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Catelyn and Sansa

Catelyn and Sansa Stark from A Song of Ice and Fire (or "Game of thrones" if you prefer) commissioned by :iconredcandle17:

watercolor on fabriano artisti paper
characters belong to George R.R. Martin

Please refrain yourself from Sansa or Catelyn loathing. I don't care and I don't have the time to care for the fact that you don't love the characters. Any comment as such will be marked as spam. You have so many other places to express your distaste. Please go over there.
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An amazing art design!
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This is a lovely piece that really express the mother child bond. Even for a viewer not familiar with the books.
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Beautiful watercoloring.
I have to laugh, when I try to brush my daughters hair it usually ends in tears, lol.
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i like that you've captured a look of motherly love on Cat's face. beautiful
cbalk193's avatar
So cute! 
I actually really don't have a huge problem with either of these characters. lol
I love your ability to use watercolors awesomely as well! 
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Stavo scorrendo le tue art da un po'  quando ho detto: " è italiana?" sono andata a controllare e avevo ragione! xD Complimenti, sono semplicemente stupende C:
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Cat gets a lot of shit that she doesn't deserve. If she's made bad choices, it was because of Peter Baelish, for whom there is no word foul enough to describe. He framed Tyrion for the attempted assassination on her boy. Keep in mind, she's also lost her husband AND her two sons.
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I agree with you 
There is no love like that between a mother and her daughter. I love the expressions.
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Such warm and touching work. I like your watercolors, it's just amazing! Well done ♥
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I always liked Sansa. I found it strange how people hated her. How do they expect a twelve year old girl to react in that situation? Not everyone is like Arya. Anyway, great job on the piece!
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I think the same. 
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very nice! She looks just like her mom!
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I like how you got their resemblance.
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Sono bellissime! E sono proprio come me le immaginavo leggendo.
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Ho visto la serie televisiva (in inglese, chiaro) °-°
Io non so se tu l'hai vista, ma è spettacolare! *_*
Ma Sansa è una deficiente di prima grandezza, mentre Cathlin è una GRANDE... come ha fatto a venire fuori quella piagnona da una donna forte come Cat?? °-°

P.S.: speravo di vedere qualche tuo nuovo lavoro sulla saga di R.R. Martin (che giuro di comprare appena posso e di leggerla tutta tutta :D)
martinacecilia's avatar
..... Guarda, ho messo un disclaimer nella descrizione apposta "non mi rompete le scatole con il vostro odio per sansa". Sono stufa marcia dell'rgomento. A me piace. Ti prego. Evita.
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Hai ragione, scusami! ^^
Tra l'altro mi rendo anche conto di seguire SOLO il film e non ho ancora modo di comperarmi la saga. Sono certa che i piggì sono meglio delineati sui libri che non nella serie televisiva, per quanto ben fatta.
E poi sono certa che Sansa abbia un ruolo importante in tutto... tutto, anche magari a qualche piccolo intervento sul quella belva di Geoffrey (o come si scrive), se Dio vuole! XD
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woman your art :heart:
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This is really beautiful, I love the soft colouring and detail on their dresses and hair. There's just this air of tenderness about it... :heart: Very sweet.
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