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Cambrian Machinis Arc

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To vanquish the enemy with the cobalt lightning scorn of the Omnissiah is the foremost duty of these war machines, pinnacle of arc weaponry of the legiones Cambria. Uniquely deployed in combined formation, the Arc Funditore and Arc Aranea shape the battlefield like few other forces, sending down upon the enemy a storm of lightning fire, which can disable and destroy machinery and flesh alike. 

*** Arc Funditore ***
The core unit of the Machinis Arc is the Funditore Dunecrawle, an imposing machine and arc energy generator, which unleashes a lightning storm upon the enemy. Due to the immense energies channeled through this machine, no ordinary crew can survive on its inside. Thus, it is remotely operated and controlled by servitors strapped in the inside, which are regularly burnt out and have to be renewed. 

*** Arc Aranea ***
Working in conjunction with the Funditore are the Arc Aranea swarms. By the dozen, these small machines swarm enemy formations to extend the reach of arc lightning, allowing the Funditore to reek destruction deep within enemy lines. On their own, the Aranea are barely more than walking capacitors and catalysts, but they do still present mortal danger to any infantry coming across their way. 

Warhammer 40k fanart. 
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AncientSionHobbyist Digital Artist
It kind of reminds of Tyranids formations with either Spore Mines or Ripper Swarms to act as secondary units.
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MartechiHobbyist Digital Artist
The idea is similar, yes! 
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WynterLegendProfessional General Artist
I would actually like to employ stuff like this in a battle. Neat design too
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MartechiHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks! I am trying to play around with some ideas I got when reading about the different tech the Mechanicus has to offer. Of course we can't have endless variants of miniatures, but I always liked to imagine that the factions of 40k have all kinds of different other units at their disposal - just to explore more fun ideas to bring death and destruction to the grim dark future!