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Girls of Westeros - Cersei

I wanted to make a series titled "Strong Girls of westeros" but then when I was making the list of the characters I realized that there really are no "weak" women in Asoiaf serie. They are all, every single one amazingly strong in so many different ways. Which is amazing in a world where well written female characters are so rare. So it became just "Girls of westeros". 'Cause it was redundant.

So, Cersei. She is one of my absolute favorites, I have to admit.

Remember: NO character bashing or GTFO.
And I still draw the characters the way I imagined them to be when I read the books. Keep that in mind.
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again, lena headey aces it in the show, but this is cersei from the books!
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Sorry, I don't know why I always must to say it when I see her. Is something wrong with me?
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I have a love-hate relationship with Cersei. On one hand, she's a conniving, twisted, paranoid ruler but on the other hand, she's totally sexy, fierce and proud and somebody has to be the HBIC of the Seven Kingdoms. Despite her selfishness and cruelty Cersei obviously loves her children very much. I don't want her to win the game of thrones in the end (I'm hoping the 'younger and more beautiful' queen destined to overthrow her is Sansa!) but I still kinda love the lioness.
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Tutte belle marty, brava! ^___^
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Aww, I love Cersei! :heart: sometimes I don´t really know why but I can´t help myself.. And I think you drew her perfectly, she looks kind of seductive, intelligent and scheming.. :love: And of course beautiful!
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and she's a difficult character to love. she does many errors but she's fantastic! The thing I love most of her probably is the way she'd do ANYTHING for her children. :heart:
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