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Girls of Westeros - Margaery

I wanted to make a series titled "Strong Girls of westeros" but then when I was making the list of the characters I realized that there really are no "weak" women in Asoiaf serie. They are all, every single one amazingly strong in so many different ways. Which is amazing in a world where well written female characters are so rare. So it became just "Girls of westeros". 'Cause it was redundant.

Remember: NO character bashing or GTFO.
And I still draw the characters the way I imagined them to be when I read the books. Keep that in mind.
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Ooooooh... I like you. :)
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I don´t really know that much of her yet but I think she really is a strong person! She knows what she wants and would do so much to get it. And I really love how you drew her face and hair! :heart:
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*_* yes she is. Lovely lovely Margaery. Her role should grow a lot in the next serie. (dunno if they'll keep it that way, they are changing many many things...)
thanks!! :heart: I'm so proud of the hair. XD