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I'm a proud Pastel Fox (Member)

It's an official Foxytales badge for Red Foxes - our awesome Members!
It's an optional badge to be used by all Foxes fans that love more cute, pastel design of their pages!
Can be used together with or instead the Red, Arctic and Grey Fox badges!

I'm a proud Red Fox (Member) by Martith I'm a proud Arctic Fox (Member) by Martith I'm a proud Grey Fox (Member) by Martith
Those deviants are allowed to use this badge on their profile:

Every member of Foxytales!

Other badges:
I support Foxytales! by Martith

Do you like foxes? Come and join us!

Badge made with the base by chertan-koraki
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© 2017 - 2022 Martith
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Thank you kindly sir!
Texas-Red-Wolf's avatar
your welcome madam, and i'm wearing this shield with honor on my home page.
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That's a real honor for me and whole Foxytales legion! Thank you  Animated Nodding Pink Emote - Yes, I Love This 
Texas-Red-Wolf's avatar
so what kind of fox for you madam?
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As the founder I am the Golden Fox. My title was chosen by my lovely members, they also made the golden emblem for me :heart:
Texas-Red-Wolf's avatar
naw, I bet that fox would look very cute.

i'm a Saber teeth fox with the fur of a Darwin's fox 
ImperfectEnthusiast's avatar
ohhhhh so cute <3 Pastel fox
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I'm glad you like this one! :lovesquee: 
ImperfectEnthusiast's avatar
<3 yes, love how the word sparkles too O_O how did u do it?
Martith's avatar
It was actually pretty easy, I'm using, it has layers and some useful tools to create some simple pixel art!
Whispelanix's avatar
So many cute foxes to choose from!!!

I want either the red, pastel or artic fox but I can't decide!!!
Martith's avatar
You can use all of them c:
akaistorm's avatar
yyeeeSSSSS so pretty <3
Pikapie13's avatar
Thank you! This will fit much better with my page!
Martith's avatar
I'm happy I could create something matching better <3
Martith's avatar
Yellowsoul453's avatar
So pink.... pink... IS AMAZING! ;0; Though pink does not fit my profile ;; BUT PINK WILL BE SHARED AND LOVED!
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