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Marten Ferret
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My Bio

1. I do not accept requests (though I infrequently make gift art)

2. I do not RP

3. I do not have Discord, Skype, etc.

4. I do not do faves or give watch-backs

5. I do not join groups/clubs, etc., or subscribe to YT channels

  1. Who am I?

I'm MartenFerret: cartooner and professional weasel. =^..^=

Age: I was alive and kicking when New Coke was a thing Gender: M Orientation: hetero-romantic; non-/asexual Beliefs: non-fundamentalist Christian

Quotes: 1. I can't draw, either, but that's never stopped me. 2. I'd rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. 3. My life is my prayer. 4. God doesn't fly planes into buildings---religion does. 5. "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do" Luke 23:34

  1. What do I do here?

I use this site as one might use a refrigerator door: to stick my sketches and scribbles onto.

  1. What's my art about?

Some of my art has symbolic significances to me, albeit it's more accurate to say my OCs (more so than the art they appear in) are the symbols/incarnations of my thoughts, ideals and perceptions of self.

  1. Why do I draw so often on math/notebook paper?

It's my subtle way of acknowledging my art is of little (external) value. Moreover, the ruled paper reflects the scribbly-scratchy, impromptu/subconscious nature of my line art, as a sort of complimentary element.

...boy, that was a lot of adjectives!

  1. Am I a furry?

Yes. Funny-animal characters are fun to draw and may even be preferable over humans in certain scenarios (esp. for storytelling). Animal characters are also comforting and less likely to be judgmental/be judged (like a teddy bear). Hence, I find funny-animals easier to communicate through/with than human characters.

  1. What is the general theme/flavor of my art?

Cute, cuddlesome and puppy-lovey (with a slight edge). My art isn't overly sexual (and never will be).

That's about it. :3