Iris, Unsuspected Monsters/ Chapter 1: The Hunt

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It was getting dark on the city of Detroit, Michigan, in a small park where usually little kids from all ages got together to play and have fun there was a boy separated from the rest that wasn’t happy in the slightest, a kid with brown skin and blonde hair that was wearing blue pants and a white shirt, the most curious part of his attire were a pair of black wool gloves that he decided to wear in spite of being spring, The kid was crying inconsolably in a bank and the people walking through the place just ignored him, without even bother to look at him, this continue the same way for a while until a blonde woman of young and pretty appearance, who was wearing a beautiful white dress, approached him.
-Is something wrong darling?-She ask him in a concern tone.
-I j-just…came here to p-play with…my big brother that… was s-suposse to be here and… w-when I came… I c-couldn’t find him… and now I don’t know what to do- the kid responded between sobbing and after finishing talking he broke down crying loudly.
-Oh you poor dear-The woman pitied him- please don’t cry darling I promise you that everything is going to be okay, come with me and I will help you find your brother, would you let me help you?- the woman offered him her hand.
The boy stopped crying with apparent difficulty and even though he continued sobbing he nodded to the woman and took her hand, the woman helped him get up from the bank and she took him by the hand outside the park.
Hours later when it had already gotten dark the woman took him to a far dark alley that was between two old buildings, the boy got nervous and look his surroundings, he didn’t saw anything but trash  and some rats running through the grate from the entrance of some poor apartment building that seemed to be abandoned.
-Umm, Where are we? - The boy asked.
The woman didn’t answer, suddenly she let go of his hand y took him by the neck with both arms and lifted him up above her head chocking him, the kid took the arms of the woman and his expression changed, he no longer looked sad or scared now he looked angry and determined, the woman let her grip falter a bit surprised and confused by the child reaction who she expected to start panicking, flashes of electric energy came out of the arms of the boy and they flow throughout the body of the woman, she contort from the pain and was force to let go of the boy who fell into the ground bend over and stopping his body from hitting the ground with one of his arms and the woman end up screaming in pain as she fell down.
-What did you do to me?-The woman asked as she tried to get up but she couldn’t because her body was left paralyze- What are you?
-Don’t try to act innocent now, you know very well what I am and I know what you are disgusting monster- The guy answer her coldly.
The woman was silent for a few moments and then suddenly she let out a nervous laughter and said-You dare call me a monster after what you just did? You damn freak-
-Oh yeah I’m weird I’m not going to deny that, and even if I end up being wrong about my suspicion about you, that doesn’t change the fact that you tried to strangle me after pretending you were trying to help me when you thought I was only a lost child, even if you were human you would still be a monster- The guy responded.
A strong metal noise was then heard close from where they were and the woman turn around towards the place the sound came from. She saw a guy wearing a grey hoodie and some black pants, he was crouching over the ground supporting himself with his legs and one arm, based on his position he seems to have just fallen down and was in that position to support his body on his impact with the ground, the guy got up and she then see that his skin his hair even his eyes were a bright silver color. The woman, Having recover some part of the mobility of her body, rub her eyes to make sure that her vision wasn’t falling her, when she saw him again the guy look like a normal teenager with white skin, blonde hair and blue eyes, the woman was left unnerved wishing that what she saw before was just an illusion.
The young teen that had just arrived took one of his hands to his mouth and point at her with the other one and screamed- OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, HOW DID YOU LIKED THAT? Shorty beat you not only physically but also verbally HAHAHAHA-The guy made fun of the woman and then laughed loudly, the woman tilted her head in confusion and the short guy cover his face with his hand and growled in frustration.
-Ben, this is serious, stopped playing around and come help me-The short guy scolded him.
-Come on Lucas relax is not like this gal was something to worry about, if you could beat her in a single attack-Ben excused himself.
-That’s not the point-Lucas complained- we’re supposed to provoke fear on scum like her, you think they’re going to take us seriously if you behave like that in front of them-
-Whatever, what’s important is to exterminate them, isn’t it? However they feel about us doesn’t matter as long as we kill them-
During the boys discussion the woman tried to sneak as fast as she could taking advantage of their distraction- Look is true that the most important part is to exterminate them, but intimidating them is also important for keeping them under control, If they didn’t fear us they would just go around killing people more chaotically and frequently that they already do,,, AND YOU STAY WHERE YOU ARE- Lucas screamed suddenly, he turn around to where the woman had gone to and throw a punch towards her, from his fist a bolt of lightning was shoot which hit her just in the middle of her back, the woman screamed in pain and stopped moving.
-We’ll continue this conversation later, right now we got a job to do, go towards her and do the test- Lucas ordered pointing to the woman.
-Ok I’m going, geez you sound like my dad- Ben complained as walked towards the woman on the ground, standing alongside her he bend over extended his hand above her and from the palm of his hand it came out a tiny silver ball which he drop on her neck when the ball made contact with her skin the ball started to burn her with so much intensity it produced smoke, the woman screamed in pain and contort however she could to get rid of the object which was tormenting her-Hey they were right she’s a vampire-Ben declared.
Suddenly the woman started to shrink down and grey hair grew throughout her body, her ears became pointy and they moved to the top of her head, her teeth grew and turn sharp her nose turned pink and flat like the nose from a pig, her arms turn into membranous wings, her legs turn into hairy paws with sharp claws and from under her back grew a little tail, after having finished her bizarre transformation the woman had turn into a bat and now was trying to escape with her new form flying away but the electric charges from before still affected her body and she wasn’t able to elevate more than a few meters before falling in a puddle of dirty water on the ground.
-Wow I almost feel sorry for her-Ben said
-Well don’t she doesn’t deserve sympathy-Lucas Scolded.
-Hey I said “almost”-Ben replied.
Lucas lift his hand and the silver ball ascended towards his hand, when the ball was in they palm of his hand he closed it to catch it, he walked towards the bat splashing in the water trying desperately to escape, when she realized Lucas was already on top of her she froze in place-Please don’t kill me- She begged pathetically.
-Shut up, you have no right to beg for mercy after all the innocent boys and girls you cruelly killed- Lucas responded with contempt.
-I don’t know what you’re talking about- The Vampire feigned innocence.
-Don’t play dumb, we know what you did, you thought that because you suck their blood from a cut instead of a bite we wouldn’t think they were killed by a vampire, right? But guess what, no child loses naturally 80%of their blood from a cut so tiny, and on top of that you had the audacity to bring me to the same alleyway where one of the bodies was found-Lucas lectured her.
-It looks like you’re not as clever as you thought darling- Ben mocked her.
-If you really need to ask that question then is clear there’s no reasoning with you- Lucas Concluded. He took the silver ball from his hand, he hold it against his thumb like a marble and he aimed it towards the disorderly bat-Burn in hell- he declared while his hand was releasing electricity that charged up the ball he was holding, before the vampire could respond in any way Lucas shot the ball with the same power and speed as a bullet right in the middle of her head killing her immediately.
-Wow, brutal- Ben commented- and what will we do with the body?-
-Just leave it there, either way no one is going to pay attention to the corpse of a flying rat-
Lucas responded.
-Yeah, I guess you’re right, better this way to be honest I prefer not having to touch those things anyway- Ben affirmed.
-Can you call Gladis and tell her to come pick us up?-Lucas asked.
-Yeah sure-Ben picked up a black cellphone with a brown protector that had feathered details and a couple of plastic wings on the top edges, his cellphone ringed twice before it was answered-Hello… sup, Gladis? Hey we already finish here, could you come here and pick us up? ... We’re on the back alley of the third… you already know… perfect we’ll wait for you next to the closest street- Ben turn off the phone and put it on his back pocket, then, alongside Lucas, walked towards the exit of the alley.
When they arrived on the street Ben commented- That was the first time I saw you do that shooting a ball thingy, how do you call that technique? The marble of death? Hahaha-
Lucas stayed silent for a few seconds and then answer- Lightning shot actually, I created it to be able to use as projectile anything made from metal not just “marbles” as you put it-
-Oh well fine, it’s pretty cool actually- Ben praised him.
On that moment black car arrived, on the inside of it there was a tall. Bald and muscular black man that was wearing an orange tank top shirt and some navy blue shorts on the driver’s seat and on the copilot seat there was a redheaded woman with a black spot on her right cheek, she had curly hair and green eyes, she was wearing a bright yellow dress with pictures of flowers as decoration.
Ben open the door and moved towards the farther side of the seat as Lucas sit next to the open door which he closed- What’s up?- Ben Greeted them.
-Good night, thank you very much for picking us up- Lucas said.
-Good night Boys, how did you do? Did the objective gave you any trouble? - The redheaded woman asked while the driver began moving the car.
-Not really Gladis, that monster was pretty weak to be honest- Ben responded.
-Fantastic good to hear that you’re doing well, I hope we continue to get good results like that- Miss Gladis congratulate them.
-Thank you, honestly I don’t think it was necessary for me to even came, our little Pikachu here was able to deal with her easily- Ben added while hugging Lucas and petting him on the head.
Lucas blushed and contorted to escape from the grip of Ben- I already told you to not call me that, don’t try to treat me like a little kid that’s humiliating and you already know I’m older than you- Lucas complained.
-Oh come on I can’t help it you’re just too cute- Ben teased him.
-I’m not cute, I’m a hunter- Lucas said annoyed, he gave him a soft punch on the forearm and turn his head to the other side with his arms fold.
-Yes you are- Ben continued to tease him.
-No I’m not-Whine Lucas annoyed.
-Yes you are-
-No I’m not-
-Yes you are-
-No I’m not-
-Yes you are-
-No I’m no…-
-SILENCE- The driver screamed- Your antics are already tiring me, If you continue with this I will stop the car, kick you out and you’ll have to return to the base on foot, you got that?-
-Yes Mr. Hector-Lucas and Ben replied at the same time and from that moment on they kept quiet during the rest of the trip.
-You don’t have to be so harsh on them you know, they’re just kids-Gladis said.
-That’s precisely the reason why one has to be harsh on them, children need discipline if they expect to turn into useful people, you’re too soft with them and the only thing you accomplish is to turn them into spoiled brats- Hector criticized her.
-I’m supporting and understanding not soft is different-Gladis responded.
-Yeah the same way you “support” Tyson into being lazy bum, right?-
-Oh don’t try to lecture me in how to raise my child now, when you’ve treated our daughter like a soldier since she was four-
-That’s because she is-
They kept arguing in the same way during the whole trip.
Centuries ago, when humanity was just starting to surface, the earth was under the threat of incredibles creatures and monsters 
of inmense power, these creature hunted and tormented the primitive humanity who had no way of defending itself from them, 
but then everything changed when gaia, the spirit of the earth, give a group of humans the power of the Iris which grant them 
the ability to fight using the natural elements of the planet, these group of people called themselves the hunters and decided 
to use their amazing power to protect humanity from those strange creatures, currently the creatures continue to exist in secret 
from the normal society and there still are hunters looking to exterminate them in a war that seems neverending.
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