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Welcome to my Space Opera House! I'm a storytelling and sci-fi enthusiast, trying myself at stories and artworks in all sorts of settings and universes related to the future of humanity. Especially fond of lovecraft's cosmic horror, imaginative dystopia, science-inspired mysticism and the grand scale of futurism, I try to incorporate all those things in my works.

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Adam Burn
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Alien, Dark Planet, Dark City
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Babylon 5, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Enterprise, Defiance, Space Battleship Yamato 2199, Legend of Galactic Heroes
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Dan Simmons, Walter Moers, Ian M. Banks, Dan Abnett, Guy Haley, Sergej Lukianenko, Alastair Reynolds, Evan Currie
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It's been a little while since I've done something like this, but I do like to keep people involved. So, let's start this year off with a bit of participation: Suggest your Star Wars Spaceship! Whether it's the backstory of your OC X-Wing or an entirely new design for a CIS dreadnought you came up with - feel free to pitch your idea in the comments below for a chance to see it rendered in 3D! All ideas are welcome: Any faction, any class, any era. The conditions are simple: The idea should be your own and there should be something distinct about your ship that makes it stand out - be it in its lore or design. If you've got a ship in mind, write and show as much as you can - let's see what great things we can put together! Once the suggestions here close, I'll be contacting the winner and we can work together to bring your ship to life. Obviously, you'll be involved throughout the process and credited as the creator of the design and story. Depending on how much time I'll have
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This was an exciting year for my creative projects! I've shifted from 2D pixelart to 3D modelling, got to introduce a bunch of new original and fanart projects, and I created my longest artwork series yet in the Brass and Iron Crusade Impressions! All in all, I'm very happy with how things have turned out. That said, as usual, most plans didn't really come together as expected. For next year, I hope to shift the focus a little more toward original projects. While I still want to continue with all kinds of fanart, I hope an original format will take the place of the Crusade Impressions. We'll see! Until then, I hope everybody gets through those last few days of 2020!
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My second iteration of 3D Warhammer 40k ship designs is a bit of an experiment: Lots of smaller guns instead of a few very big ones! As much as I love the imperial designs of Battlefleet Gothic, I was never a fan of their weaponry. Simply making the them "real big guns" and then sticking half a dozen of them on there kind of diminishes the sense of scale on these vessels. Plus, I can't say I find the ever-the-same batteries of Macro Cannons particularly interesting to look at. Because of this, I'll base these new designs less on BFG and moreso on the descriptions of imperial warships in various novels. This means mostly: Lots of guns, and many variations of them. Similar to the introduction of Megastructures in Sector Gondwana, while this is a deviation from canon, it's more of a cosmetic change and I assume it equally for all factions so that the power balance of the universe at large remains the same. In most settings I'm not a huge fan of just sticking ridiculous amounts of
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There's a Discord server now called ancient-humanity-au, here's a link: ancient-humanity-au ( it is dedicated to the discussion of the AHE, the showing of art, making of fanfiction, and the videos on Ancient Humans from Halo, so please join us and contribute to this new community.

Whatever happened to Unbound? I absolutely adore this concept. Reminds me very much of Homeworld, especially DoK, which I like very much.

I also recently saw your Sapient Stars content, and I really like your kinda unconventional scifi worlds.

Nothing bad happened to it, I'm just not currently working on anything big there. I've created all these original projects to pour a certain kind of scifi-mood into, whatever I'm most interested in at the moment. All of them are unconventional in one way or another. At the moment, it just happens to be Terran Mandate that's on top, but that's not to say Sapient Stars or Unbound will eventually get their own continuation as well.

Particularly with Unbound, though, I felt like a lot of the interesting elements were focused on the planet itself, less the actual space-setting I originally intended it to be. So a lot of that mood got transferred to Terran Mandate, where I'm currently working on a more detailed alien Homeworld with its own concepts of being part of a larger galactic scheme, experiencing rapid changes to their world and culture, etc. From my perspective, a lot of the Unbound ideas live on in that way, even though there's a new name slapped on top of it now

I may have thought of some more lore for the Marlins when it comes to their armoury, vehicles and starships if you're interested in hearing it.

I just got a question regarding the lore of Sector Gondwana. Have you thought about its history during the Great Crusade/the Horus Heresy? I'd love to know what Legions and/or other Imperial forces were active there; that would make for a fascinating tale given the wonders of the place.

Also, I would be interested in learning about Ediacara and the secrets behind its stars of haunted gold.

Sector Gondwana is far to out-of-the-way and unimportant to warrant a visit by any of the legions, so it would've been listed to be conquered by one of the countless offshoots of the Great Crusade, by conventional imperial forces. The first expeditions arrived pretty late in the game, with a pretty major mechanicus presence leading the charge. They established the first imperial strongholds alongside regular troops, and prepared staging grounds for a decisive strike.

However, the actual conquest of Sector Gondwana never came - the imperial fleets dedicated to that cause were re-directed with the outbreak of the Horus Heresy. Some of those staging grounds are still around, left untouched since that time.

This is the reason only Subsector Cambria is realy in firm imperial hand, and even there some regions are uncharted. Gondwana proper was never fully conquered.