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October 2, 2012
ugly beauty by ~struller
Featured by IsacGoulart
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ugly beauty

also a fly could be more than ugly.

d200 - bellow- enlagring lens
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amazing shot !!!!

FractalCaleidoscope's avatar
Like natural jewelry!  Heart 
ClaytoneCarpe's avatar
Très réussi ! ^^
patrickbrandy's avatar
Zonerider's avatar
cooool, he is showered ^^
Oh, man, your work is fantastic!
Monseo's avatar
poor creature, one good shake and it'll finally be rid of those pesky water droplets
natureguy's avatar
Absolutely Beautiful! :clap:
Tarquinius-Superbus's avatar
It's not ugly though xD
Edwardv17's avatar
Cool :)  Was this after a thunderstorm or late fall?  :)
Jason-Oatman's avatar
Interesting water covered fly.
patience, patience, patience and much more patience .
magnificent photo!
dewtime's avatar
PATIESIBA's avatar
That is an amazing photo. I really like the colours! (:
WaywardWaterGod's avatar
Water can make anything beautiful.
Rarer4ever's avatar
that is AMAZING
Jason-Oatman's avatar
Fly's are weird.
1BeneDict's avatar
Wow that's so cool!! I think I've fainted. 
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