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I Came So Close

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An amazing shot, a contrast of light and color giving it a life of its own! Plus the almost blinding glare of light which almost seems to be lifting him skyward is an awesome sight!

Then you have a road that seems to go forward into infinity and a sky reaching and filled with both light and life as it blue tint breaks through giving you something to fly too is a Breath Taking view to behold.

As he begins to ascend toward the sky yet the title suggests otherwise like a task not yet achieved but the fact that he's gain flight also gives hope that whatever brought him down has the power to lift him back up! The faith of a mustard seed can move mountains if you Believe So Make manifest!
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It seems like that state when you take a great're in between the being shattered into a million pieces, and the rush of adrenaline as you're body fights physics and newton's third law. The juxtaposition is illustrated in the interpretation of the work. Is the subject floating to heaven or falling to a drastic demise. However, I see that you've seemingly captured that state in between where it doesn't matter. The defiance of physics and reason leads the mind to a whimsical place. A Taoist sensation of just letting go and being at peace with whatever is overcomes me as I can imagine, no relate personally in a serious very real way. You know that something is going to happen, a million thoughts run through your head but in less than a few seconds you draw the inevitable conclusion that your fate is out of your hands, hope for the best, anticipate the worst. Ultimately you just live in the moment because in those few seconds in suspension, where /when you have finally come to terms you have already left the ground and are halfway in the middle of that journey tipping on the scales of judgement. You may as well enjoy the ride you'll never take again because resistance is futile, and whatever comes next is not your determination. You're living out a dream that you'll be able to relive someday, or maybe you'll be suspended their forever. In the place where everything you can think of or do can't save you, not wealth, power, knowledge, physics, ambition, strength, reason, you can face only fear, misery, regret, or enlightenment. This image to me reminds me of that free-fall where the subject, or the viewer, has faced that three things are possible. The subject is going to fall, but is in that incredible moment in between they can perhaps assimilate to the start of a free-fall as they've felt on a roller coaster.The subject is going to ascend to heaven. The third possibility which is the one I can feel is that the subject is defying the laws that bind everything we know, but we don't, rather they, don't because you know that you're alive when you don't care what's to come because living in that moment is so beautiful that there's no adjective to describe that singular moment in time. It's not quite ascending, what goes up must come down, all good things must come to an end, but at moments like this all that matters is the moment itself...everything else that comes next is unknown as the fabric of everything that is to come is already a fairy tale as you fall down that rabbit hole while simultaneously floating out of the Matrix. It is enlightenment embodied and it's crazy beautiful. Art is made with a goal by the artist but is open to interpretation by every viewer. After taking millions of art history classes I know that the artist had a goal, and it was to strike viewers in a specific way. I feel that if it captivates the viewer than it is very successful by definition. In this case I personally have had an experience that made me relate to this piece in a very odd way, and I just thought I'd share with the artist and maybe any viewers how much this moved me in particular. I really enjoy all of the works you have and look forward to seeing more. As a fellow artist I hope that I can move someone in a captivating way as you've done with me. I am being very honest when I say how crazy my actual experience was to relate to this surreal moment, and my interpretation of how I feel that subject does. Great Job!
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Thank you so much :heart:
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This is just stunning. Should be an album cover.
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Fantastic .. i like it
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just awesome.
how much manipulating/photoshop is in this shot ?
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I love this so much, I could stare at it for ever lol.
But tell me what's the meaning behind this magnificent piece of fine artwork :)
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Damn... not prometheus, Icarus.... sorry.
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First impression with title and image together: Modern Prometheus.
Very cool. I wonder what it is with the road that adds to this image? Any reason you can give my you choose a road?
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Love the light effects and tones in this. Really looks like he has flung himself in front of something oncoming.
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this photo reminds me of the drawing made by Saint-Exupery's novel "the little prince" when he dies bitten by a snake ... the fall is beautiful
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your beautiful work is featured in my new journal...[link]
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Wow! I Love your work!
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words can't describe how awesome this is!
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I think this is one of my new favorites of yours.
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