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The Big Bang Theory



Big Bang Theory it's the new favourit telefilm in my house right now.
I love it 'cause I'm an absolute geek.
My brother loves it 'cause he's geeker then me.
My father watches it and laugh while he codes on his laptop.
My mum loves it 'cause she laugh and says "AHAH those guys are EXACTLY LIKE YOU THREE!".

so, despite the fact I really see the resemblance between my brother and Sheldon (my brother has even his spot on the couch.. XD same horrible tics) I'm not really sure I'm like Leonard as my mum says....

Ah gravity, thou art a heartless bitch!

[edit] DAMN! I forgot about raj's hat with the answer to life, universe and everything!! >.< HOW COULD I?!?!?
[edit2] I had to change the background. it was annoying me too much.
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 Dr. Cooper, Dr. Hofstadter, Dr. Koothrapoli, and Wolowitz.