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Get A Life 15 - page 1


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Art and English edits by Seb :iconsaganich:

Story and lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Luca Salvadei and Cristian Di Biase.


Exploring the lost years of the Martin Mystère continuity, here is an adventure that takes place in 1973.
Frequently mentioned in the official comics, this story was never told: there were just hints and promises that "one day it will be fully disclosed".

Get a Life! finally does that, and as Martin used to say that adventure marked his first meeting with the mystery, it's only fitting that this story goes online in 2013, celebrating 40 years of mysteries! (In 2012, Martin Mystère just celebrated 30 years of the official comic!).

For the occasion, the Italian cover was conceived with English titles and dialogues, as a sort of "What If...?": What if...Martin Mystère had been a Marvel comic published in the 1970s?.
Irony and vintage clothes and sideburns!!

Sergej Orloff, one of Martin Mystère's deadliest foes, was once his best friend: long before his eye was lost in a fire and his face horribly disfigured, Sergej and Martin shared almost everything in their lives, from archaeological university studies to the fun of traveling around the world.

The Mohenjo Daro site is well known for the supposed mystery of the destruction marks that only an atomic explosion could have left (or so someone says).
Expanding this concept, we supposed that Mohenjo Daro was destroyed more than once throughout the centuries.

The Fire Spider is a creature featured in our Hollow Earth miniseries (still to be translated).

Check out our other stories in English at the MM Fandom blog!
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