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GAL 55 - Three Travis vs. Tra 3vis - cover

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Published: March 15, 2020


Art by Gianmarco Lizzio :iconewder:

Graphics by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

NOTES (by Travis A. Travis)

It just happend, by chance, that one day, at dusk, I went down into my cellar, but an implausible accident of fate made my key open the door to another cellar-- the one that belongs to the Mexican family living in my own building. And, as soon as I realized the mistake, I accidentally started rummaging in their colorful and dusty clandestine-immigrant-styled boxes, until involuntarily I stumbled upon a huge book whose leather, worm-gnawed cover was decorated with the insalubriously-red letters of the French name "Traversèr À. Traversèr". One could clearly tell it was French because there was an accent on the last vowel.
I was truly impressed, as my name (which matches my family name) comes from Ancient French traverser ("to cross"), and I wondered what extraordinary coincidence, decreed by a blindly braying and blasphemous fate, had brought that volume into my hands, tainted as they got with Mexican drippings while accidentally opening all those boxes.
 An even greater befuddlement fell on me, while leafing those rat-grazed and yellowed pages, safe in the coziness of my apartment, where I had also carried all the other boxes of the Mexicans, whenI realized how that the written work was nothing less but a gloss of my own adventures--the ones I write out monthly on my log, right before Martin Mystère stumbles upon those same cases I chronicled. The very ones that, later, my humble biographer, one Biagio De' Christiane, transposes into comics that sell like hot cakes in European kiosks.

Of course, I'm the one who wrote that book, and it was me who placed it in the Mexicans' cellar, because I wanted to see what impact it would have on me-- finding it as if I were Umberto Eco or Alessandro Manzoni (whom you English readers have never heard of), claiming to have found some crappy manuscript in some fusty library, publishing it after writing a slapdash introduction and making a fortune out of it.
Well, I did not make any fortune out of this.
In compensation, now they are publishing this anthology of three comics based on my diaries, and then some wisecracker made a pun about "three" based on  the Italian tongue-twister "Three Tigers Versus Three Tigers", naming the anthology "Three Travis vs. Tra 3vis". And to boot they added the l33t, thus winking at those retarded modern youngsters, whose constantly typing on their cellphones is making them more and more illiterate, to the point they can't tell the difference between semantics, phonetics, syntax and so on, and they are so dumb that the C-Men joke is not a joke anymore.

This cover was drawn in Soviet style, which means the typical graphics of the departed Soviet Union propaganda.
The main character, of course, is me, while the despicable, hysterical brat who has the honour to appear at my side is a well known character of the Martin Mystère comics, but I doubt you will recognize him, because, although the aforementioned "Generation Z" and "Millennial" are quite wanting, one can't really say that survivors and wreckage of the "old guard" fared any better, as far as mental readiness is involved.

This cover was first featured in the printed edition of the Corriere del Mystero 2019, which was published in the late months of 2018 by AMys-- Martin Mystère's Official Fanclub, which even dared to expel me from its own creative staff. One day, they will pay for that.
Anyway, you English readers will never see anything of this Corriere, except some of its comic pages that we'll be translating and sharing, so what's the point of telling you how awesome it is.

Fine, I admit it-- 3vis isn't really l33t.
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