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GAL 50 - The Pyramids' Other Secret 4 - p1




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Art by Alejo Curuchet :iconmralejox:

Story & lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

English edits by Joe Teanby :iconjoeteanby:

Edits by Cristian Di Biase & Luca Salvadei


The story so far: From California, the Charred Men moved to Egypt, looking for the secret depot of the Great Pyramids-- a dimensionally-relocated "scrapyard" filled with radioactive waste from the Atlantis age.
Diego Plain and Elena Brewster are chasing them to prevent the waste to be spilled to Earth, thus devastating the ecosystem.
But the waste depot is located within a dimensional pocket, and the directions to reach it are hidden in an Antlantean-Egyptian riddle which is connected to the Eye of Horus.

The "sacred pathways" of the Great Pyramid were ritual paths that were walked in the age of Ancient Egypt, and they are well known to archaeologists.
Diego and Elena have found out that there are three secret sacred pathways too, departing from that very Great Pyramid.

The Z Stone is apparently an anomalous Hexagon, just like the ones of the Collective Of The Hexagons that was seen in A Martin For All Seasons (1).
This Hexagon picked Diego as its own guardian in Under the Sign of the Z (1).

Until the catastrophe that erased Atlantis and Mu, Earth was pervaded with a net of Ley Lines, the so called "currents of geomantical force".
After the catastrophe, most of those lines dried up, but in the millennia that followed they began to reform, both spontaneously or with the help of enlightened men (or other arcane beings).

Diego can "see" the Ley energies of the desert thanks to the goggles he is wearing, as they are (once again) a morphed version of the Z Stone.
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