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GAL 49 - The Pyramids' Other Secret 3 - p1




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Art by Mark Pexton :iconsuperegomark:

Story & lettering by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:

Edits by Cristian Di Biase & Luca Salvadei


The story so far: Having landed in Egypt, Diego Plain and Elena Brewster find out that the Charred Men plan to bring the Wasteland in the planet by releasing the deadly radioactive waste which has been lying in special, extradimensionally-secluded depots since the age of Atlantis and Mu.
The item known as the "Eye of Horus" is in the hands of a Charred Man, but Diego is the only one to known about the related mysterious inscription. To get to this point, though, they had to break in the secret underground rooms of the Egyptian Museum of Antiques in Cairo City-- namely the stronghold of the Men In Black in this country.

The genesis of the "Black Company", a precursor of the Men In Black, is chronicled in "Gli Uomini In Nero (Martin Mystère Gigante n. 3): the Company dates back to the destruction of Atlantis and Mu, and its originally-noble purpose is to erase the remnants of the war tech from that fateful age.

The infamous Algernon Mabus helped sealing London's city block known as NeverNeverLand, removing it from "normal" space time, in Ritorno alla terra che non c'è (Martin Mystère n.280).

The description of Algernon Mabus's arrival is a reference to his appearance in La vita segreta di Diana Lombard (Martin Mystère nn. 164-165), which in turn was freely stolen from Stephen King's The Stand.

Further details about the machinations, the power and the fate of Algernon Mabus are available in That Which Is Not Dead.

The Paris bit is a reference to the 2014 movie As Above, So Below, a labyrinthine film that explores the catacombs of Paris in a true Mystère style.
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