either science fiction or swords and sorcery.

10. Would you somehow get annoyed when stumbled into someone's page who describe themselves as awesome/cool/legendary/epic yet they don't have enough skill/proof to back up their claim?
Not really. I would shrug my shoulders and look elsewhere. I would only really get annoyed if this was a regular occurrence. That, or if the work described is completely, obnoxiously awful and so far I have not seen that.

11. Is cockroach your least favourite bug?
It is not; that dubious honour goes to the mosquito.

12. Can you describe the type of OC that annoys you a lot?
To me, that would be the one that is shoe-horned into a canon story and is used to upstage and be given undue praise by the canon characters.

13. Have you ever encountered someone who is an owner of an Anti-Sue OC who got ridiculously mad at you because your balanced OC overpowers their underpowered OC? If not, What would you think if that happened?
No, but I have had the inverse happen, where someone lost their temper at me because my character wasn't "awesome" enough. During an attempted crossover story collaboration, which was unfortunately abandoned, the original idea was, among other things, to have Artorius Revana suddenly gain magical powers which he would use to help save the day. I opposed this idea, stating that it would not make sense within the story's universe to have Artorius cast complex battle magic after being in said universe for all of a few days. I thought it cheapened magic as a plot device and raised questions about the setting and Artorius's place in that setting. This, among other issues, led to the story falling through before we finished writing the second chapter.
I generally try to prevent a situation like that from occurring, but if it did, I would logically and calmly explain the differences in the respective universes.



1. What is your least favourite song that you have heard, and why?

2. Which television series would you like to see remade, and why?

3. Which movie would you like to see remade, and why?

4. I know I have asked this before but what would your ideal three course meal be, if price was no obstacle?

5. What is your least favourite book, and why?

6. Which is your favourite period clothing, and why?

7. Do prefer home-made objects, or store-bought?

8. What is your favourite pastime, and why?

9. What did you do that you would rather not repeat?

10. If you could ask one question to one person, regardless of whom or where they are, who would it be and what would you ask?

11. What was your favourite television series when you were a child?

12. What was your favourite game when you were a child?

13. If you had to sing in public, what would you sing, and to whom would you sing it?

Answer in the comments below!
Evening, everyone!

Would you pay for my artwork / animations?

Please be honest.

N.B. The requests that have been made and not yet finished will not be charged, of course. That's just plain wrong.
Tagged by :iconsamjayunfunny::

1. Post the rules.
2. Post 8 facts about your character.
3.Tag 8 other characters.
4.Post their names along with their creators avatars.

Artorius Crouched by MartmeisterPaladin
Artorius Revana

  1. As some of the early drawings attest, Artorius began life as a Warhammer 40,000 Fallen Angels converted figure (seen here:… ) and there was going to be a story about him seeking redemption in the 41st millennium for his part in Luthor's rebellion and the resulting destruction of Caliban. By 2008, all Warhammer 40K references were dropped, and he was in his new universe.
  2. The wings for his pauldrons were inspired by the Plate Armour shoulderplates of the Tier 9 armour sets of World of Warcraft, specifically Turalyon's Shoulderplates of Conquest (… ). An earlier design had them folded together.
  3. An attempt was made at telling his story here:  St Anstar's Haven Ep. One by MartmeisterPaladin. I want to do so much more in the future.
  4. His weapon is a baton that can unfold into various types of melee weapons, such as axes, swords, hammers and polearms, and can even break into multiple weapons. The limit to the latter ability is yet to be confirmed.
  5. Relating to the first fact, his hair colour would have alluded to his original age, which, after spending so much time in the Eye of Terror, was 10,051 years old. Now, he is 28 years old. The reason for it being grey will be shown. Hopefully.
  6. He was raised by the Gladiators of the St Anstar's Haven Arena. Serraphina Emacrest ( Serraphina Emacrest by MartmeisterPaladin) is especially beloved as an older sister.
  7. With his towering height of 8 foot, coupled with his massive musculature, Artorius has two hearts.
  8. His previous suit of armour:  Insert Good Title Here by MartmeisterPaladin is still sometimes worn on special occasions.
Feel free to post eight facts about your characters in the comments!
Tagged twice by :iconmrpr1993: and :iconspiralsongreturns:

1. You have to post ALL the Rules
2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions the people you tag will have to answer
4. Choose 13 people.
5. You have to legitimately tag 13 people. Sod that noise. You guys go ahead and do it if you want to.
6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags. Watch me!
7. Tag-backs are ALLOWED
8. YOU MUST MAKE A JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! unless you're talking ABOUT the entry
9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do what ever the creator tells you Oh my.
10. Be creative with the title. No, " I got tagged" stuff. (>:3C )

So, since you want to know about me:
1. I have gained an admiration for the works of Handel; I enjoy "Zadok the Priest", "Silent Worship", "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" and "Alla Hornpipe".
2. I am currently rehearsing three plays.
3. I tend to procrastinate. Just a little bit.
4. I enjoy cooking in my spare time, and have started developing an obsession with a documentary series about Britain's culinary history, to the point that I want to learn about the culinary histories of other countries.
5. The only gift I can really give my parents is a good meal.
6. I sometimes wonder about whether my art is good enough to be commissioned.
7. I discovered Flash entirely by accident, when I was 13 years old, and it was called Flash 5.
8. My favourite genre of music is still Symphonic Power Metal; I still enjoy listening to Nightwish and Dragonforce, in addition to taking a liking to Sabaton.
9. I also enjoy listening to Two Steps from Hell, and I am sorely tempted to use their music in my movies.
10. I extensively play Star Wars: The Old Republic; I am on the Progenitor (RP) server.
11. I work at Citizens Advice.
12. I want to try and roast a saddle of venison.
13. I spend a lot of my time on Facebook.

From Luis:
1. Type of fetish? You can say more than one! And the reason.

Expansion in general, after some movies I saw when I was 5 or 6.
2. Ninjas, Pirates, Zombies or Robots?
3. What pets do you own?
Some fish. I think.
4. Favourite Fighting Game? 
I haven't played any, so I'll just say Star Wars: The Old Republic. There's fighting in that.
5.  Know Conker's Bad Fur Day?
I know it. I haven't played it.
6. What's the inspiration of your art style?
Probably the stick figure cartoons I saw on sites like Newgrounds, way back when. Particularly, The Legacy of X-Star and this gentleman's movies here: .
7.  Know about Original Character Tournaments?
I know of it. I'd like to enter.
8. Favourite weather?
9. Soda, anyone?
I prefer orange juice.
10. Favourite from Cartoon Network?
I have to say We Bare Bears. "We'll be there! A wink and a smile and a great, old time..."
11. What you find mostly memetic?
No idea.
12. Favourite culture?
Probably baroque.
13. What's the type of Windows/Mac you have?
Windows 7 Home Premium.

From Michael:
1. 3DS or 3DS XL?
I had no idea there was a difference between the two.
2. MLP, Undertale or Homestuck?
What about them?
3. Do you think this journal tag idea is good, bad or needs to burn in Discord's Toilet... if he has one?
I suppose it's a nice way to get to know someone.
4. Discord(MLP) or Loki(Marvel)? who's better?
5. Disneyland or Disney World?
Been to neither.
6. Wigglytuff or Drifblimp?
Probably the former.
7. Mika Phoenix, Yokorona Onika or Newcomer Masako Tengu?
Neither character has been developed, nor do they have any consistent characterisation, so I can't really say.
8. Pokemon or Digimon?
Back in the day, I'd have laid down my life for the former. Now? Probably still the former. Maybe.
9. Favorite Mario Power-up?
The giant-sized one, I guess.
10. 80s or 90s?
Probably the 1980's.
11. Mike Phoenix or Viralius Deathbird?
Again, there's not that much for me to say, with regards to characterisation, beyond how they look. I guess Viralius's design looks good.
12. Favorite Form of Inflation?
I'm easy.
13. Groudon, Ho-oh, Keldeo, Arceus, Xerneas or Wigglytuff?
No idea. Ah, sod it. Vote for the underdog. Wigglytuff.

From me. Feel free to answer as you see fit:
1. What genre would your life be?
2. What is your ideal three course meal?
3. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say some choice words to the person you admire most in the world. What would you say?
You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to say some choice words to the person you hate most in the world. What would you say?
5. Would you rather have £1 million to give to charity, or £40,000 to keep?
6. Which TV series would you like to see return?
7. Which TV series would you like to see end?
8. Where would you like to go on holiday?
9. Do you remember the Ice Bucket Challenge?
10. Which is your favourite genre of music?
11. Sweet or savoury?
12. Which is your favourite nostalgic TV show?
13. Which time period interests you the most?

I tag no-one. Answer how you choose.
An amazing artist, :iconrex--magnus: has begun a patreon, in addition to the commissions. Highly recommended! He drew this adorable piece of work for me!  COM: Chibi Artorius by Rex--Magnus

For further details, see below!

Devious Journal Entry
I'm working on lots of exclusive new content for my patrons on Patreon!  (I'll still post here, but - don't you want more?)  I've already got my first patrons-only sketch posted, and there will be lots more scifi and fantasy art - both fan art and original works - coming up!
RULES (please read)

1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters I like the most and comment my choice. (I will go to your gallery and pick one character and one picture I like, you don't need to tell me which one)

2. If you comment, please feel free to do the same in your journal, and put me in the first feature slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! I feature you after you made the journal.

This may or may not differ from the previous meme. Opinions change, after all.

From :iconsergy92:.

1) :iconemissaryofrainbows::- Out of both of the Emissary's characters, I find the Shadow Princess <da:thumb id="505709210"/> to have the most fascinating story premise. How did she end up on the mortal plane?
2) :iconspiralsongreturns::- This was difficult given the sparse backstories and flat character designs, and I didn't want to include characters that had been originally created by other artists, but... Omega Zetto  Omega Zetto by SpiralsongReturns stands out; I am very interested in what his story is, his travels throughout the cosmos and all of that.
3) :iconvladplasmes::- A hard choice and an odd choice, given the space of time that has passed since his last sighting but Vincent  fascinates me. Was he always a chimera? Or was he a human under a curse...?
4) :iconyamisamurai24::- Amaya and Alan <da:thumb id="498938372"/>, if only because it would not be right to separate the two. Which has taken place in the story already so... yeah. Anyway, I am interested in how they would grow up in a world that is recovering from continental war, giant rampages and the threat of lunar invasion, all the while being raised by two royal families on opposite sides of the world.
5) :iconshineofrain::- Nurse Vanessa 

Mature Content

Vanessa's Newest Ref by ShineofRain
. Cliché for picking the central protagonist? Maybe. But given the world of hyperactive children and evil nurses, sometimes we need a sane head to bounce this all off of. Sometimes, not even metaphorically. All that said, Vanessa fits that role perfectly, although that could be down to us not knowing too much about her colleague Teressa. I AM interested in what happens if someone cuts her hair. I can imagine a wrathful reprisal that can leave giants reduced to shivering wrecks...
6) :iconzeroconfidence::- Zero Confidence  My art Zero by ZeroConfidence. Although I am itching for some new characters to regularly interact with. A hapless lab assistant? An archnemesis? 
A hapless lab assistant who becomes an archnemesis? To be fair, though, she gels amazingly well with the other universes she interacts with, to the point where you'd think she was right at home! :D
7) :iconchwen-hoou::- Another odd choice, but I had to go with Leslie

Mature Content

, if only because I want to learn more about her culture, and whether or not the entire species worships Bharada or if there are other religions and sects on that planet.
8) :iconphlim2::- FemPhlim  FemPHLiM Wishes You A Merry Christmas! -2012- by PHLiM2, if only for the madcap misadventures that befall her. I was considering Phynea, if only because of my fascination with mythological creatures and fantastical settings, until I found out that Phynea was just FemPhlim after a transformation.
9) :iconmrpr1993::- Sir Angela  Sir Angela 2013 Ref Sheet by MrPr1993 is someone whose story I would very much like to see be told. Also, I'd be lying if I said I didn't like the attention that went into making the suit of armour.
10) :iconsomeboy101::- Elena Lynn Azure 

Mature Content

Girly Sandwich by Someboy101
 (on the right) is a character that I am actually quite interested in drawing, if only to explore the effects of her immortality.
11) :icondantiscus::- D.V.  The sides of DV by dantiscus for this image. It reminds me of the longbow; flexible and accommodating to the desires of other people, refusing to adhere to strict rigidity, but when pulled too far, the consequences are lethal.
12) :iconyeahshippo::- Rosario Valencia  What can I say? I like the shirt. :XD: I'm also interested to find out if he was always like this.
13) :iconmarkellbarnes360::- Darkness  Darkness the Evil OC by MarkellBarnes360 is the character I am most intrigued by. For one thing, I am interested in the formation of VEXUS (did s/he found it or simply usurp leadership), the creation of the character in-story, the decisions, trials and tribulations that led him/her to this point, exactly what it is about Viper that drives him/her on, among other things.
1. - You must posts these rules.
2. - Each person has to share 10 things about them.
3. - You may answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
4. - You can choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal.
5. - Go to their page to inform them they are tagged.
6. - Not something like " you are tagged if you read that".
7. - You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
8. - No tag-backs.
9. - You can’t say that you don't do tags.

10 Things About Me

1. One of the first things I learned to make was a chocolate biscuit bar. Basically a Rocky Road, where you melt chocolate, add biscuit pieces and cherries, and then let it cool in the fridge, but without the marshmallows, Maltesers and nougat bars.
2. My favourite sport is Fencing. Even if I am not very good at it.
3. I discovered Adobe Flash at secondary school when I was about 12 years old. It was called Macromedia Flash back then.
4. The first Flash animation I submitted to the internet was a small movie called "Mountaineering Competition". It was submitted to Stick Figure Death Theatre . com.
5. The idea behind this comic: and this movie: had come to me in a dream. In it, I saw someone become inexorably fused with a sumo costume.
6. I was re-introduced to Riverdance when I was 12. It is now my favourite dance to watch.
7. I made animations with LEGO from when I was 9 to when I was about 11.
8. I discovered deviantart through Wikipedia.
9.  I discovered Warhammer when I was 8.
10. I want to know if Robot Wars is carrying on, in any shape or form.

:icontacokart:'s questions for me.

1. What your favourite food?
A: My favourite food is either lasagne, lamb pie, leg of lamb, glazed ham, meatloaf, the vegetarian sausage roll I made in Cornwall, toad in the hole, white chocolate cheesecake, lemon loaf, black forest trifle, strawberry cordial or all of the above.

2. What's the weirdest dream you've had?
A: I cannot remember how it began, but there was this strange, mystical creature that I called a "Guardian". Something had caused its death, forcing me to assume its place. How? By crawling along the bottom of a pool, from one length to the other. This would have somehow turned me into a mystical elephant. However, a schoolmate of mine interrupted the ritual by standing in the pool.

3. If you could own one (and only one) Pokemon as a pet, which one would you own?
A: Squirtle. The first one I ever played with.

4. What's your favorite gaming genre?
A: I would say RPG. I fell in love with Neverwinter Nights in 2003. If you can find it, you would not regret it. I also really like RTS's, thanks to Age of Empires I & II, Empire Earth, Red Alert 2 & 3 and Age of Mythology.

5. If you could date any fictional character, who would it be?
A: Difficult to say, but a pleasant evening with modern-day Glory (Image Comics) I suppose wouldn't be amiss.

6. What's your favorite mythological creature?
A: I would say the giant turtle. The kind that houses a city on its back. That is very sporting of them.

7. What scares you the most?
A: Failure.

8.  If you could own any kind of weapon, real or fictional, what would it be?
A: The Subtle Knife. It cuts through anything like butter. Oh, and it also cuts doorways into other universes.

9.  If you switched genders for a day, what would you do?
A: I would learn what caused it, I guess.

10. What do you do when you feel sad? 
A: I try to undertake whatever activity makes me happy.

I tag: no-one. Anyone who wants to answer the questions can do so in the comments.

My questions for them:
1. Which is your favourite literary genre?
2. What would you ask your favourite author?
3. Which work of fiction would you most want to see adapted into a movie?
4. Which work of fiction would you most want not to see adapted into a movie?
5. If you adapted your own life into a story, what genre would you like it to be?
6. What is your least favourite song, and why?
7. Which, out of my characters, is your least favourite, and why?
8. What would your ideal superpower be?
9. What is your least favourite food?
10. Out of your own gallery, which submission are you most proud of?

See you all next week! :D
From :iconmquezada88: and :iconjuupei:...

1. For the first 15 people who comment on this journal, I will feature one of their characters (OCs). I'll also tell you what I like about them. [I will go to your gallery and pick one character, you don't need to tell me which one].
2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting the tagger (or original journalist) in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone!
3. Oh, and if you commented on this journal ( ), then my choice will not have likely changed.

1. :iconmquezada88: Strike on, Dynaia! by mquezada88 I want to find out more about her! What is her story?

2. :iconjuupei: Rosalind the cyberelf by juupei I really like the marriage of science fiction with magical fantasy. Her origin reminds me a little of AndrAIa from Reboot - a computer program that is adjusting to life outside of her previous functions.

3. :iconarrowny18: Merle Bryant by Arrowny18 While Ultra V presents a wealth of story ideas as well, I like Merle for how... unpredictable she can be in her efforts to make people laugh (see Lucky's misadventures with her jack-in-the-box). Given that she used to be with the circus... where is she now?

4. :iconspiralsongreturns: - This one was really difficult, but...   Beauty Phoenix by SpiralsongReturnsseemed to be the only one out of the lot that seems to have a story behind her, or at least, the implications of a story behind her. How did she end up with her butterfly wings? What is the Prism Light? Is she always as withdrawn as she is, or was it the result of some external action?

5. :iconsamuraiknight: by way of :iconrainbowflowerblossom: -   The small (but round) Medabot OC BeeQueen by SamuraiKnight The Medabot BeeQueen is just adorable! :D

6. :iconwajose-the-plumper: SpetacularMen by wajose-the-plumper There is something very compelling about self-proclaimed Ultimate Heroes. They can be played for drama or for comedy, and I look forward to which direction José takes Spectacularman.

7. :icontacokart: - <da:thumb id="429604651"/> Evil counterparts are always welcome, and I quite like the designs of these two. I mentioned how well crimson and grey go together, but I also like the mix of design motifs, from the Victorian Age to the far future.

8. :iconthestartraveler:

Mature Content

Lazuli by TheStarTraveler
 Stout is another word for strong! :D I bet she turns into an APC!

9. :iconkryten51: My new oc: Aura the super solider by Kryten51 Another one that fascinates me, mostly because of the uncanny design. :)
Expect a couple of commemorative pictures either tonight or tomorrow! :D
Hello! I just wanted to say, thank you to those who checked out the Outland project on Facebook, Indiegogo and/or Kickstarter, and a great, big thank you to those who were able to donate; you are awesome! We managed to raise over £400 on those sites, but the Director has told me that we raised £800 in total. While this might not be enough to enter us into the film festivals, it is enough to pay for the animatronics that he plans to insert into the film!

We will try to raise funds again this coming January, so watch this space.

Thanks again!
Good evening, everyone. I hope you are all well! As might be clear to some of you, I have been slow in submitting additions to my gallery over the last few months. There have been reasons - work, amateur theatre, the size of the animations I have made lately - but the one that has been in the works for a very long time now is Outland, an ambitious short film project featuring yours truly.…

If you are friends with me on Facebook, then you will have a general idea as to what it is, but to those who aren't, Outland is a short film that has been and is currently being shot in the Derbyshire area. It is the product of one man who has funded the entire project himself. It is a story about two Goblins - the last of their kind? - being pursued by an ominous man in black as they search for a safe haven. The Goblins represent folklore, mythology and, ultimately, imagination, and it is their goal to keep the tales of yore and Goblin lore alive. It is a tale of despair, hope and fortitude, and of how one reacts to the winds of change.

And yes, I play one of those two Goblins (I am the one in the big, black wig and the leathers).

I have been thrilled to have played a part in its production, from August of last year. It was certainly an experience having my face cast for the prosthetic mask, not to mention wearing one for the first time!

We have been filming since June now, and anyone who has seen the production shots would tell you just how professional everything looks - the prosthetics, the costume designs, the effects, everything!

And we haven't even finished yet!

What we hope to do is to complete this project by May of next year and submit it to as many film festivals as we can. Heck, we might even try and ship this overseas! However, to accomplish all of this, we still need to finish the film and raise the entry fees for said festivals, and that is where you (can choose whether or not to) step in!

The links above should help you gain a further understanding of the Outland project, or at least entertain you with some production photographs! And besides, it is all very well to hear me tell you all this, but a point without proof is nothing but hot air. The Indiegogo page is where you will find the campaign video (featuring an introduction from the director, the SFX artist and one of the actors), and it is also where you can donate. I'd list all the perks you could stand to gain from making a contribution, but the website should be able to do just that. Whether you decide to donate or spread the word of Outland, it is immensely gratifying for one more pair of eyes to take a peek at this project, and how far we've come, and any donation is a godsend.

So if you want an invitation to the film's first screening, an Executive Producer credit, a role as an Extra or even just a "Thank you" credit, please feel free to donate! Otherwise, enjoy the stills and clips of our wonderful work in progress!

Who knows, Outland might come to a screen near you...

N.B. Just so you know, we have run out of "Extra" perks, so you might not be able to snag a role as an Extra. ^^; If you donate on Kickstarter, you might still be able to become an Extra! Executive Producer is still open! :D And you get a prop from the film!

Also, only one more chance to spend a day on set!

Oh, and you get to see me bite a guy on the neck! :D

And you get to see me get shot!

We've passed the 350 400 mark so far! :)

You have less than nine hours left to donate!
From :iconspiralsongreturns:. Here I go:

1. I got a new superhero OC known as Parallella:  What do you think of her?
A: Her abilities are certainly unique, I'll say that much. Rather like a wheel of fortune, in my opinion. She could summon a legendary-angelic-saviour version of a character from an alternate universe, or a version of the same character strapped to a life-support machine. I would like to know more about her as a person, and the repercussions that could result from abusing her power.

2.if any of your OC's could meet with Parallella for a day, who would it be and why?
A: I would say Nova, because she would be fascinated by someone who could summon a heroic version of her arch-nemesis, the Black Sovereign. Plus, she fancies herself as a heroine, and I imagine the two would have a lot to discuss. That, and she's the un-obvious answer.

3. what would your chosen OC and her do that day?
A: They would travel to different worlds, and help people along the way. They would also discuss Parallel's powers and how they could affect her target.

4. if you could use any video game power-up, what would it be and what would you look like after using it?
A: Probably Bernard's Watch, and you would never see me coming...

5. have you ever heard or played monster rancher?
A: I have seen some episodes of the anime. Why is the main villain, a hulking, armour-plated monstrosity, named Moo?

6. have you ever heard of PlayStation Underground?
A: Nope!

7. which is better to defeat evil with? deadly 1000-year martial arts, or a Spirit that can punch fast AND stop time?
A: 1000-year old martial arts will have been around long enough for a counter to be developed. I choose the latter.

8. which good-alignment oc of mine is your favorite?
A: Umm...

9. Which evil-aligment oc of mine is your favorite?
A: Didn't you only have Yokorona for that?

10. If Parallella and Mika Phoenix visited a video game world, which one should they visit?
A: Probably Kingdom Hearts. The alternate worlds would be a nice compliment to Parallela's abilities, and Mika would fit right in, with her clothes!

My questions now:
1) What is your favourite meal to cook, and why?
2) What is your least favourite genre of music, and why?
3) What do you recommend I try cooking, and why?
4) From where did you draw inspiration for your characters?
5) What would be your ideal story for your characters?
6) Which fictional universe would Artorius fit best in, and why?
7) Which is your least favourite book, and why?
8) Would you be interested in a story about Artorius, Catheta and my other characters? (Be honest.)
9) Which is your least favourite out of my characters, and why?
10) If you could use a Time Turner (device from Harry Potter that enables time travel) once, and only once, what would you use it for?

Please feel free to answer in the comments!
First 10 people who comment, I'll put their avatars here and 3 of their works, what I like the most.
-Of course, if you comment, you must do the same in your journal and put my avatar and 3 of my works on first place.
-It's not a free feature, the point is, to share with others.

1. :iconspiralsongreturns:
<da:thumb id="291727988"/> Collab - KTGZero And Zoro VS Sunshine! by SpiralsongReturns Collab - Watermelon Mika by SpiralsongReturns
This was difficult for me to pick, but what I like about these was the effort put into them. :) Heck, maybe these could mark the beginning of something great! :D

2. :iconsergy92:
Deviant Party poster by Sergy92  Ooo's team of super girls by Sergy92
What I like about these is the attention to detail, especially when you consider that these are 8-bit sprites. The poses are pretty good, too!

3. :iconsamuraiknight:
THE ROAR OF THE BERZERKERS (rough) by SamuraiKnight  Transformers Serenity and Sonya by SamuraiKnight  Ice Dragons on Vacation (female cast for the Ice) by SamuraiKnight
One of the things I like about these drawings, apart from the impressive pencilwork and the level of detail, is the depth his characters are given - they are gentle and friendly, but they each carry within them a core of steel.

4. :iconvladplasmes:
These ones I like for the opposite reason for which I like :iconsamuraiknight:'s artwork - simple, clean drawings portraying characters that appear big and terrifying but are, for lack of a better word, human.

5. :icontacokart:
<da:thumb id="410972055"/> <da:thumb id="408814894"/> <da:thumb id="372279072"/>
I like Dr Mechanix's Bio mostly for how well it marries design elements from the Victorian Age (apparel design and cane) and science fiction (bionic eyes, neon lines, futuristic gloves). Zelazuul is just adorable and I want to see how the PsiTwins fight the Chaos Twins! :D
6. :iconyeahshippo:
 These I like for how they stop and make me ponder the questions they are asking. At least, the latter two do that. The first I like for its audacity. :XD:



Got this from :iconspiralsongreturns:

1. For each of the first 20 people to comment to this journal, I will feature one of their characters. I'll also tell you what I like about them.

2. If you comment, please do the same in your journal, putting person who tagged you on in the first slot. The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! (BTW if you do this, I DON'T CARE IF YOU DO ALL 20. I think it's a bit of a large number, so I completely understand if you shorten the number.) But don't go to too much trouble.

1. :iconspiralsongreturns: Connie Dragon by SpiralsongReturns This one was difficult, mostly because of how little I know his characters. That, however, can easily be an advantage. I suppose I like her, and the rest of his characters, because of the ways in which you can portray her, and them in general. I also like how her eyes are completely different from those of the other characters. Maybe there's a reason for that? I don't know.
2. :iconi-like-pie-so-much-2: Chibi Me by i-like-pie-so-much-2 For some reason, I see this guy as being a Doctor and an Assassin! :D I also like that he has a throwing knife for a hand - quite a nice take on the hook hand motif.
3. :icon50percentgrey: Stripes Reference Sheet by 50percentgrey This one was actually suggested to me by him, and, to be fair, I do like her. I like how she has gone through different designs over the years, while still being the same friendly kosher cat we know and love.
4. :icontwi-da-sonicdork: :thumb369331220: What's black and white and red all over? :XD: I like the simplicity of this design, and the scalpel is a nice touch.
5. :iconsergy92: Marta's inflated swimsuit by Sergy92 I like how there is a Princess who sees no problem in dressing up casually, and yet is the ruler of a sovereign estate. Her design, I think, reflects that there is more to her than she appears.
6. :icond-mente6: MM Twins - digital ref by D-MENTE6 When being digested works to your advantage, that is when I take my hat off to you! :D
7. :iconzeroconfidence: Zero in the lab, colored by ZeroConfidence Who else? :XD: A very popular character among the Deviants, it is always interesting to see the various portrayals of the character, and I like how she is a mad scientist, without the stereotypical design motifs.
8. :iconwajose-the-plumper: my big brother and I by wajose-the-plumper José, a lad who has been subjected to many weird and wonderful transformations, and has even sired two children of his own, Severin and Coulton.
9. :icontacokart: :thumb272508662: These two are a storyteller's treasure chest! I can definitely see some Jack Kirby-esque cosmic adventures told about them and the strange, otherworldly wonders and horrors they could encounter.
10. :iconginzo25: OC:Bor by Ginzo25 I especially like how similar Bor is to Obelix, from the Asterix the Gaul comics and films, to the point where I want to draw a picture of him punching Artorius high into the air, leaving only his armoured boots behind. :XD:
11. :iconsakakitheninjagirl: Saka Wear Advertisement Color by SakakitheNinjaGirl I quite like how many changes Miss Sakurai has been through over the years, from Forest Guardian to Ninja to Giantess to Naga to Green Lantern... speaking of, is she still a three hundred year old plant in the shape of a human, or has that been dropped?
12. :icondoctor-dg2: Donna Eats Out by Doctor-DG2 I like how reasonable and matter-of-fact she can be. I like her logical approach. Almost as if the size difference does not matter a jot to her. :XD:
13. :iconshineofrain: The nurses order a pizza 5 by ShineofRain Venna's addition really helped to shake up the status quo for Shine's characters. If not by much. She made for a solid comical villain.
14. :iconrosty16: Dragotoon. by Rosty16 While I find Vanessa interesting as well, Dragotoon is a very flexible, versatile character, especially if you can appease him so he doesn't alter you as he pleases. :XD: Until we know for sure, his intentions could be malign or benign.
15. :icondimensional-expander:

Mature Content

Lady Morticia the Succubus by Dimensional-Expander
Aside from looking adorably cuddly, what I especially like about Lady Morticia is how easy-going, almost mellow, her facial expression in this picture of her is. I know it contradicts her bio a bit, but her calm, relaxed smile makes me think of her as someone who would rather sit down and have a pleasant chat over tea and biscuits.
16. :iconx-chanel: :thumb316147479: The alien, yet simple, design, the eyes, the function this being serves, the eyes, the question of its origin, both in-universe and out... and did I mention the eyes?
17. :iconvladplasmes:  The massive sword, armour, bulky physique and the tattoo pattern along the upper arm really help to capture his warrior culture, but I have also seen a couple of pictures where he shows an adorable soft centre.
18. :iconchwen-hoou: 

Mature Content

Chloe Growth Spurt by Kulli by Chwen-Hoou
I personally find Chloe to be the most developed out of Chwen's characters - quiet, unassuming, yet occasionally willing to enjoy her new life to the fullest, with help from her friend Jesse. :) Very balanced.
19. :iconyamisamurai24: <da:thumb id="384495324"/> The frenzied grin, the knife and the ordinary clothing go so well together. It's almost as if she led a normal life right up until she had one bad day.
20. :iconfunnytime77: <da:thumb id="327334941"/> I quite like the idea of a necromantic puppet master, and would certainly not mind finding out about this character's origins, and who s/he used to be.

:iconjupiterblossem:   I really like Francis's story. I'd just like to know if the antidote is found, and if it heals her. :)
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1. You must post these rules.
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you, and create new questions for the people you tag to answer.
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Here are the tagger's questions.

From :iconspiralsongreturns::
1. Which of My Ocs would you pair up with your Main OC?
I would probably team Mika up with Artorius. Just to see how long they can tolerate each other. :XD:

2. Can you juggle?
I can only really juggle two balls at a time.

3. Have you watched MST3k?
My favourite episodes are Godzilla vs Megalon and The Beginning of the End (the one with the giant grasshoppers)

4. Is it better to destroy an evil robot with a car, steamroller or forklift?
I vote car. I have my license, and I could listen to some Dragonforce while I am doing it!

5. Favourite Video game for a Nintendo System?
I haven't played any such games. I would not know.

6. Favourite Video game for a Sega system?
I haven't played any such games. I would not know.

7. If you or your Main male/female OC was turned into a pokemon, which one would they be?
I think Artorius would be a Nidoking, and Catheta would be his Queen! :D

8. Would KTG look better as a Human, Pokemon, Equestrian or Something else, and if something else, what?
I know absolutely nothing about either version! Maybe a story for each of them might clear that up.

9. Is it strange that I slept one day and had a dream about ponies and then woke up liking them all of a sudden? ^_^;
Maybe you had some interest in them beforehand? I don't know.

From :icontofertheakita::

1.Who is your favourite to inflate, Tofer or Toferette?
I can't really say, since I believe I have only done one for each character.

2.What's your favourite Inflation scene from a cartoon or movie?
In an episode/short (I can't remember which) of Pinky and the Brain, a weird, oil like substance changed whoever it touched into a huge, bloated dancer in Lederhosen. That scene haunts my memories...

3.What's your favourite type of item used for inflation(For Example, mine is the Suck-O-Lux Vacuum)?
A kiss!

4.Are you a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic?
I am not, although I do respect Lauren Faust for turning such an obscurity into a pop-cultural phenomenon.

5.If you are a fan, who is your favourite pony in the show?
See above.

6.What's your favourite Video Game system you like to play with?
The PC.

7.Would Pokemon games be better if it was like something like InviZimals [link] but for the 3DS?
It would be a novel approach.

8.Who loves to play online against people in some games from certain systems they own?
I think I do. Which games and systems do you mean?

9.Which of your OCs do you enjoy using the most?
Artorius, when I do get the very, very, very, very rare opportunity to use my characters.

And now onto my questions!

1. Which is your favourite play?
2. Which is your least favourite book?
3. Which is your least favourite food?
4. What is the longest time it took you to draw a picture/write a story?
5. What is your solution to the common cold?
6. Which is your favourite season?
7. Which is your favourite mythological protagonist?
8. If you had one question to ask one person from history, who would it be?
9. What would the question be?
10. What is your favourite cheese?

Please be sure to answer in the comments! I won't tag anyone. :)
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1. What color of hair is your favorite for Female OCs? I'd say either black or red.
2. When in Doubt, What do you use? My singing voice.
3. Favorite Shonen Jump Manga And/or Anime from before 2007? Which anime/manga is Shonen Jump?
4. Favorite Character from Said Manga? See question above.
5. which of My OCs is Your Favourite? Probably Connie. The eyes! :D
6. Which is better in battle? speed, Defense or Attack? Speed. And here is why:…
7. In a Chess match with Whitebeard from One Piece VS Batman, who'd win? Batman. I know nigh-on nothing about Whitebeard and I care almost as much.
8. Favorite Nintendo Character? Meta Knight.
9. Favorite Giant Robot Anime/Manga? Transformers: Cybertron.
10. Favorite Mecha in Said Anime/Manga? Metroplex! Giant robots should always have Scottish accents! :D
11. Favorite Attack From said Mecha from Said Anime/manga? The one where he is swinging his axe!

New Questions
1. What is your favourite genre of music?
2. Which fictional universe would you like to live in?
3. Favourite film of this year?
4. Least favourite film of this decade? (I know, a bit early to call)
5. Where would you like to go this summer?
6. German opera or Italian opera Where do you like to go?
7. Do you drive, walk, cycle or take public transport?
8. Mac or PC?
9. Your favourite poetry writer?
10. Your favourite prose writer?
11. Classical, Romantic or Baroque architecture Your favourite dessert?

Tag Targets Knock yourselves out! :D