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October 6, 2011

White Night by =strany
Featured by Kaz-D
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White Night

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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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The position of the model is incredible, due to the fact that it almost looks inhuman in that very few people could stand like that for very long- in such an unnatural pose. The pose lends its beauty to balance the horizontal composition within the square.

The color scheme is pretty well done, the yellow is too bright in the background and almost not the right color of yellow.

The concept itself is creative, and the way you went about it was different. I have a criticism about the way you did it though: the circular bokeh in the background breaks the purposeful making of bokeh inside the camera, only a cheap camera would produce a bokeh that perfectly circular and hard edged, and it looks placed there, it also has banding in it. To improve the banding you should do several things: work in a format that condenses less than a jpeg, like a 16 bitt tiff. You should add noise or texture to match the roughness of the ground to it, not necessarily 100% as rough, but enough to soften the glaring faux bokeh.
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the faux bokeh....a pity... :/

Nevertheless, a reaaaaally neat outcome, which i do like! =)
(even if, looking at it from a pure photographic point of view, it is more an "digital artwork" than a photo i guess)
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oh don't get me wrong, still 100% more incredible than anything i think i'm capable of.
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hihi - same here!! ;)

In short i just wanted to say that this artwork is brilliant, but perhaps not enough "photography" involved for me, personally...;)
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Maybe I'm going blind, but I usually get complimented on my color pallets and I don't see anything wrong with that yellow.
You criticize the "faux bokeh" but did you consider that this might be an artistic choice? I sometimes use such "faux bokeh" in my 3D work as a background, none different than any other background texture. Indeed the use of a "cheap camera" could be an artistic choice.
And I see no need for texturing these bokeh, quite the contrary.
I don't mean any disrespect xshadyblues13x, but maybe you're too much of a photography purist?
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such beautiful images !!! really captivating
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Freaking fantastic. 
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Great idea, nice photo but the bokeh doesn't seem to be real..
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Fascinating bokeh.
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Its like a jolt of energy just got to her, you've photographed a feeling . As i see in your other works.. its just kickass to see this.
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seriously this is a beautiful portrait...doesnt even look real.
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incredible. everything is so dynamic! the movement, the lights, and surreal quailty of it all...
oh can congrats, i saw your other photo on the cover of "No Words"!
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Amazing shot..:)
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Your beautiful photo got featured: favorites of july '12. Please fav this article so that more people can see it and your photo :heart:
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incredible....!!! i really really really love it. it preocuppy my mind all the time.
I think these pictures are beautiful, especially the brown/grey ones. They have something magical, something supernatural, love it!
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