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Finished this entry today, was a lot of fun, wanted to do it since Tomb Raider franchise has been a part of my childhood and this is my contribution to Lara Croft. Started out as a A2 traditional drawing and in several steps, created several textures/resources for the artwork as well. All Resources used in here are made by me and I will add reference links to them.

Conceptual process

This entry gave me a lot of thinking as how the human nature really works and instantly I thought of the inkblot test as a solution for my background, it represents the emotional state Lara is in and also you will never what she will become. Background also shows the location she is in, as it is dark and unknown. Rorschach test became the overall theme for the artwork itself, as it flows around the background.

"Like the ink on paper, you never know what you become in a situation like this."

Working process

1. Drew concept art for Lara's pose
2. Drew Lara on A2 paper
3. Scanned the drawing in
4. Did several inkblots using blue/black ink
5. Used gouache paint to create additional textures
6. Modified Arial Black font
7. Created the overall background for the artwork
8. Scanned in the A2 drawing
9. Digitally painted Lara
10. Placed Background, Lara, text into a composition
11. Converted files to a CMYK (FOGRA39 and US v2 profiles) profile and made printable PDFs

Software: Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator

Overall goal was to create a mixture between a digital painting and a movie poster. Lara, like the background, also had to be dark and scars, wounds on her body show what she is going through.

Poster itself is 100% printable and paper size is A2 @300dpi (in pixels: 4996x7051)

Printable PDF's and Additional files

Artwork itself is intended for print so 2 color (CMYK color basedCoated FOGRA39 and US WEB Coated (SWOP) V2) profiles are used, Trim marks and Bleed are added to PDF files.

Printable PDFs, RGB and CMYK jpgs can be downloaded at my Dropbox page:



As mentioned above, all texture resources are hand made, scanned in and used as texture material for the artwork. Font used is Arial Black, which is modified.

Lara's traditional drawing, Brush and Texture pack

Also, did a print test today too (COATED paper, A2, trim marks, bleed included)

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March 13, 2013
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