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Noble House Arrakash


Arrakash, lords by the grace of the stellar pantheon, paladins of the Starlight Banner all throughout the silence of the Eon Dream – for untold centuries their light has shone unyielding against the darkness of oblivion. Where old enemies and allies fell, the noble house stood strong, side by side with the defenders of the empire's last remaining memory.

The exile lasted long enough. Far from the heartland domains, far from the worlds and stars they knew, generations of the noble House rose and fell, serving the fate of a distant future. Throughout the age, House Arrakash did not lose itself, not to the ravages of time, fantasies of short-lived grandeur, nor the inevitability of entropy. The light of the stars was preserved, the memory carried on. And now, that the dawn of a new age has come, the noble House stands ready to retake its place in history.

From the Iron Continents rises an armada of white and gold, hymns of the distant past recall the glory of the coming age. The Starlight banner has been raised once more, the order given to depart. The house will leave its resting place by Tawhandoa, and make the great journey back to the living heavens for the returning reign of suns.

Living Heavens - original project by Martechi
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