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10 typical perspective errors - pdf tutorial

click on download for the full tutorial--->

I expanded on the last point in a tutorial here: 
Characters in relation to backgrounds - tutorial by martinacecilia
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this, is, amazing! thanks for sharinggg.
not sure how this is not a DD by now, the atrocity! 
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Perspective drawing is something I've always struggled with. This tutorial was incredibly helpful. Thank you very much!
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This is super helpful! Thanks a bunch!
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Thanks you so much!
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i wish i had read this much, much, much earlier. A+ explanations. :heart:
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Ma quando fai le prospettive quindi usi i righelli.
Tanti dicono che si deve fare a occhio, ma onestamente non ho capito come si trovano i punti di fuga a occhio. e SOPRATTUTTO come far cadere tutte le linee verso i punti di fuga a occhio.
Quando guardo i professionisti che lavorano, più della metà si affidano alla classica griglia.
Io ho risolto alcuni di questi errori. Pur non sapendo fare prospettive a occhio (riesco a costruire quella a 1 e 2 punti di fuga, e quella a 3 punti di fuga partendo dalla prospettiva a 2 punti di fuga, ma non ho idea di come si costruisce una prospettiva a 3 punti di fuga da zero.
Per la profondità, faccio l'errore opposto, appiattisco l'immagine (a meno che non uso una griglia)
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Thank you SO much for posting this - it's by far the best (and also most complete) tutorial on perspective I've ever seen! I love how you first showed the wrong one and then explained WHY it was wrong, then showed the right and said HOW to make it right.
I'm guilty of a lot of these errors ><. Thanks for posting. Very helpful
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This is quiet informative, I didn't know you could draw repetitive objects using that method. Most things here are not explained for my faculty's teachers, so you have to figure it out.

Thanks for making this tutorial.
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Thank you so much! Until I saw this tutorial, I had no idea how to do Step #3, Repeating Depths.
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Thank you so much, this is really great and helpful tutorial, and you are very sweet and kind for making it! :iconaawplz:
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this is so useful! thank you! <3
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omg I love you :iconbrohugplz:
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Can#T believe that this has only so few views and favs! This is a really great tutorial you put together, thank you :)
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This is very useful! Thanks so much :heart:
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thx for sharing :D
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Wow, thanks, this was a great help! :)
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Thank you! This is immensely helpful (:
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Oh, my! I've studied Perspective at the University but I never knew how to build repeating objects! This tutorial helped A LOT! 

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This is really usefull, thank you ^^
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