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Into You

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i almost feel like i'm there myself just by looking at it. magnificent
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Wow... I LOVE this photo utterly.
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I love how calm she looks. Not many people stay that calm, especially when sinking towards the darkness of the ocean's floor. Yet she seems to welcome it. I love the posture in all your photos. Keep up the good work.
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Cool ... Blue .... Nice ... :P
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Awesome :rose:

You have me. I have you. Amen.
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You have been featured in my journal: [link]
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very artistic and perfect light. the model is beautiful too.
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how did you do this photomanipulation? i would like to learn doing it!
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This photo was featured to my latest portrait journal [link] Thanks.
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your wonderful work is featured in my new exposure...[link]
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I have featured this beautyful picture in my "DRUNKEN IN BLUE"-Collection![link]

I hope you will enjoy and agree!
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Beautiful! Hope to see more underwater photos!
Nice editing!
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Interesting in this piece is that the person is floating down a descending diagonal, which emphasizes on the sinking,
past the light that is positioned in the upper right corner, while the body is gravitating towards somewhere near
the bottom right corner (actually, drawing that line from the person's thigh, even a bit lower),
into the dense, dark depth of the created 'room'. - Yet - although the entire photograph is plunged in blue
(which fades from bright cyan into a middle-, then a dark blue, finally settling into a solid black nearer towards the abyss) -
the picture has an overall lightness to it that, under the previously described spectrum of stylistic devices, almost seems unlikely.
It might be from the thoroughly pacified look on the diving person's face that, although not receiving any special additional
lighting, radiates from it in form of a peaceful, positive impression; and the witty position of the light, as the person does not
dive past it, but under it, meaning that the light rather shines onto her, as well as she is still in the more lit part of the blues
(almost precisely in the middle-blue gradient) and also levitating within the upper half of the picture.
The blues do not seem cold. Quite to the contrary, actually, which seems to possibly be thanked to both the bright white light
and, surprisingly, especially the warm-seeming deep blue, maybe also the black.
The title "Into You" insinuates the devoted giving in to commiting onseself to someone,
allowing for drifting into the comfort of this one's sure embrace. Only by letting go of fears and tension and doubts can this be
achieved, surrendering oneself, opening the soul for the receiving and giving of wholesome love.
The picture seems dreamlike, and reminds the viewer of how water is not only an element of diving, but also levitation,
as well as love. Therefore, the transfer between the concept behind the title and the piece of art is absolutely well-composed.
A few roughish textures casually define the blue surrounding as water, while we can also see that the water's down-side
surface, which is viewable in the upper left corner (from whence the diver also entered the water), is still not that far apart,
meaning that the person who is diving has not yet come quite deep. (One could additionally interpret that the entering of the
water through that textured surface, which is already a past event on the already left behind path, might have come with
a slightly hard plunge into the ocean, which might likely be "the crush".) We can also see a few scattered little bubbles,
likely ascending towards the light/more shallow, middle blue water, respectively person in it, possibly the promising prospect
of wonderful things. Bubbles, of course, are also very light things, and they seem to have a way to surround that person.
From the picture, I get a very positive vibe about the theme of love as a whole, which I personally really enjoy about it.
There are no hidden impending dismays, it rather appears to be a real-life dream.
The floating person, too, has her eyes closed, like dreaming pleasantly, diving towards the dream coming true.
That, in its whole self, is wonderful. The photograph is embedded (and into the photograph is embedded) a deep,
streamlined harmony. It does well belong into the family of conceptual works, and also feels contemporary
(mostly imparted through the generally popular clothing) though the theme of one falling in love is timeless.
I may indeed intend to rephrase:

This picture teaches us that it is not actually falling into love. It is diving.

Martin Stranka's picture language tells this story in a gallantly streaming, honest and personal way,
deeply moving in his unique style that is matchless among works seen on the artistic, love-discussing field.

And the most beautiful thing about it is that it does not seem an empty promise.

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Featured in my "Moments OF INTENSITY 7"
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i am in love with this
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