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GAL 51 - Post-human Precursor - page 4





Art by Heitor Fraga :iconheitordafraga: YouTube - Instagram - Twitter - Facebook

Story & lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

English edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Edits by Cristian Di Biase & Luca Salvadei


The main character of this webcomic is Sir Jet Minx (study for the character), an unusual name which happens to be the anagram of "Mister Jinx" (who is one of Martin Mystère's archvillains).

It's not by chance that a ghostly Mr. Jinx appears right behind Minx: since the
distant times of I giorni dell'incubo (Martin Mystere nn. 62-63-64), it is well known that this archvillain is able to duplicate/copy his own mind into any body he might want to use (he does that with the biological computer mentioned in the notes of page 1 of this webcomic).
(But as Sir Minx pointed out, a copy is just a copy: the original mind is not transferred to the new host. In fact, Mister Jinx creates a copy of himself when his previous iteration is about to die).
As is was revealed in "Mister Jinx ritorna!" (Almanacco del Mistero 2002), each of Jinx's "body doubles" who died in the MM series retained the Jinx persona even after entering the Event Horizon.

What Jinx is the one hosted in Sir Minx's body?
Is he a copy that was made directly from the memories of one of his biological computers? (Maybe the same computer which is currently safeguarded in the secret base of "Elsewhere". Or maybe the backup computer which will later be used in the Nathan Never continuity to give life to another iteration of Jinx).
What if this Jinx is actually one of the many copies who died and moved to the Event Horizon? The aforementioned "Mister Jinx ritorna!" story revealed that returning from the Event Horizon is actually possible, not just for warlocks such as Mabus, but for simple human beings as well.

And what if there was a third answer?
(Nothing new here, but there's an unproduced GaL episode which will one day provide the right answer).

This episode of the series acts as a prequel for the dystopian future seen in A Martin For All Seasons , in which Sir Minx briefly appears beholding a mirror in which his reflected image looks like Jinx (page 2).
His (their?) vision of an immortal, cybernetically-unique human being,  translates into the solution of keeping eternally alive just one fragment of  a human brain (the minimal amount so that the "soul" won't transmigrate to the Event Horizon), by keeping it technologically linked to the cyberspace's virtual reality, where he will be able both to live an endless life of pleasure and to manipulate the destiny of planet Earth  (as Minx states clearly, those befitted with this treatment will be the wealthy and the powerful, forever in charge of their own corporate companies, progressively replacing governments in deciding the future of the countries).
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