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I'm not too sure about this. Technically it's impressive but visually it tries to do too many things at a time. First off, it takes a while before the hierarchy here becomes apparent, where the text in the middle button is always highlighted and on the sides only when the icon is being animated.

I doubt it's necessary that the animations are so elaborate; I like how the paper becomes an airplane and then flies to the middle button but the way it transforms into the talking balloon doesn't make much sense. I think these buttons might work better with more subtle animations.

I also wonder if the reflection on the buttons are necessary. In my opinion it's too much, but even if you insist on an animated reflection I think it should be more subtle. The corners of the buttons also look a bit weird because the highlights are squared rather than rounded.

In conclusion, it's technically impressive and visually quite pleasing but it does need some refinement.
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