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Serif types

An illustration showing some of the serif types around. The image for "Glyphic serif" is actually an ascender from my old discontinued Celente typeface. The image for "Sans serif" is also of my own design ;)

This is one of the illustrations to accompany my article "How to design a typeface (Part 3)". See the article for notes on each type of serif.
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It's kinda amusing that what was once an artefact of carving letters into stone has become a design feature.
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Nice to have around :) Thanks
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Something new to earn every day. And please have a look at your notes.
Belblind's avatar
I meant: *learn
rotane's avatar
Neat! One more thing to hang on my wall :P
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I'm glad you like it.
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This is helpful, I've always wondered what some of the serif settings / terms meant. Thank you.
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I'm glad you find it helpful. I try to compile a lot of the knowledge I've gathered over the years in one spot. All this information is readily available, but so scattered. One I'm done with these articles I will see if there is interest from a publisher to bring it all out as a book.
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That would be a useful manual for a lot of people.
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Apparently I like glyphic serifs best (at least this close up)! :)
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Thank you. I guess I generally prefer a wedge serif or transitional serif myself, but each style can look fantastic depending on the general design of the typeface. Thanks for the comment.
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I never knew of these terms...
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Wedge serifs and hairline serifs are mentioned quite frequently, but in general one would rather refer to the construction of the letters than their serifs.
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