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First off, without a question, this is very beautiful!!! I've seen your other pieces similar to this, but this one to me is the most eye catching.

The position of the model is stunning (especially the dramatic effect on her arms and legs). Her chest and thighs are placed as if they have strings attached to pull her off the ground. The leaves also give it that Zero-Gravity flight to the piece. It also amazes me that the lighting is focused onto one spot.

Although the atmosphere of the backdrop is impressive......
I would of liked to see more of the background mixed in with the thrilling aspects in the front.


Your artwork stands out!!! You should be very proud. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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Beautiful & well executed. I love the use of light and how she is in light even though the sky is cloudy/foggy.
Keri-Is-So-Very's avatar
You certainly do wonderful work.
fantastic and intriguing
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Simply good work i like your art
krisshrockzz's avatar
Which software do you use bro
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Now this is beautiful! :love: >3<
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:iconhellothereplz: Your wonderful pic is featured in my journal: [link] :iconcocoloveplz:

Hope you don't mind :iconcocoglompplz:
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Defying Gravity!
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it's perfect!
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amazing work -breath-taking and original
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How on Earth did you do this? I'm guessing a trampoline?
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I am also wondering how. but the hair is not falling down, so the pic of the girl must be twisted. so I guess no trampoline^^
CarnalConcepts's avatar
I imagine it might be at the apex of the jump, as her hair starts to swing back the other way and was captured at this stage
Nilanja's avatar
maybe...or she jumped normal and then the turned the pic 90 degrees...not sure ^^
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i abolutely love this! its so brilliant. Her pose is so expresive, and the stormy sea is like her inner feelings just bursting out!! absolutely lovely!! =D im faving this thing!!
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Another brilliant shot! Can I just ask though, how did you achieve this finished image? thanks
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I know that everyone knows this...
But it looks magical :love:
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You've been featured here [link] :D
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