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Return and thoughts
Taking my leave before, its given me time to really think and really reflect on things. This past year has been harsh on everyone. For me, it was nearly constant without rest. Leaving dA did give me brief relief but like anything that becomes a piece of you, I can't really leave dA forever, trust me, I've tried.
As for the events that took place... I've long since forgiven the involved party. Does that make me too forgiving? Maybe too naive? Too compassionate? Perhaps. But considering I only had my mother in my life, with my father being rarely in it due to his constant drug or alcohol abuse, he was sent to jail constantly. Perhaps, if he had been more involved... Who knows. But since I was raised by my mother's gentle but also firm hand, you can say she did help mold me into what I am today. We're both forgiving, loving and gentle people, but even we began to stand up for ourselves over the last several years. But we have not lost our gentle sides as a result.
But my point is..? I'm a
:iconcusackanne:cusackanne 7 58
I want to go right to the apologies before i explain everything. I dunno if you guys will listen. I just can hope!
First of all to the people i hurted in general:
To :iconcusackanne: Emily. I am very deeply sorry that i made you so upset and on that day i cant sleep because of the things youve told me. I was so scared about your wellbeing. But im glad we can get along again and become friends again. I saw that you become more and more distant with the time and in my minds i knew a bit something is going on with you because of the stuff youre going through. But you always said on Discord that youre more in the other server so i dont know half of the time what youre doing. But my blind imagination that i thought everybody is believing this insults about me let me forget the reality and so i did this and i am so ashamed that i just could kick myself in the ass and take myself from the university into the kindergarten. I really want to become my old self again but since all this shit happe
:icontheotherkevinfromsp:TheOtherKevinFromSP 4 48
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Well... about my wellbeing.
So ... a lot of shit happened the last weeks or better said the last months. But now lets start what happened in the first place. 
It began with that, that me and Jack made one time an unusual R-18 RP and it started as an better said bad joke until this RP got out of hand and this was the main reason why me and Jack cancelled the contact for a while. But somehting of this shit got into YaBoiFluff's ear and so he started his snitching bitchmove against me with spreading around i would be pedophile where he told a few friends of me i would have crushes on younger girls. And yes. I had long ago a small crush on Jack but that was when me and him began to ship Kevin and Jessie and on that point i dont even know how old he was. That ended when i looked at the age. Same with Gemma. Yes, she is attractive and an very great person for me but when she said in my Discord group she would be 16 (she was at that point) i lost this attraction. Now only friendship. And finding somebody attractive
:icontheotherkevinfromsp:TheOtherKevinFromSP 1 4
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You're my all, I love you to the moon and back :"33333
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I don't like you T-Series
Nothing personal, kid
But I must go all out
Just this once

Bobs or vegana, whichever will it be?
Sit the fuck down T-Series
I'm here to spill the real tea
You tryna dethrone me from spot on number one
But you India, you lose so best think you haven't won
When I'm through with you we're gonna be completely fucking done
'Cause we only just begun
I review you
Bye, bitch, gone
So come on T-Series
Looking hungry for some drama
Here let me serve your bitch lasagna

Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Look at T-Series they just crying for their momma
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
T-Series just wet themselves in their pajamas

So who the hell is Bob, and why you wanna kiss him? (ew)
I'm a blue eyes white dragon, while you're just dark magician (oof)
You got a fifth of the population in your nation but
I got nine year olds of worlds so hold your defecation (oops)
Motu Patlu, what the fuck is that even supposed to mean?
Your language sounds like it come from a mumble rap community
No papa, no papa, yes papa, Johnny
Now down all of this sugar and let's throw this fucking party with some-

Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Look at T-Series they just crying for their momma
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
Look at T-Series they just wet in their pajamas
Bitch, lasagna
Bitch, lasagna
T-Series ain't nothing but a bitch, lasagna

You got a population of 1.32 billion
But most your videos can't seem to hit even a million

The Avengers 4 trailer just dropped... and tbh... it feels very empty :/
Fortnite and 2017 memes. That's exactly what I expected the 2018 YouTube rewind to be. YouTube, whyyyy
Everyone, I am very sorry that I acted like a dick during this week. I hope y’all can forgive me. You’re not obligated tho.
I won't leave the fandom. I just need time to get my brain cells back in place!
Kev. You're so awesome but I think you've taken it too far. Nothing personal.
There are too many people you can't trust here.
  • "Many fans have wondered if this is a true pairing because Stan and Wendy never kissed together and only Wendy has done so. Trey Parker has responded in one interview that Stan and Wendy kissed multiple times, when asked "Did Stan and Wendy ever kiss?" Trey has even said that "they had sex but you didn't see it." Matt Stone stated that he could remember an episode where Cartman, Kenny, and Kyle were at the bus stop and that they could be seen behind a tree. This is a joke though, as Stone also said that "If you're dumb enough to look, you deserve to lose that much of your life"." - South Park Fanon wiki
I told you guys rule 63 is more and more trending ;) 
Genderbent by MattTheRattSP
Solo and Star Wars Resistance are good.
Star Wars The Clone Wars (2008-2013) is meh.
I'm fed up to hear people saying "You can't say that Ariana Grande is a b*tch, she got attacked by terrorists!" DUDE, AND SO WHAT?? I feel sorry for her after this attack, believe me. No singer would deserve to be attacked by terrorists. But this shouldn't remove my right to think that she is an absolute bitchy jerk!
Wendy's room (free to use but credit)
Taken from "Breast cancer show ever"

Oh and, about that poster in the background, I think I went to see a Cirque du Soleil show once.
The real smurf killer isn't Wendy Testaburger.

It's Raja Gosnell.
Dare Martina 2
:iconterra854: And she seems to enjoy :3 The partition is actually "Funiculi, Funicula", aka Spider-Man's pizza theme.
Dear politicians, at every debate ever, you are here for 2h30 to discuss various and varied topics, most of them revolving around the same central axis: economic growth.

All right, perfect, but now, if you don't mind, let's talk about the oil gas and fossil energy stocks that took 350 million years to build up and which more than half of the total stock has been used up by you, me, us, in just a little century! 

Let's talk about our sumptuous landscapes and fertile lands that are gradually giving way to dead lands, chemical monocultures, and deserts of Python!

Let's talk about our food, our air, and our water, considered as symbols of life on earth and yet killing tens, hundreds, even thousands of people every year in France!

Let's talk about our waste, this legacy that is poisoned and has been forcibly bequeathed to future generations and of which no one knows what to do!

Why what you present to us as progress is only a cult of growth and productivism? Why you always despise, or even worse, ignore history, its teaching, long-term thinking, anti-individualism, tradition? As if our common future depended on a single choice; either on a wonderful modernism that mixes joy and happiness, or on a terrible return to the Middle Ages that mixes sadness and unhappiness. Is it only allowed to attract a world in which we will learn to live again, like before, with the technological advances of tomorrow?

Whatever you say, our planet remains a finished universe in which infinite economic growth is inconceivable! An observation that is easy to understand and full of common sense!

But cowards as you are, you prefer to bury your head in the sand, constantly deferring the irrefutable consequences of such a way of life to the next generation!

Except, ladies and gentlemen, this famous generation has already arrived!




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