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United Kingdom
Current Residence: England
Favourite genre of music: Symphonic Rock, Celtic, Soundtrack
Shell of choice: An indestructable one lovingly decorated with beautiful swirling patterns
Wallpaper of choice: Probably the one I've got
Skin of choice: Skin that I can change in accordance to my liking
Favourite cartoon character: Silverbolt, Blitzwing
Personal Quote: It is neither the winning or the taking part that matters - it is the performance that counts.
Tagged by SamjayUnfunny 

-You have to post these rules. 
-Each person has to share 13 things about them.
-You can't say what you don't do.
-Answer the ≤13 questions asked to you and invent ≤13 questions the people you tag will have to answer. 
-Tag ≤13 people, if you can/want to. -Tag-backs are ALLOWED. 
-Be creative with the title. No "I've got tagged" things. 

1. I discovered DeviantArt through Wikipedia, which I discovered through, which I discovered through

2. I have recently re-discovered soundtracks from television shows I watched as a child. As I am penning this journal, I am listening to the Song of the Flea from Bagpuss.

3. I am still at Citizens Advice.

4. I was given an ocarina for a little gift this year. We will see if I can still play after a decade and a year.

5. I have recently begun reading the Song of Ice and Fire and have finished reading the first part of A Storm of Swords.

6. Speaking of, I have yet to unwrap the DVD box set of Game of Thrones that I got for Christmas.

7. Also speaking of, I have been reading a fanfic where Sean Bean wakes up in White Harbour and finds himself having to continue playing Ned Stark while leading the North in the War of the Five Kings.

8. I am playing Herr Flick in an upcoming production of 'Allo 'Allo.

9. My taste in music remains as eclectic as ever. So long as it has a good melody, I will listen.

10. Outside of DeviantArt, the only gift I can give to people is food. Recently, this has taken the form of brownies and cakes.

11. I made a savoury cheesecake last week.

12. I really want to try and serve a saddle of venison, and a whole poached salmon.

13. I also want to try and make a baked Alaska from scratch.



1. Do you smoke?
I do not.

2. Be creative! What do you think what would happen if Elephant can fly?
I like to think that that would make them less endangered, so long as they can avoid air traffic. I remember an episode of Bagpuss about an elephant who flew.

3. Do you like Yuri or Yaoi or both or not at all?
I'm open to new things.

4. Are you sometimes aware that you're being hypocrite?
Sometimes, I am. That said, I can't put my finger on specific occasions.

5. Favourite food?
Starter: Smoked salmon and prawn paté.
Main course: Roast leg of lamb, with roasted vegetables and onion pudding.
Dessert: Black Forest Trifle
Hot beverage: Homemade hot chocolate
Cold beverage: Homemade strawberry cordial

6. How do you usually get inspired to develop something?
Usually by what I see and hear. If I hear a piece of music that I especially like, I try to imagine a scenario that would include it, and then I would develop the idea from there.

7. Do you have an idol that gives you a hope that what you're doing is possible and can lead you into something good?
I do not, at least not one that inspires hope in what I am doing. I'll just give a rundown of my favourite actors: Christopher Lee, Sara Kestelman, John Hurt, Corey Burton, Scott McNeil, Catherine Taber...

8. What is your lifetime goal?
Be credited on the big screen!

9. What kind of movie/TV series/Show do you like?
Fantasy, either science fiction or swords and sorcery.

10. Would you somehow get annoyed when stumbled into someone's page who describe themselves as awesome/cool/legendary/epic yet they don't have enough skill/proof to back up their claim?
Not really. I would shrug my shoulders and look elsewhere. I would only really get annoyed if this was a regular occurrence. That, or if the work described is completely, obnoxiously awful and so far I have not seen that.

11. Is cockroach your least favourite bug?
It is not; that dubious honour goes to the mosquito.

12. Can you describe the type of OC that annoys you a lot?
To me, that would be the one that is shoe-horned into a canon story and is used to upstage and be given undue praise by the canon characters.

13. Have you ever encountered someone who is an owner of an Anti-Sue OC who got ridiculously mad at you because your balanced OC overpowers their underpowered OC? If not, What would you think if that happened?
No, but I have had the inverse happen, where someone lost their temper at me because my character wasn't "awesome" enough. During an attempted crossover story collaboration, which was unfortunately abandoned, the original idea was, among other things, to have Artorius Revana suddenly gain magical powers which he would use to help save the day. I opposed this idea, stating that it would not make sense within the story's universe to have Artorius cast complex battle magic after being in said universe for all of a few days. I thought it cheapened magic as a plot device and raised questions about the setting and Artorius's place in that setting. This, among other issues, led to the story falling through before we finished writing the second chapter.
I generally try to prevent a situation like that from occurring, but if it did, I would logically and calmly explain the differences in the respective universes.



1. What is your least favourite song that you have heard, and why?

2. Which television series would you like to see remade, and why?

3. Which movie would you like to see remade, and why?

4. I know I have asked this before but what would your ideal three course meal be, if price was no obstacle?

5. What is your least favourite book, and why?

6. Which is your favourite period clothing, and why?

7. Do prefer home-made objects, or store-bought?

8. What is your favourite pastime, and why?

9. What did you do that you would rather not repeat?

10. If you could ask one question to one person, regardless of whom or where they are, who would it be and what would you ask?

11. What was your favourite television series when you were a child?

12. What was your favourite game when you were a child?

13. If you had to sing in public, what would you sing, and to whom would you sing it?

Answer in the comments below!


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