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December 5, 2021
(...) by MartenHoyle
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Yes. Ah! Stay in my heart forever

Forever, though you loved me never.

Blind as I was, I saw such sights in you

Such sights to my heart seemed true

As the very flesh that I may strip clear

With what sorrows have brought me here:

Mere bones, stripped with sights that you may look into

The void that is the depths my soul beheld in you.

Now I say in parting what you never said to me,

“I love you. I love you and hunger for the world to see

The light that walks between my soul and yours,

The tide that binds our separate shores.

Your sweet face! My heart needs must tell

That sweetest is the ground whereon we dwell.’

And I weep, for such words now bring me woe,

For never will such tidings from thee flow,

And I lay my bones in payment of this debt,

And this token I know you as well shall forget.

Forever. Be in my heart forever and anon

Never mine! Never mine! And now gone

The sweetest treasure that ever I did hold

All of ruby lightning and flowers of gold

Is but a tale of sorrow and forbidden lore

That I recite to love thee, to love thee more.

© 2021 Marten Hoyle

© 2021 - 2022 MartenHoyle
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The book which features this poem is now available on Amazon as a Kindle eBook and in paperback. Here is the link if anyone is interested.

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Wow, so beautiful, the way you write. The subject matter. Total congratulations on your DD feature! Fantastic work. :clap:

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Thank you so much. I truly appreciate your kind words. It really is an honor to be featured.

All that is lost lives in the “deep heart’s core” forever. Beautiful poem, Marten. ❤️

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Lovely words of devotion to embrace the fleeting lover. <3 Heartfelt pressure.

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Thank you very much. I am honored by your correspondence.

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Beautiful work! :love: Congrats on your much Deserved, DD!!! :clap:

For My Personal Use Only
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Thank you very kindly for your words (and lovely gif). It truly is an honor to be featured.

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Thank you. I appreciate your kindness. Thank you for reading.

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