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A commission done for :iconlurking-leanne: Lurking-Leanne
Original size: 3840x2160

Hope you like it ^_^
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This is absolutely breathtaking! :heart: I always wanted to see what the doomed planet of Maediskar would have looked like, and the black hole you did looks absolutely perfect for this! (The Interstellar-like design works well me thinks! I love that movie too) the result is really beautiful to look at, despite the bad state of the planet and system. Love the blue hues and textures you put together for Maediskar and of course, the black hole too! I love the result, thanks so much again for bringing another of my planets to life! ^^ I'll definitely hit you up for the next one when I have ideas formed together for it :meow:
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I'm glad you like it! :D
I personally love the idea of the planet being doomed but still beautiful in its own way ^^
Interstellar is one of my favourite movies from the last few years, so that, and the fact that its black hole Gargantua is the closest rendition of real life black holes, really inspired me to create something similar.
Are you ever going to do another Ratchet and Clank planet?
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Probably, yea ^^
But because I have really limited time to create art I'm not able to do so atm...
Not trying to rush you, just hoping for more art like that.
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Is so Beautiful, the colors, the light :D
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Really beautiful! I love galaxies and this is excelent!
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Thank you very much :D
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Looks like the Gargantula
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That was my inspiration for it ^^
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