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GAL 55 - Three Travis vs. Tra 3vis - page 1

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Published: March 15, 2020


Plot by Cristian Di Biase

Art, lettering and edits by Gianluca Mattossovich

Script by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Luca Salvadei and Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

NOTES (by Travis A. Travis)

As this anthology isn't a recent Speciale Martin Mystère, you will not find here a reprint of a previously digitally-published comic.
On the other hand, we are publishing an already-published comic-- so where is the difference?
The difference lies in the fact that the previous edition of An Enigma Called "A" was on paper and had to be bought -- namely, it was featured in the printed edition of Il Corriere del Mystero 2019, which was produced in the last months of 2018 by AMys, Martin Mystère's official fanclub.

You certainly remember (who am I kidding?) that Un enigma di nome Jaspar (Martin Mystere nn. 77-78-79) featured the first appearance of the omniscient Jaspar, a nasty brat gifted with the ability of accessing the Universal Databank.

You certainly also remember (not really) that the Universal Databank is the sum of the knowledge of every human being, past, present or future.
One who has the power of accessing the Databank in real time, can also know what other people are thinking.

L'uomo programmato (Martin Mystere nn. 123-124) featured a clear depiction of the Universal Databank as an endless library-maze, just like The Library of Babel", where Jaspar is always around, examining books as he likes.
The total knowledge here preserved is comparable to the Akaschi, which is the ultimate book-- safely stored in the hidden city of Agarthi, the Akaschi contains the story of the whole world.

When does this comic take place? Whenever you want. True, in the regular series Jaspar grew up and became a teen, in Il ritorno di Jaspar (Martin Mystere n. 139 bis), but it's also true that the Universal Databank can only be accessed in the form of an astral body, and Jaspar can choose to look as he likes in this "place" (the Databank isn't a real "place", and the concept of "appearance" makes no sense here, if not for comic-book depiction convenience).

Heavy stuff, eh? Too many notions, right? Afraid you might have to think in order to connect the dots?
Cheer up with some spicy trivia, then, befitting your refined taste of seasoned "Mysterians": Ashley Madison is a Canadian online network for extramarital meetings.
Its name was taken from the two most common female names of the year it was created.
I'll make it clear for you bright-minded "Mysterians": you can use it if you are married and looking for one or more lovers.
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