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Episode 26: Brainstorming - cover

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Art by Luca Tatoli :iconlittleliuk:

Idea and graphics by Franco Villa :iconm3gr1ml0ck:


If there is a tv series which, like the golden years stories of Martin Mystère, dared explore and merge idee which seemed incompatible, this tv series is probably Da Vinci's Demons, which brought us tales about Leonardo reaching America, or his quest for one "Book of Leaves" that looks a lot like the "Book of Toth" and could come from the lost continent of Atlantis, or the esoteric, secret fight between the Sons of Mithas and the Enemies of Man.

Hence the idea of an impossible meeting between Martin Mystère and "that alternate version" of Leonardo da Vinci, including their respective mentors, Kut Humi and Aslan Al Rahim.
It's a meeting somehow inspired by the official team-up between Martin Mystère and Nathan Never, which of course ended in a more tangible and permanent outcome.

The original Italian edition of issue #26 features two different comics: the self-contained Brainstorming and part 2 of That Which Is Not Dead.
As the theme of the main story is the tefth of Martin Mystère's digital identity, the "Leonardo da Vinci" cover features a mix of Renaissace and modern age.
Hence the comedic interaction between Leonardo and Martin Mystère: Leonardo experiences the future tech of i-pads and social network, while Martin Mystère overruns the Mona Lisa painting.
And where could this happen, if not in the Universal Databank-- the sum of mankind's knowledge from the dawn of the species to its farthest (possible) futures?
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