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Girls of Westeros - Brienne

I wanted to make a series titled "Strong Girls of westeros" but then when I was making the list of the characters I realized that there really are no "weak" women in Asoiaf serie. They are all, every single one amazingly strong in so many different ways. Which is amazing in a world where well written female characters are so rare. So it became just "Girls of westeros". 'Cause it was redundant.

Brienne. BRIENNE.
Not sure if I like the way she came out in this speedpainting though. Front angle is difficult to handle.

Remember: NO character bashing or GTFO.
And I still draw the characters the way I imagined them to be when I read the books. Keep that in mind.
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nice! gwen christie does a fantastic job in the show but she's really quite beautiful so it's very different from the books. this is more accurate.
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Oooh.  She's got a Peter Cushing thing going on there.  I like it!
Much too pretty. She looks severe, but her face is well proportioned. Brienne is ugly with a capital u. Plus she looks like she's in her 40s. The character is 18 or 19.
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She's a badass, nevertheless girly. She is a knight, not a princess, but still wants a knight on white stallion, considering her girly crush on Renly and then deep crush on Jaime. :P
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Excuse me, but what is the shape/animal in this one? ;u; I can't quite tell.
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a roaring bear, it's not that clear though, you're right. 
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Ahhh I guessed that, just wasn't sure. XD Great job though! Most people forget to include the freckles.
Great rendering. I think Briene is impossible to get a perfect sense of solo. I think you she has to be shown alongside someonne else to capture the physical nature of this complex and fabulous character.
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You captured the 'um... Is that a man or....?' perfectly!
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God, I really think you´re right, there are no not-interesting or not-strong females in GoT! :heart: As soon as I saw Brienne in the show, I knew I would like her! She really looks more like a man here than in the show but I guess she´s even more unfeminine in the books? anyway, I like it!! :) And she looks very strict and strong!
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*_* she get better AND BETTER. She's so badass and strong and yet at the same time so naive and fragile. she's such a well rounded character and probably the closest thing to a "good character" you can find in westeros.

I loved her in the show by the way.
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She gets even better? *_* Is that possible? :heart: But I guess she has to be strong when she´s so different from other women. She had to get used to how the others are treating her. D:
I can´t wait to see more of her in the next season. I would love to learn more about her, she only seemed fragile to me when her king died and when she didn´t know what to do with her life anymore.
But I really think the actress of her does a wonderful job! She´s so beautiful in her own way.
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yes, she's just at the beginning of her journey and she need to face SO MANY THINGS so yeah, you'll see many sides of her and she'll expose more of herself and... I JUST CAN'T.... ALL THE BRIENNE FEELS
Someone give this woman all the awards!
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Aww, then I can´t wait! :heart: (I really should start reading the books! XD)
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Yeah, I love her in the show and the books! She looks a bit more feminine in the show, but she makes up for it by being really friggin' tall.
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