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Hi guys!

My art got featured over at Kotaku, which is a massive honour for me - thanks for all the support over the years, you guys make it all worth it! Its very humbling and im not sure how it happened, but it was quite a shcok checking my phone this morning!


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TwistedOrNot's avatar
Well deserved mate! Not a usual to the site or I would have picked up on that xD
Always impressed with your work, so it's no surprise that it got featured on another site, well done :P
martinhoulden's avatar
thankyou! You always have such nice things to say, thanks!
artelios's avatar
You're welcome ;) (Matt N. on facebookssssss)
martinhoulden's avatar

Wait, did you tell them? :o
artelios's avatar
No, but I let you know of the news on your FB.
artelios= matthew paul nipper
=steamid, etc etc.
martinhoulden's avatar
sweet! Thanks man! :D
Ludjia's avatar
Nice one, I quite like kotaku but don't actively read games journalist websites. Didn't know they do art features. Maybe I should check them out more often.
martinhoulden's avatar
They do a lot of varied stuff, its worth keeping an eye on em! But ya know, it really IS varied!
Pahul's avatar
Congrats, man!
arvalis's avatar
I love that kotaku features so much art on their site. I've been featured a few times over there myself. Its so cool to see your work when you're just scrolling down a site you read daily.
martinhoulden's avatar
I bet you have you sexy man! But its a big deal for me, lots of fun! I think it certainly helps if you have some kind of gamey themey thing for them to latch on to. Thanks!
Void-Hamlet-Herself's avatar
Brace yourself, here comes the fandom. :tea:
martinhoulden's avatar
I very much doubt it! But its quite fun nontheless!
AndyFairhurst's avatar
Congratulations! I got my work featured there in June this year but didn't appreciate at the time how cool it was to get a feature there! I have since seen better artists than me be very pleased or even ecstatic to be featured at kotaku.

Anyway your work rocks and deserves the praise :D Congrats!!!
martinhoulden's avatar
Yeah its a lot of fun! Thanks man, very nice of you to say!
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