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The Fate of Narn (Chon-kar II)
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Myriadenburg Sleeps (Aether III)
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Reimagining the Klingon Fleet (Star Trek Eclipse)
It's time for me to dive back into Star Trek again after some absence. And the first step was to redo the design sheets for my old Klingon vessels (Discovery-to-TMP-style)! So, to honor the Klingon Empire once again, here they are, all pretty with new backgrounds and Klingon titles: More vessels are to come - and I will be open to some suggestions in the comments. Old Fasa designs, personal ideas, rough sketches, everything is welcome, nothing is guaranteed to be made into an artwork here! Qapla'!
Homesteads of Panhumanity (Heliopolis)
The "Homesteads of Panhumanity" collection is done - a broad showcase of all major types of settlements found in the setting of Heliopolis. Alongside the "Fundamentals of Panhumanity" collection, which is currently in the works, I hope this series will provide a rough introduction to the general style and atmosphere of this universe. These are the stages where the great plays and stories of this world take place. You can read a detailed worldbuilding codex entry on all of these pictures here:
One Thousand Watchers!
To celebrate one thousand watchers, here are one thousand assembled officers, voidsmen, deckhands, serfs and servitors!  It's been great fun sharing artworks for so many different sci fi franchises here and to have discussions about all sorts of lore in comment sections. So, thank you all for participating and enjoying these projects! Apart from thanking everybody for their time and interested in my art, it's also a great opportunity to utilize the Androktasiai Crew assets and to visualize the sheer scale of 40k starship crews.  With the Androktasiai Crew Roster nearly done  (the last individual ranks will be posted soon), I hope to put some story-driven series into motion, namely the already announced Brass & Iron story series and a story set in the Heliopolis universe.  Work will continue on ship designs and lore for both Space Battleship Yamato and Babylon 5. I hope to bring the Heliopolis Habitat series to an end relatively soon and have it replaced with the "Fundamentals of


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Thanks for the fave (Of my comment)!
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i don't remember if i have asked this before but, which of the fanmade regiments do you think would get along the best and along the worst?
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How is the crusade of Brass and Iron going so far for Cambria and its allied forces serving the Omnissiah and Emperor?
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MartechiHobbyist Digital Artist

Well, as you might be able to tell by the last Brass and Iron Prologue text and image, the Beacon has just been halted - at least temporarily, above the Black Hole of Event Horizon. Trapped there, it gives the Sector a bit of time to gather forces.

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Let's just hope that they don't get too close to the event horizon. Once you're in there, you're not getting out. But i wonder who is gonna arrive first to assist them?
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Could you try just a few Halo ship concepts, just for a change, you've been making so much 40K stuff, a change of pace would be nice, maybe some Ancient Human Ship Concepts?
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MartechiHobbyist Digital Artist

Well, I've been doing a lot of 40k stuff, yes. But instead of classic navy designs, I now try myself at more Mechanicus Style vessels, and instead of pure codex work, I've begun story scenes on a whole new scale, which is a change of pace for me.

Of course, then there are also Spacebattleship Yamato fighters, something I have never done before, and the Babylon 5 ISAF ships & scenes, which are unlike all the League ships from before.

Not to speak of the Perry Rhodan designs, which I used as a way to explore a whole new way of creating spherical spaceships.

If any of these things do get boring at some point, I also have three entirely different universes with very interesting designs I always wanted to add to my gallery here, with some artworks already done.

All of this is to say:

I am aware of what I am doing and how much of it I'm doing. And I'm also aware of long standing requests like yours for ancient human halo designs. And, as I've done all the times before, I can give you the same answer: I might very well get to it eventually.

But it won't happen any faster if the question is asked over and over again. I don't have a fixed schedule, but I do have plans of my own.