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Pastel dreamcatcher [F2U]

Pixel decor, F2U on DeviantArt!

PLEASE ~ stamp 1 by Nimylu

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DoodlesByLuna's avatar

Legit wanna tattoo this on my body

sleepypekoe's avatar

tattooing dream catchers isn't smart. Dream catchers catch negativity and tattooing one on your body just makes you a cultural appropriating toxic bish

sincerely Ojibwa Natives.

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

I was literally complimenting your art saying it was worth permanently putting on my body. But now fuck that shit.

sleepypekoe's avatar

your compliment isnt a compliment if it is actively harmful to indigenous people. I understand your intentions but you shouldnt get mad when you were in the wrong just listen to Indigenous people voices and accept that we don't appreciate cultural appropriation of our art styles

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

I am listening. But your voice isn't the only one. I am also native and for you to be rude to me and accuse me of appropriating a culture is rude as fuck.

sleepypekoe's avatar

I am Niitsitapi, Cree and related to some Haida Natives. You arent native unless you can actually name your people and tribe nice try tho culture culture

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

You know what fuck you. You're a gatekeeper. You don't know me or my family or my history. You have no place or right to say if I'm native enough for you. Get lost.

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

Uhm excuse me but I am an Alaskan Native who had dream catchers made for her all her life because of nightmares and night terrors so please don't tell me I'm appropriating a culture I belong to without knowing anything about me. Thanks.

sleepypekoe's avatar

Alaskans are Inuks and did not make or use dream catchers, their dream catchers were given from the Ojibwa tribe.

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

My father is a registered Alaskan native and has made me dream catchers my whole life.

sleepypekoe's avatar

Thats weird how you keep saying Alaskan native, the only natives in Alaska are Inuit and the rest are white settlers. So which are you exactly?

DoodlesByLuna's avatar

My dad always called us Alaskan Natives so thats how I refer to myself.

sleepypekoe's avatar

that isnt the same thing as being actually native. Are you registered? I have family in the Haida tribe there and the say a lot of white people lie to their children calling themselves natives when they are not. Settler Native are not the same Indigenous Native thats why I am asking

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DoodlesByLuna's avatar

I am an Aleut Native American thank you very much.

persia12's avatar
thank you! using!
KookiesAndKremeys's avatar
Using, great pixel art btw
Aztec-Galaxy's avatar
Using! Thank you again!
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