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Illustration palettes

I'm pretty sure no one will find this even remotely useful but here's a zip of the palette files I use for my works.
have fun with those.
They are mostly bicromatic because I work like that. (and because a limited palette helps the mood of a piece way more than a multicolored palette)

both .ACO (photoshop palette file) and .PNG so everyone should be able to use those
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added to faves. 

so thx!. Im learning yet, and colouring is not my strongest. So this will become usefull!

thx again :D
How do you install these?
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Cioè, una palette si chiama Benedict's eyes? ^^ :D
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Hey, I love the pallets but when I try to open the .ACO it tells me 'Could not complete your request because an unexpected end-of-file was encountered.' I searched the internet but found no solution, do you have any ideas?
If not, I'm content using .PNG with the eye dropper tool c:
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that's because you're opening it from file-->open, you have to use another procedure for color palettes.
go in the swatches tab (if you can't find it go to window-->swatches) and then there's a small arrow in the top right side of the tab that will open a menu. And there you can either choose "load swatches" or "replace swatches". The first one will add the new swatches at the bottom of those you already have there, the second will replace those.

Let me know if it works!
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Ah, yeah that worked, thanks c:
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I'm definitely going to try this out! I always love the colors in your work.
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I find it very useful too! Agreed limited works much more nicely but I'm not that good with creating palettes yet that aren't all multicolored (haha) so I'd love to practice with yours a bit! Thanks so much! I never see enough color palette samples around in books, web, it's very appreciated.
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Uhm, one thing that could definitely help is taking the palette from photos and works. There's really no stigma on it and no one holds copyrights on color combinations. (this is an interesting article about this)
Studying classic paintings help a LOT too. I often take colors from Boldini, for example.
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Thanks a bunch for the tips! Good advice!
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Thank you, I think this will be very useful.
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Non che io sia sto gran ché nel digital painting, ma le palette che usi di solito mi piacciono, quindi... *-*
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beh, non è mai detto però. Le palette sono una cosa un sacco personale alla fin fine. Io non sono mai riuscita a usare palette altrui scaricate, mi devo sempre fare le mie! XD oh beh, speriamo! grazie comunque!
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Beh per una niubba come me sono sempre un punto di partenza XD
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