Iris, Unsuspected Monsters/ Chapter 2: The Test

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In a small white room furnished only with a desk with a black metal chair, two wooden table banks and a white board there was a lady with Chinese hair seated in front of the desk and two ten year old girls seated on the table banks one had blonde hair and the other had black hair, the two were writing on a couple of paper sheets, while their teacher was reading a book.
-Miss Rosa, don't even think about spying on Miss Alice's answers- said the teacher while still reading her book.
-What? B-but, I didn't even turn to see her- The black haired girl complained.
-But you thought about doing it- she replied.
-But I wasn't going to do it, really, It's just that I really don't remember the answer to a question and...- Rosa started to excuse herself.
"Enough- the teacher silenced her-I understand that miss, but just the mere thought of it is wrong, remember what you are, we hunters are in charge of protecting humanity from evil creatures, our thoughts must be as pure as our actions, is that clear?
-Yes Professor Talia, it won't happen again- Rosa replied timidly while looking down at her desk.
-I hope so, now finish your test quickly, your time is almost over- Professor Talia declared.
-Well actually I already finished mine mommy- Alice said.
-All right, Miss Alice, but let me remind you that when we meet in class I'm Professor Talia, it's not appropriate for you to call me that way during the exam, I can't treat you differently than other students because you’re my daughter and you already know that- Talia Corrected her
-Of course mom... TALIA, Professor Talia, it's very clear to me, I'm sorry-Alice quickly apologized.
-You're forgiven, but make sure it doesn't happen again- Talia Ordered, Alice got up from her seat and went over to the teacher's desk to deliver her test and at that moment Rosa leaved her pencil on her desk and got up to deliver her test as well- well I think I’ve finish...- She said timidly as she gave her exam to the teacher.
The teacher took them both and quickly graded the exams of the two and declared-Alice you got an A congratulations, Rosa you got a B, it's not bad but you still need to study more, garlic is not a real vampire weakness that is a myth, their true weakness is silver, It would be best for you to remember that, it could save your life and that of many others one day.
-Um, of course I'll try harder next time- I Rosa replied embarrased for her mistake.
-All right, now return to your seats ladies now we will continue with the oral exam- the teacher announced, While they were getting back to their places Alice gave a couple of taps to Rosa on her hand, she turned down to see where she was poked and saw that Alice was making an L sign with her hand towards her, Rosa got angry and blow her a raspberry in response-CHILDREN, don't start making grimaces and childish gestures in the middle of the exam-The teacher scolded.
-But she started- Rosa Complained.
-I don't care who started there is no excuse for such behavior in a classroom among decent people, I thought I had educated you better than that Miss Alice and Miss Rosa, do you think your brother would appreciate you behaving that way?- the two girls turned to the ground embarrassed- the teacher when she saw their reaction calmed down, sighed and said-I’ll forgive you only on this occasion but if you keep repeating this behavior I will see no other alternative but to cancel the exam and have you repeat all the lessons and practices you've done so far, do you understand?
-I understand, sorry Professor Talía, please don't tell Lucas- Rosa said
-Me too, I'm sorry Professor Talia- Alice said.
- That’s better, this will be your only warning, now sit down-The girls obeyed and sit down, the teacher cleared her throat and said-very well let's start with the questions, Miss Rosa could you tell me what the Iris is?-
-It's... energy that allows us to use the power of the elements-
-Exactly and from where is it that we extract it?-
-From the earth itself, more specifically from the spirit of the earth Gaia-
-Right, and why were we given this power?-
-To be able to defend humanity from evil monsters-
-Correct, and tell me what the only type of good monster?-
-A dead one-
-Excellent, I'm glad you are clear on that, that's the most important thing to keep in mind while dealing with these creatures, make sure you don't forget it-Rosa nodded- All right, Miss Alice could tell me what are the 5 basic elements?-
-They are mind, fire, water, earth and air-
-Correct and what is a variant?-
-It is a mutation of one of the basic elements which takes its very nature but manipulates it in a different way-
-Right, can you give me at least two examples of these?-
-Of course there is the lightning that is a variant of fire and ice that is a variant of water-
-That's right, I see that we are clear on the different types of elements so there is only one more thing that I want to ask this time, Miss Rosa, can you tell me What is an spirit animal?-
-It’s a kind of spiritual companion born of the hunter's soul, it is called spirit animal because it always takes the form of some animal-
-Exactly and how is it that the hunter manages to awaken the spirit animal?-
-It awakens when the hunter manages to perform some great feat with his elemental power-
-Well in a simplified way you could described it that way, good job Miss Rosa- Professor Talia congratulated her cheering up the little girl-Now Miss Alice answer me what powers does the hunter acquire when he or she uses the spirit animal?-
-Well... to begin their power over their element becomes greater and they also acquire the physical characteristics and abilities of the species of their spirit animal-
-Correct, and what are the forms that the hunter can take when using his animal spirit?-
-They are the Aura Form, the animal Form and the perfect Form-
-That's right, very well ladies those are all questions for the oral exam, congratulations the two have passed- the teacher concluded the test pleased with the demonstration of knowledge of her students, Rosa clap her legs with her hands under her desk excited for having passed the exam while Alice was content with just smiling broadly while taking her hands to her cheeks-Very well I see that they are already understanding the basics keep going like this and I’m sure that that in no time you will be able to do things like this- The Teacher extended her open hand and on the palm of her hand appeared a small gray butterfly with white wings, her wings fluttered delicately and held her in the air, as she began her flight her wings began to shine like glitter and projected several reflectors of light that stretched throughout the room and as the butterfly flew across the room the lights it projected moved around on all directions the girls saw in astonished wonderment the beautiful act of lights of Professor Talia's spirit animal, after taking a few laps around the room the butterfly came back to the teacher and descended on her hand and evaporated, Talía closed her hand and took her behind her back finishing her presentation and the girls applauded the demonstration of their teacher's spirit animal.
-Wow, I hope my spirit is that beautiful- said Rosa excitedly.
-Well, it won't be prettier than mine that’s for sure- Alice affirmed arrogantly
-Ugh, You will see my spirit is going to be 10 times prettier than any ugly thing that awakens from you- Rosa replied annoyed.
-You're wrong my spirit will be 100 time… no 1000 times more beautiful than yours-Alice responded angrily.
-Girls-Talía tried to calm them down but they didn't listen to her.
-No my spirit will be a million times prettier than yours-Rosa continued.
-Well mine will be infinitely prettier than yours and with that I already told you everything- Alice continued to argue.
-Ladies!- Talia said this time with a stronger and more serious tone but they still ignored her.
-Then mine will be... infinitely plus 1 times prettier than yours- said Rosa trying to surpass what Alice said.
-You can't add more to infinity idiot- Alice scoffed.
-CHILDREN!!!! –Talia Screamed frustrated finally getting the attention and silence of the little ones, the girls just kept staring silently at their angry teacher terrified by her reaction- What did I say before? If the examination had not already been completed I would fail you both- Talia scolded them, the two girls turned the other way embarrassed and frightened by Professor Talia's outburst, the teacher sighed, calmed down and said- listen to me well little ladies, Competition can be a good thing, rivalries can help someone to improve themselves by motivating them to reach or surpass someone’s level, but if you take it too far and are not respectful of one another you accomplish nothing but to hinder the progress of both and create grudges, and this petty argument over a trivial matter is not the way neither of you should act, both are hunters in training, you were born with skills superior to the rest of humanity to face the threats that normal humans could not deal with, you are companions that must be supportive of one another if you want to survive, the best for you and for all hunters is that we all try to be friends, so please I beg you to apologize to each other and make amends- Talia Lectured.
-Yes Professor Talia- They both said in unison.
-I’m Sorry for calling you an idiot" Alice apologized.
-It's okay don't worry, I’m also sorry for what I said I'm sure your spirit animal will be beautiful-Rosa tried to praised her
-All right that’s better- Talia said-now you can leave...-but before she could finish talking she heard the sound of her cell phone and Talia decided to answer it-wait a moment-She said as she took the cell phone to her ear-yes?... no we’re done... aha, ok understood- she replied and hung up his cell phone- it looks like we're going to have an assembly, they're asking for all of us to be present.
The two girls complained audibly-does it have to be right now? - Alice asked.
-Yes, get up and come with me- Talía replied.
-But...-Alice tried to complain.
-No buts or excuses is a direct order from Chief Magnum, do you understand young lady? That can't be discussed-Talia scolded her before she could say anything.
-Ahh ok-Alice replied Defeated.
-Well then let's go- Talia Said, the two girls stood up resigned to fulfill their last minute task-Follow me- Talia ordered as she made her way out of the room and the two girls obeyed her even though they didn't want to.
Centuries ago, when humanity was just starting to surface, the earth was under the threat of incredibles creatures and monsters 
of inmense power, these creature hunted and tormented the primitive humanity who had no way of defending itself from them, 
but then everything changed when gaia, the spirit of the earth, give a group of humans the power of the Iris which grant them 
the ability to fight using the natural elements of the planet, these group of people called themselves the hunters and decided 
to use their amazing power to protect humanity from those strange creatures, currently the creatures continue to exist in secret 
from the normal society and there still are hunters looking to exterminate them in a war that seems neverending.
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