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Tagged by :iconraindroplette: I hoped to survive to this tagging wave but I did not :D

The usual for character memes. Pick your characters (Between 3 and 5);
....mmm ok, let's take some you should know ;P

1. Lioness

2. Alakhai (White thunder)

3. Nanà

Now answer these questions! :D

Question 1. If you had to change one thing about your physical appearance, what would it be?

Lioness: "mmm... nothing much, I just wish I had claws and fangs like Alakhai"

Alakhai: "wtf? nothing of course! I'm awesome U.U"


Question 2. Someone you really dislike has come forth and asked you out, how do you respond?

Lioness: "Shooting him with my bazooka"

Alakhai: "what? noone asks me out! Did you see me?! ...not even Lioness do..."

Nanà: "ohh... this is too romantic ^^ maybe I'll accept but Rou will tear him"

Question 3. You buy a new car, your favorite model, custom paint job, new rims, the works. And on that very same day it gets rear-ended by an SUV whose driver managed to total it while parking. How do you respond then?

Lioness: ", have you ever tried to rear end a tank?"

Alakhai: " D: ...tear everyone with no mercy"

Nanà: "naaa I don't need a car, I gots Rou!! And nothing cans hurt him ^^ "

Question 4. What do people claim is your catchphrase?

Lioness: "mmm... I don't care" *ice sight*

Alakhai: proudly beats his chest "My roar!"

Nanà: "If it doesn't exist, do it yourself"

Question 5. What is the most irrational fear you have ever had?

Lioness: "Irrational? Do I look like someone who can have anything irrational!?" <<

Alakhai: "I fear Nothing U.U ....well, except Lioness of course, but not fearing her would be more irrational " *manly laugh*

Nanà: "Hey! My fear for instects is not irrational!"

Question 6. Of your peers, who would you say you can relate most to?

Lioness: "...I must say, Alakhai"

Alakhai: "MY LIONESS!!!"

Nanà: "I do not has peers" *sighs* "Stupid Bored"

Question 7. An ex of your partner (Hypothetically for the single ladies/fellas) has rocked up on your doorstep with a kid claimed to belong to your partner. How do you react?

Lioness: "Oh c'mon! That's not definitely gonna happen! I've never had a partner, I killed all the capable ones! ...oh wait" *turns to Alakhai with a stormy look "may it happen?"

Alakhai: *rises the hands* "hmm no.. she had dead before we could have any relations"

Nanà: "...boys? I'm 5 years old..."

Question 8. What is one thing that gets under your skin everytime?

Lioness: "f*****g ki charged bullets"

Alakhai: "pffff... nothing, really"

Nanà: "*-* those evil piece of paper I uses to draw"

Question 9. What kind of drunk are you?

Lioness: "Never got drunk"

Alakhai: "The one who laughs above everyone"

Nanà: "...what? Stop making weird questions!!"

Question 10. If you had one wish, what would you wish for?

Lioness: "...a past. A lovely one to remember in the dark days. Perhaphs with my tribe and my real parents"

Alakhai: "A less rude Lioness?"

Nanà: "I wish... the bored can see again! No wait, to create whatever I want! ...or to fill the nothing with all my dreams, so that everyone can live happy forever!"

Yay! Now the questions are done! Time to tag people!!

Hey Autumn! You've already tagged everyone!! XD
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