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Aikido: Teaching people to defend against attacks that no mugger would ever use, even if he had a weapon.
American Karate: A fusion of Karate and Taekwondo. Basically a combination of daycare and acrobatics.
American Kenpo: The art of turning your hands into miniguns.
Archery: Remember: you've got nobody to blame but yourself when you're kid impales his skull with the arrows you leave around the house! Haw!
Arnis: Practicing Eskrima in a friendly nonviolent way with your partner and beating the piss out of your enemy when he's on the street.
Baguazhang: Meditating by playing Ring Around the Rosie in a variety of weird stances.
Bak Mei Pai: A secretive art that teaches you some effective techniques in exchange for being forbidden to learn most other Chinese styles.
Boxing: Going the distance. Just don't overcook the steak!
Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu: When two alphas battle for dominance. Has been seen on the Discovery Channel, but it should be put on N
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Anyone who loves or is in any form of martial arts should join this group! We spread our love for this violent yet graceful form of art. You can add any form of art here that has to do with martial arts.
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Welcome! Invite your friends, add art, express your martial art and spread it with the world! :)


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Katy Perry ambushed by male boxers 6 by JamieCloughComics
DWOAH: Jack Hanma vs Kure RaianDeadliest warriors of all historyJack Hanma vs Kure RaianBlack sheep of the strongest bloodlines Jack Hanma info:Height: 7 foot 11Weight: 443lbsWeapons: Bare Hands, Titanium TeethStrengths: Alongside Baki Jack is the second most famous and second most powerful of Yujiro Hanma’s untold amount of children, Superhuman strength (Through extreme training, steroid abuse and surgical augmentation Jack has achieved feats of strength far beyond what a peak human can do, Uppercut Sergio so hard it sent him spiralling multiple times and knocked him out, Casually threw a weight set which was used to set the world record for deadlifting, Easily killed a 30 foot tall Grizzly Bear with his Bare Hands, Shattered Baki’s arm in their first fight, His muscles are so dense that Kureha broke his fingers just trying to grab his arm, His bite force is so great he can break through bone with ease and tied a nail into a knot through the sheer power of his Teeth and tongue alone), Superhuman durability (Through extreme training, steroid abuse and surgical augmentation Jack has achieved feats of durability far beyond what a peak human can do, No sold a kick to the neck from Baki, Was unaffected by Gouki stomping full force on this throat, Tanked dozens of blows from Sikorsky), Superhuman stamina (Practised with a punching bag for 12 hours straight during his initial training, His training methods were deemed so intense it was nicknamed the ‘30 hour training day paradox’), Hypersonic speeds (Overwhelmed Baki in their first fight, Is faster than the likes of Matobe), Immense pain tolerance (Doesn’t react to having his bones broken, The skin of his lower face being ripped off or taking an explosion to the face), Is theorised to possess the ‘Demon Brain’ as he can see into his opponents body and see their nervous system, Is one of the most skilled and powerful Martial Artists of the Baki universe.Weaknesses: Is extremely overconfident in his strength and abilities, Is completely obsessed with his goal to kill his father and avenge his mother which can cloud his judgement (Challenged Yujiro mere hours after losing to Baki).Kure Raidan info: Height: 6 foot 2Weight: 207lbsWeapon: Bare Hands Strengths: As Tokita Ohma’s ‘rival’ and most powerful member of the Kure Clan Raian is one of the most powerful fighters of the Kengen series, Superhuman strength (Is considered to be far stronger than any other Kure Clan member, Overwhelmed Tokita Ohma in their original fight, Broke free from Ohma’s headlock from sheer neck strength, Ripped a man in half vertically, Can use his technique ‘Removal’ to turn off the human brains inhibitors to allow full use of his bodies strength), Superhuman durability (Is easily the most durable of the Kure Clan, Tanks hits from Tokita Ohma who can crater stone with his punches, His muscles are so dense it’s nigh impossible to stab him, Outright ignores being shot with a Crossbow, His technique ‘Removal’ only further enhances his durability), Supersonic speed (Speed blitzes most fighters of the Kengen series, Can easily keep up with Tokita Ohma, Called Mikazuchi Rei ‘slower than a Fly’ when Rei is one of the series’ fastest characters), Was essentially born via eugenics as the Kure Clan only sired children via the strongest fighters to be bred specifically for battle.Weaknesses: Prefers to fight through sheer brutality and force over skill and despite having mastered all of the martial arts taught to Kure Clan members he admits to being extremely rusty with them, He cannot maintain ‘Removal’ for long periods of time as it drains him of huge amounts of his stamina, Is exceedingly arrogant and self confident in his own strength.Battle begin!The air was practically electric as the crowd cheered for the final round of the newest Annihilation Tournament, the announcer woman standing in the middle of the area as she prepared to announce the fight “LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! Are you ready for the final round of Annihilation?!” she called out to which the crowd roared in response “for the final bout it’s a battle of two human Monsters! Standing at six foot two inches and two hundred and seven pounds we have the Demon of the Kure Clan! The Devil himself! KURRRREEEE RAAAAIIIAAAANNNN!!!”.As the announcer declared the first Fighter the screen above his entrance lit up with the image of Kure Raian with his physical stats, fireworks going off at either side of the down whilst blaring rock music sounded as Raian made his entrance, the Assassin marching out onto the arena ground, his shoulders slouched and his arms hanging showing utter relaxation and almost uncaringness which betrayed the almost unnatural malicious grin on his face which exuded absolute bloodlust. “And now for his opponent! Standing at a staggering seven foot eleven inches and weighing a whopping four hundred forty three pounds we have one of the great Yujiro Hanma’s many sons! The cannibal cyborg! Yujiro’s bastard son! JACK HAAAANNNMMAAAAA!!!!!”.On the other side of the arena fireworks detonated at either side of the other entrance as thunderous metal music sounded and from within the darkness of the entrance Jack came marching out, the ground seeming to shake with the sheer force of his steps as he emerged from the darkness like some kind of monster.As the two fighters approached each other and the announcer woman stepped back Raian dropped into a squat, pouncing on the balls of his feet as he sneered up at Jack “you ready to get fucked up?” he cackled mockingly to which Jack just grinned down at him, his metallic teeth shining under the powerful arena floodlights.“Confident little shit aren’t you? Maybe you’ll be worth my time” Jack sneered back before both Fighters backed away from each other by the referee's instructions.“Fighters ready?! Aaaaannndddd BEGIN!!!” the announcer lady then declared to which Raian made the first move, shooting forward faster than the eye could follow to slam his Fist straight to Jack’s face “Raian lands the first crushing blow!”.Borderline rebounding off of Jack’s face Raian then went on a vicious assault, landing punch after punch all over the towering man’s body as Jack just stood there taking it, every punch creating a small shockwave that echoed through the entire stadium “what a flurry of brutal hits! And Jack is just doing nothing to stop them! Did the first punch knock him clean out?!” the announcer exclaimed to which the referee ran forward to call Raian off to check on her claim.Before he could however Jack’s hand shot up to catch Raian’s Fist before he could land another blow on his face, the Hanma then shifting his jaw from side to side whilst rubbing it with his free hand as he held Raian’s Fist firmly “not bad, I nearly felt a couple of those”.“You motherfu…” Raian growled before he was suddenly cut off by a sudden colossal pain to his jaw, feeling like a train had ran over his head as suddenly everything was spinning so fast he couldn’t tell what was up or down, Jack having uppercutted the Assassin so hard that it lifted him off of his feet and sent him cartwheeling a couple of feet off of the ground for a few seconds before he landed again, his eyes spinning for a moment as his brain slowly rattled to a stop in his skull “...cker”.As the world stopped spinning finally Raian’s eyes widened as Jack’s Fist then met his face in a crushing haymaker, the impact loud enough to echo throughout the entire stadium as the Assassin was sent back by the punch, Raian flipping backwards from the hit and stopping himself by landing on his hands and feet as blood poured from his now shattered nose.“What a crushing hit! What will Raian do now?!” the announcer exclaimed as Raian picked himself up, a sinister grin gracing his features as he wiped the blood from his face.“Lucky shot” the Assassin hissed as he then shot forward, darting from side to side as he did so to borderline dance around Jack as the Hanma lowered himself into a grappling stance, his eyes darting around following the Assassin’s movements as Raian then jumped forward aiming for a knee to Jack’s face to which the Hanma shot forward himself, his metallic Teeth shining in the flood lights as he opened his jaws wide for a bite.Before he could bite down upon Raian’s leg the Assassin managed to pivot in the air, narrowly moving his leg out of the way as he then brought his Fist down hard upon the top of Jack’s skull, the hit slamming his mouth shut with both the force and the sound mimicking a car crash as his Teeth slammed together.Landing deftly next to Jack as the larger man lurched forward from the blow to his head Raian then delivered a punishing blow to the side of Jack’s neck, putting enough force behind the punch that it would have outright ripped the head off of a lesser man but with Jack the larger man simply lurched to the side to lessen the impact of the punch before Raian launched his leg upwards to slam his foot to Jack’s throat in a crushing Axe kick, the impact echoing out throughout the arena in a blow that had everyone convinced that the fight was over and Jack was in need of intense immediately medical care for a crushed windpipe.Instead of Jack collapsing unconscious or worse however Raian felt a searing pain in his ankle, the Assassin finding that his kick had only acted to dislocate his ankle as Jack moved back completely unphased by the blow to his throat.“You bastard!” Raian snarled ignoring the pain in his ankle as he slammed his foot to the floor to relocate it, the Assassin rushing forward again to deliver another flurry of punches to which Jack grinned near feral-ly and did the same, both Fighters throwing everything they had into their punches, neither blocking as they tanked every single hit the other landed, every blow causing a small shockwave on their body as the ground beneath them began to steadily shake.“Oh my god! The sheer power of these Fighters is shaking the very foundations of the arena! Just how far can these two go?!” the announcer cried out as a bloodthirsty aura began to emit from Raian’s body, his skin steadily turning a royal purple as he emitted an aura of pure bloodthirst and murderous intent, his muscles swelling and densening as his punches got more and more force behind them steadily pushing Jack back as he tapped into the ancient Kure art of Removal, turning off his brains inhibitor allowing him to use every since ounce of power his body possessed.With Raian landing more and more force into his punches Jack was forced onto the defensive, forced to stop his own punches to raise his arms in a defensive stance whilst Raian just kept throwing his Fists, no technique, no skill, just raw brutal animalistic power.Despite this however Jack’s body showed barely any signs of damage, his impossibly dense muscles and metal bones allowing him to tank everything Raian sent at him with minimal bruising, the Assassin seeming to notice this as he then switched up his attack strategy, dashing behind Jack and jumping onto his back to wrap his arms around his neck in a crushing headlock.“That’s it you son of a bitch, try to breathe now!” he sneered in Jack’s ear as he applied crushing pressure to Jack’s throat, aiming to choke him out or outright snap his neck only for the larger man to calmly reach up to grab hold of Raian’s forearm, slowly pulling it away from his throat before baring his metallic Teeth again.Before Raian could reach Jack clamped his Teeth down upon his forearm making the Assassin’s eyes widen with pain as his flesh and muscle were torn through with total ease, Jack tearing off a huge chunk of his arm making Raian cry out in pain and shock before the Hanma proceeded to throw him over his shoulder and slam him to the floor hard enough to shake the entire arena.Grabbing the Assassin by the ankle Jack then dragged him up before starting to throw him around like a rag doll, slamming him to the floor repeatedly before launching him across the arena making him hit the wall with enough force to crater it.Rebounding off of the wall Raian fought through the pain in his arm and spine to launch himself straight on the offensive again, slamming his foot to the floor hard enough to crack it before leaping upwards, his blood streaming through the air as he readied his Fist, aiming for Jack’s jaw to shatter it as the Hanma readied himself by opening his mouth wide ready for the punch.When Raian’s Fist met Jack’s mouth it was not the sound of metal Teeth breaking that rang out but that of tearing flesh and shattering bone, time seeming to slow for Raian as he passed by Jack, his eyes wide in shock and pain as he found his wrist to have been reduced to nothing more than a blood spurting stump, Jack having bitten his hand clean off of his arm.“RAIAN’S LOST HIS HAND!!! THE CANNIBAL CYBORG HAS BITTEN IT OFF! HOW CAN THE KURE CLAN DEVIL CONTINUE NOW?!”.With blood pouring from his mouth Jack proceeded to spit out Raian’s severed hand before wiping his mouth clean of the crimson fluid that ran from it, the giant of a man then looking down upon Raian as the Assassin clutched at his bleeding wrist stump “you’re going to bleed out quick, you’ll be in shock in a minute or so if you don’t calm your heart rate” he stated, his Demon Brain allowing him to look straight through Raian’s body to see his circulatory system and pounding heart.“Shut up!” Raian barked back before flailing his wounded arm out at Jack, sending a stream of arterial spray straight into the larger man’s eyes making him grunt as Raian then started to throw wild punches with his remaining hand, the royal purple of his skin fading back to its natural colour as his Removal came to an end, its extended use and gradual blood loss causing Raian to rapidly lose the energy needed to maintain it.Despite being blinded by his opponents blood Jack seemed unperturbed by it, simply tanking the viscous left hooks and jabs from Raian as he reeled his right arm back before throwing it forward with a punch that carried such force and speed that it seemed to ignite the air around his Fist, slamming his Fist to Raian’s face hard enough to send him spinning sideways off of his feet before Jack then threw himself forward with his Teeth bared.More blood spurted into the air as Jack’s Teeth met a far more vital part of Raian’s body, his mouth having clamped down upon Raian’s neck sending the Assassin into a rage and pain filled panic, throwing more wild punches and kicks until Jack grabbed one of Raian’s ankles and pulled HARD.With that the sound of tearing flesh and breaking bone filled the air again as Jack’s extended arm allowed him to pull Raian’s body far enough enough to outright separate it from his neck as the Hanma kept his own head in place, brutally decapitating the Kure Assassin as he then proceeded to spit his head out and raise his headless body high in the air by the ankle like a trophy.“KURE RAIAN HAS BEEN KILLED! JACK HANMA IS THE VICTOR!!!” the announcer cried out as Jack then dropped Raian’s corpse and turned to leave the arena, none of the security personnel moving to stop him for fear of their own lives despite Jack breaking the tournament’s no killing rule.Winner: Jack HanmaOnce again I want to apologise for how long this fight took to write, there has been a lot going on in my personal life that I’ve had to deal with and it's been killing my will to write.But anyway, why does Jack defeat Raian?The reason is fairly simply as when comparing the series of Baki and Kengen it’s plain to see just how much Baki characters overwhelm those from the Kengen series and Jack is no different with Raian, simply taking a massive advantage over his opponent in damn near every category save for possibly speed and combat skill as Raian arguably the more refined Fighter of the two.That however simply doesn’t save the Kure Clan Assassin from Yujiro’s bastard son giving Jack the brutal bloody victory.
Negan Smith vs ZenitsuThe following The walking dead/Demon slayer crossover is a parody; it's non-canon.Zenitsu Agatsuma and his girlfriend Nezuko Kamado are together outside their hometown. “I love you so much, Nez.” tenderly says the orange-haired teenager. “Mmm, mmm” replies the pink-eyed young woman with long black hair. They’re holding hands and are walking towards a nearby forest.As they continue their love stroll, a sinister-looking character appears in front of them. “Well, well, what do we have here ?” asks the tall man mostly dressed in black. He’s armed with a baseball bat reinforced with barbed wire and has a mean expression on his bearded face. “What do you want mister ?” mistrustfully asks Zenitsu. “My name is Negan Smith and I hunt zombies for sport; they caused me such sorrow and suffering these past few years. With her pink eyes, your girlfriend just looks like one; Lucille (my bat) can’t wait to feel her touch.” evilly chuckles the belligerent. Nezuko removes her green bamboo muzzle and starts to speak: “Poor… fool ! By interrupt…ing us, you made… a big mistake !” She laughs in a creepy manner and Negan notes that the young woman has sharp teeth. “I am… a demoness, not… a zombie.” adds Nezuko as she unbuttons her kimono, ready to transform into her grown demon form. “Nez, I’ll take care of that prankster: he doesn’t know what surprise he’ll have.” cheerfully whispers Zenitsu to his lover. “What’s going on ?” impatiently asks the armed man, not understanding the situation and willing to attack.The orange-clad teenager advances towards Negan but suddenly, he falls on the grass. “What’s your problem lad ? It’s not the time to sleep.” growls the furious character. After, Zenitsu rises on his feet but his eyes are closed; also his mouth is drooling and now, he’s in his sleepwalker mode. He draws his sword and it becomes electrified; then, he charges towards his enemy. “What the heck ?” mutters Negan as he tries to hit the teenager with Lucille. He misses and Zenitsu is now moving like lightning: with a few sword moves, he chops Negan’s weapon as it was sushi. “No, not Lucille !!! YOU YOUNG CREEPS, YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT !!!” shouts the man. “Told you… so Mister Smith. You made… a very big… mistake by coming… here. If I… were you, I would… return to where… you came. Other…wise we will… kick your ass. Please… don’t come… around here no… more” cackles Nezuko as the panicked Negan looks at the pair with horrified eyes. Then, he decides to run away; Zenitsu just wakes up from his trance and notices that the horrible man disappeared. “I guess he had his lesson…” smiles the lad while Nezuko puts back her muzzle on her mouth. She gives her boyfriend a hug and the latter hugs her back while blushing a little. “We form such a power couple !” tells Zenitsu as Nezuko joyfully acknowledges with a nod.The end
**18+** Beatrix Kiddo vs Elle DriverNote: the following story takes place during the caravan fight in Kill Bill vol. 2. It's an alternate take.Warning: it contains strong language and graphic violence. Read the story at your discretion.Beatrix Kiddo, aka Black Mamba/The Bride, just burst into Budd’s caravan and kicked the surprised Elle Driver’s chest with her feet. “Aren’t you dead slut ?” vociferates the one-eyed assassin as she takes her katana out of her holster. “I’m rather hard to kill, don’t you even know that bitch ?” replies angrily Beatrix as she takes the late Budd’s katana. Both women fight furiously for 2 minutes before Elle stomps Kiddo’s left foot.Beatrix winces but keeps on fighting; she slashes Driver’s left arm and the blonde woman yells in pain. As Black Mamba tries to kick Elle’s face, the latter grabs her opponent’s dirty and bloody shirt and gives her a headbutt. “That hurt you blonde cuntfuck.” hisses the dizzy woman in long, torn jeans while falling on the ground. “Good: you should’ve stayed dead. But you can count on my little scaly friend; he’ll do the job as he did Budd.” laughs Elle Driver as she goes to get her pet snake.The vengeance-driven woman gains back her vision, picks her katana and takes a nearby mug: she hurls it at Elle’s back and the woman with the black patch flinches. Beatrix yells while running towards the other lady and cuts Driver’s right face. Then, in quick succession she attacks the assassin until she drops her weapon.However, Elle takes a ceramic vase and throws it at the dazed Kiddo, who drops her katana. “Let’s see how you are in hand-to-hand combat, you shitty bimbo.” says with a wicked smile the black-clad killer. “Better than you’ll ever be, prepare to die like the others.” shouts The Bride as she kicks her adversary’s left calf. Elle winces and tries to hit Beatrix, who replies with a palm hit on Driver’s nose. “OWWW ! YOU FUGGIN DED U BLUND IDJIOT HORE !” mumbles the woman with the broken snout.Black Mamba hits her opponent’s throat with her fingers and she rips out Elle’s remaining eye. As the blood starts to gush out, the assassin falls on the ground while moving erratically. “YOU FUGGIN BETCH I’LL KEL YA !” yells the woman as Beatrix squishes the dead eye with her foot. After, she kicks the downed woman’s groin and puts her bloody foot on Driver’s bleeding face. “See ? I told you to prepare to die.” growls The Bride while removing Elle’s patch. She forcibly sticks her left big toe inside the eyeless orbit and Elle Driver screams her lungs. “Wait, I’m not finished yet !” says with a big smile Beatrix: she goes in the next piece and hears a hissing. Then, she carefully takes the venomous reptile and throws it towards the agonizing assassin. “Here’s your slithering friend: I’m way better than him, even if we share the same name. I hope you’ll have a nice ride to Hell, Elle Driver !” vociferates Beatrix Kiddo before walking away.She goes to the kitchen and turns on the gas-powered oven. After, Black Mamba exits the caravan and takes an outside propane bottle; she turns the valve, throws it inside and simply walks away on the desert ground. Fifteen seconds later, the mobile home explodes in a million pieces, ending Elle Driver’s life for good.Next stop: Bill.The end
*18+* Diamonds (original fighting/action story)The following story contains strong language, violence and partial nudity.Read it at your discretion.Nikki ‘Diamonds’ Diamandis is a former undefeated UFC fighter. After her retirement, she became an actress in action/fighting movies; the 29 years old woman recently married Steve Christos, her childhood friend. Both grew up in Kelowna, Canada and are currently on their honeymoon in Corto Verde, a small insular country located 24 km east from Belize.“How do you like your stay ?” asks Steve to his wife while both are at a restaurant’s table. “I totally love it, Stevie.” smiles the 6 feet tall, athletic green-eyed woman with dreadlocked, loose red hair. She’s dressed with a black cap, a gray jacket, light blue flare jeans and running shoes; her husband is simply dressed with a white t-shirt, marine blue shorts and brown shoes. “This country is so lovely but the locals look kind of desperate.” tells Steve. “Maybe, but as you say it’s still magnificent: we chose our destination wisely.” replies Nikki. They toast their glasses and after, they eat their delicious meals.Almost half an hour later, Steve tells to Nikki that he must go to the bathroom. “No problem, darling. Take your time !” tells with affection his spouse. Meanwhile, she plays to Candy Land with her cell phone; however time passes and Steve doesn’t show up. “What’s taking him so long ?” asks to herself the worried woman. She gets up from her chair and decides to go in the men’s bathroom; something on the floor catches Nikki’s attention. It’s Steve’s broken cell phone and it looks like there was a brawl. But how come nobody’s reacted and why there wasn’t any screams ? The strong woman find it strange and thinks: “Maybe he was quickly drugged and kidnapped by thugs ?” Diamandis decides to investigate on her own and maybe she’ll be able to locate her missing husband.She asks to every people she sees if they seen anything strange; they all say no and some of them are distrustful towards Nikki. “Shit, what am I gonna do ? I could go to the police but I don’t fluently speak Spanish…” tells with a desperate tone the beautiful woman. Suddenly, a beige convertible car with 4 men inside stops near Nikki and one of the guys tells: “Say señora (madam), are you looking for your husband ?” “Yes, do you know where I could find him please ?” replies the concerned lady with a hopeful smile. “Right here, mamacita (mother) !” answers the same guy, now armed with a pistol. His 3 friends go out of the car and they’re all wielding machetes. “It’s a long way from Kansas, Dorothy !” stupidly giggles a skinny guy dressed in brown. Nikki stays calm as she’s surrounded with the thugs: as one of them swings his weapons towards her, she avoids the blade and in a flash, she seizes his arm. Then, she breaks it, steals his machete and cuts the armed man’s hand. He painfully screams as his chopped member, who still holds the unfired gun, falls on the muddy ground. The 3rd guy vainly tries to wound Nikki; both blades clang and the heroic woman slash the guy’s stomach, who succumbs to the attack. “Fuck her up ! Kill her, kill the motherfucking mujer (woman) !” screams the panicked skinny guy as the guy with the broken arm takes a metal bar out of the car. He clumsily swings his weapon but Diamonds knocks him cold with her weapon’s handle. The remaining man dressed in brown drops his machete and starts to scream like a coward while running away.Nikki decides to pursue him: the loser runs very fast but he’ll be no match for her. He goes into alleys, hops over obstacles and he even runs inside a crowded restaurant, thinking that his chaser will lose him. He’s in the open as he catches his breath: Nikki solidly tackles him on the ground and the man starts to cry. “Don’t kill me please !” sobs the guy. “Who sent you ?” shouts the woman while aggressively gripping his collar. “It’s Ramona Estrada Castillo, aka ‘La Scorpiana’, the biggest drug dealer in Corto Verde. She organized your boyfriend’s kidnapping to gain your attention: she’s your biggest fan and she wants to meet you at all costs.” whines the thug. “Where does that Scorpiana cunt lives ?” growls Diamandis. “She lives up the hill, in the old colonial jail. But beware: it’s surrounded with armed men.” warns the guy. “Thank you for your invaluable help, but now it’s bye-bye time for you honcho !” tells the red-haired woman as she puts his enemy to sleep with a right hook. “Hey, you’re messing with my friend.” says an incoming big guy with a thick mustache and brown hair. He hustles Nikki and she angrily replies: “I’m not in my fucking mood; if you value your life, please remove your greasy paws from me.” “Fuck your mood, perra (bitch)” tells the fat man while hustling again the enraged woman. She punches his stomach so hard that he falls like a pillow on the ground. “Jeez, what are you made of ? Marshmallow ?” speaks Diamonds while the fallen guy’s friends look at her with amazed eyes.An hour passes and Nikki is now near the derelict prison where his husband is probably captive. She notices a few guys patrolling the brown and yellow building and one of them is smoking a cigarette in an isolated spot. She treads carefully and manages to sneak behind him; she does a chokehold and with her strength, the athletic woman breaks his neck. Then, she steals both his MP-40 submachine gun and his munitions belt; after, she gets rid of the body by dumping it in the Atlantic Ocean. “I just hope that inside, there won’t be an army…” thinks Nikki. She goes through the jail’s entrance but she’s quickly spotted; the mercenaries begin to fire at her. She evades the bullets and retaliates by skilfully shooting them: Diamonds loves firearms and practiced a lot for her acting career. The soldiers fall on the ground as other thugs come towards the intruder. She shootdodges her foes and again, they tumble like a house of cards. “Whew, if I hadn’t trained properly I’d be already dead.” mutters Nikki. She opens a door and goes inside the dilapidated prison.The interior is lighted with torches and the resilient woman goes up a stair made of stone. The inside looks almost empty but as she reaches the stair’s end, she sees a throne with a skinny woman on it. “Bravo Nikki ‘Diamonds’ Diamandis, you managed to vanquish my men. As you can see, your marido (husband) is inside the cage next to me.” laughs the lady, who’s dressed with a red shirt, kaki pants, high black boots and an eye patch decorated with a golden scorpion. Nikki notes that Steve looks wounded and queries while pointing her gun at the other woman: “What did you do to him, slut ?” “Oh, I tortured him for fun with a hot tinsel.” snickers La Scorpiana. Diamonds’s eyes fills with tears and the drug baroness tells: “Let me cut you a deal: if you beat me in hand combat, I’ll let you both live but if you lose, you both die. Deal ?” The well-built woman looks with utter disgust at La Scorpiana, who evilly smiles, and accepts her proposal. The emaciated lady puts a pair of fighting gloves, ties her hair and asks to Nikki: “You don’t put gloves ?” “I won’t need gloves to smash your cyclopean face. By the way, as my ‘biggest fan’ didn’t you notice that I never wore shoes while fighting an opponent ?” asks the former champion as she removes her jacket, cap and shoes while also tying her dreadlocked hair. Nikki now wears a bright orange tank top and on her belly, she has a jade dragon tattoo which spits fire upwards her breasts. “Ooohhh ! I so love your ink, sexy lady. Let me show you mine !” cackles Ramona as she removes her shirt. Estrada Castillo’s black tank top and various tattoos on her chest are unveiled, which leaves Diamandis unimpressed. “Let’s begin, shall we ?” asks with impatience the tall, muscled lady. “As you wish, querida (darling) !” laughs the baroness while winking at Nikki.La Scorpiana jumps like an enraged jaguar at her opponent’s neck but Diamonds hits her stomach with a powerful knee hit. Ramona lets go but hits Nikki’s left eye with a powerful hook. Then, the thin lady tackles the dazed Diamonds on the ground and furiously jumps on her chest. After, she wraps her legs around Nikki’s throat while repeatedly punching her opponent’s chest and face. “Face it tigresa (tigress); you’ll lose.” hisses the crazed woman as she tears her foe’s tank top. The choking, bare-chested woman forms a knife with her right hand and with all her might, she hits La Scorpiana’s solar plexus. The evil woman falls by behind and Diamandis’s eyes are full of fire as shown on her breasts. The red-haired lady jumps on her bare feet and she forcefully kicks Ramona’s face. The latter loses a few teeth and spits blood; Nikki seizes the occasion to hit her foe with a landing right knee hit. Estrada Castillo’s nose is now broken and she vainly tries to slash the other woman’s throat with her sharp fingernails. Diamandis catches her right forearm and breaks it. La Scorpiana screams and Nikki violently smashes her head on the ground. “You’re gonna fucking pay for what you did to us !” yells the enraged lady as she rips Ramona’s eye patch. Then, she sticks her left thumb inside the empty orbit: The baroness’s mouth is broken and she tries to scream. Diamonds delivers the coup de grâce (killing blow) by doing a chokehold. “Say goodnight Gracie !” hisses the victorious woman as she snaps Ramona Estrada Castillo’s neck. Nikki sees a keyring hooked on the deceased lady’s belt; she takes it and opens Steve’s cage. Diamandis bursts in tears as she hugs her husband. “Are you all right, darling ?” asks the crying woman with the banged up face. “I’m fine Nikki; I’m more solid than you think.” weakly chuckles the freed man. He consoles his wife while putting his head on her breasts and she calms down. “Sorry for my crying: it’s very rare that it happens but I was so concerned with your disappearance. I love you so much Steve; that fucking evil, skinny slut paid dearly for her doings.” tells Nikki. Christos removes his t-shirt and gives it to his spouse, who thanks him. “I’ve had enough of staying in this country, let’s return to our hotel and then go to the airport.” proposes the man. “I agree with you; let’s go home.” replies Nikki as she deeply kisses her husband.The end
Capoeira Kick by njgp
Tiger by njgp

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