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November 4, 2011
Sulk Girl and that city by *opticneuralinterface
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Sulk Girl and that city

50 minutes - Photoshop.

I had a bit of a revelation as to why i defer back to fanart quite a lot ... more than i want to. Tis cos I just like getting on with the drawing and composition - rather than having to think up of a character design/story at the same time!

So I thought i'd go into my random character doodles and just take one ... and stick them in a scene. For me, the process feels no different to fanart ... just taking a character thats already been designed and then just messing with it on a canvas. Thats what ive always realled liked about fanart - hopefully this will mean more original misc stuff from me

fyi im still working on OLC, yep. Part 2 has had some hiccups because ... major style crisis. Getting the blend between quality and quantity is by far the hardest bit of doing a graphic novel. By far. So ive taken the time to sort that. Also, i did a lot of writing ...

but its coming on.

the character in question is:

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Looks a lot like Tekkonkinkreet :)
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i do love the Tekkonkinkreet!
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very cool! loose and flowing, great work...
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This reminds me of a mix of a Homestuck troll [look up 'Homestuck Vriska' if you don't know what I mean'] and Chell from Portal. :D
martinhoulden's avatar
oh yeah, i see what you mean - cool! Not heard of it before ... thanks! :D
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grate job!!!
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LOL. this kinda reminds me of Daimon Kaito from 'Phi Brain: kami no Puzzle"

its really nice. ;D
i really like this style.
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oh yeah! good call. Not familiar with that anime but you're right, they are similar! :D
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c: Lovely picture~
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OOoh I rather like this.. - ALOT. :love:
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