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Valdis Suanhildasdota

An oddity among her people, Valdís Suanhildasdota is devoted to protecting the world of Toril from daemons, demons, devils and all others that would do the world harm. Seeing the comparative sparsity of her people drove her to more and more extreme measures to bolster the Elves of Evermeet against the evildoers that threaten them. Discovering that the Elves' mastery of magic had left them creatively sterile, Valdís turned her efforts towards mastering the sciences, especially the biological and the chemical. Her frequent correspondences with the Simic Combine led to numerous castigations from her peers, with even the High Council threatening to step in. Finally, she went into self-imposed exile, leaving Leuthilspar and Evermeet behind.

In her travels, she continued her scientific investigations, hoping to fashion the perfect army to defend Toril from the machinations of Asmodeus, the Yugoloth and the Demon Princes. She would formally join the Simic Combine and learn from their unorthodox ways, eventually becoming a field researcher for the Guardian Project. Her work led her further and further afield, seeking to learn new physical and mental attributes that she could replicate into the fledgling Simic army. She would also join the Thunderers, a curious organisation of heroes devoted to righting wrongs and protecting Toril from evil, the membership born of a mutual respect for their goals. But she would delve further and further into the Simic Research field, eager to learn new ways to strengthen the mortals of Toril.

Valdís is a strange, eccentric sort, eager to delve into mysteries that many deem unsafe. She will gladly experiment on any willing subject, and has frequently used her own body as a canvas for her latest experiment...

So I created another Dungeons and Dragons character, a rail-thin Elven mad scientist!

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