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How to place vanishing points

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A little perspective thing I did today. Perspective is a powerful tool to use and people dismiss of it because it looks scary, but it's something really worth spending your time on. It really helps your storytelling if used correctly.
It’s not perfect by any means but perspective is a lot based on the artist own sensibility, I merely offer a starting point.

this is `fox-orian's tutorial I'm talking about [link]

if you want to reblog this on tumblr please use this [link] so I can keep track, thanks! :D
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KehXKeovaHobbyist Artist
This is very helpful!! Thank you so much!! =D
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Nezotholem Traditional Artist
Do you have any tutorial about how to draw a perspective when yours vanishing points are out of the panel? I mean that they are not on the page? Is there a solution to create a grid in the panel without visible vanishing point
WiredLife's avatar
Thankyou so much for the tutorial :D
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JonescalypsoHobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you very much for this! I knew I was making mistakes but I couldn't tell how, or what it would take to fix them. You've helped me learn both with this information. Very helpful! 
Vyctorian's avatar
Vyctorian Digital Artist
Nice work!~
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restlesshandsProfessional General Artist
Thank you SO MUCH for this tutorial.  It's exactly what I needed but didn't realize I needed in terms of practicing perspective.
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Min-roticProfessional Digital Artist
Really helpful, thanks a bunch! <3
Dreamcatcher721's avatar
Dreamcatcher721Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this tutorial, I have trouble grasping perspective. Now I understand, thanks again so much! 
WhiteFireone's avatar
Thanks! your tutorial popped up on facebook just at the right time for me, as was struggling with one or two things. :)
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AlanDjayceStudent Digital Artist
This is so helpfull...
I really thank you for this. ^^
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Thank you!
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Great tutorials about perspective, really helpful. Thank you very much
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ShokaiHobbyist Artist
I know I said this tons of times but....OMG I love you!!! WHY in the world did I not come across these tips BEFORE? 
Shokai's avatar
ShokaiHobbyist Artist
Extremely helpful. Thank you!
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keitoneHobbyist Digital Artist
I swear I've searched everywhere for this kind of tutorial... I understood the basics but never could understand how and where to place the vanishing points.. Thank you so much for this! XD 
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can a one point perspective have the vanish point outsude?
martinacecilia's avatar
martinaceciliaProfessional General Artist
yes but it comes out really awkward, it's better to use a 2 point perspective in that case...
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RikoeiStudent General Artist
ah thank you<3
WaterFaerieNaomi's avatar
WaterFaerieNaomiStudent Digital Artist
I appreciate this very much! I knew how to do the basics of perspective, but this makes me understand everything completely~<3 Thank you! :D
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dot-dashleeProfessional Filmographer
you have no idea how helpful this is. thank you!
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lady-cybercatProfessional Traditional Artist
This is awesome. Thank you.
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clumsydemonwithfire General Artist
this is incredibly helpful! thank you for sharing! :D
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VelkynKarmaHobbyist Digital Artist
This is wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing this.

I've understood the concept of vanishing points for a long time, but was always hung up on, 'where the hell do I put that blasted dot to make things look right?' If doing observational drawing I can usually find a vanishing point, but it's so much harder to figure things out when you're trying to create your own settings.

So thanks bunches for making things so much clearer :)

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Fires-stormStudent General Artist
Thanks for the handy tutorial!
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