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GaL bonus art - Zigomar versus Tarzan




Art by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Concept by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck: & Luca Salvadei


From the pages of Under the Sign of the Z, an event briefly featured in only one panel: the pivotal battle between Zigomar and Tarzan.
During this revealing clash, Zigomar goes from evil "French" mastermind (as seen in the novels of Lèon Sazie) to masked hero of the Balkans (as seen in the Zigomar comics).

Check out our art for the in-between uniform of Zigomar.

Zigomar and Tarzan have never met in their respective original novels, but the in the "Wold Newton" universe they certainly did, and they might have been related.
Check out our Extended Family Business to learn more about the meteorite that hit Wold Newton in the 1800s, and how Martin Mystère belongs to the Wold Newton Family, thanks to his ancestors Docteur Mystère (created by Paul d'Ivoi) and Remi d'Aix (created by Paul Fèval).

The Zigomar/Tarzan clash is only referenced in our "Under the Sign of the Z" because the full story belongs to an unpublished comic project of ours, "The Alpha and the Omega"-- a comic in which Tarzan's adventures are intertwined with James Bond's and Le Docteur Omega's.

The location of this special art is Opar, the Atlantis-related African lost city featured in Tarzan's adventures.

Original art (colors).


In puro stile "Universo di Wold Newton", la versione malvagia di Zigomar affronta Tarzan, il signore delle scimmie, nella perduta città africana di Opar!

La tunica e il cappuccio del genio del crimine francese Zigomar, una volta rimossi, rivelano un'uniforme da avventuriero ed eroe, coerentemente con l'evoluzione futura di colui che,, transitando dai feuilleton al fumetto,, sarà il protettore dei Balcani.

La storia completa della genesi di Zigomar e lo studio della sua uniforme nelle note di pagina 10 di "Nel segno della Z" (parte 2).

I dettagli sullo scontro tra Tarzan e Zigomar nelle note di pagina 2 de "Il segno della Z" (parte 3).

Arte disponibile anche nella versione a colori.
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