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Girls of Westeros - Arya

I wanted to make a series titled "Strong Girls of westeros" but then when I was making the list of the characters I realized that there really are no "weak" women in Asoiaf serie. They are all, every single one amazingly strong in so many different ways. Which is amazing in a world where well written female characters are so rare. So it became just "Girls of westeros". 'Cause it was redundant.

Poor kid who lost herself to rage and revenge. Her storyline is tragic beyond reason.

Remember: NO character bashing of ANY kind or GTFO. If you start a bander about how Arya is SOO much better than Sansa I'll start yelling at people.
And I still draw the characters the way I imagined them to be when I read the books. Keep that in mind.
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I'm may be indifferent when it comes to Game of Thrones (or A Song of Ice and Fire), but I can't help but really like the artstyle, as well as the character design. :)
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is that a dog or cat behind her ?
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I cannot deal when people pit Sansa against Arya or vice versa as they're my 2 favorite characters in ASoIaF. They're two sides of the same coin, and their storylines parallel each other in more than a few aspects. They've both been through hell and back, and I love them for it. This is beautiful. You've captured the rage inside Arya so well when you drew her expression. Seriously, it's perfect. :)
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I absolutely love this!
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awesome! just how i imagined her)
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Questo è davvero splendido!!! <3
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Oh wow! :heart: I really adore Arya because even though she´s so young she´s already so brave! And you really captured her rage and ... what´s the word.. eh, determination? Yeah, I think that´s the right word. :) The colors are very fitting and I just love her expression and eyes!!
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I looked through your whole Girls of Westeros Series!
I like Arya the best :3 I love the red cheeks full of anger, it's really great!
I like your style a lot x3
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ah :heart: I love doing red cheeks. and red noses. XD it's fun.
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