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Limes Gondwana

Our Emperor, who art set upon the eternal throne of Holy Terra, protect our soul, so that we may retain our humanity and yet not avert our eyes from the abyss of the Immaterium. For we stand watch over these worlds in your name, and for the sake of the souls of your children among the stars. We are weak on our own, but through your will, Holy Emperor, our watch will prevail. And no evil shall pass our guard, no demon touch those worlds blessed by your grace.

- from the Oath of Watchmen upon the Limes Gondwana

On the precipice of the Thetys Rift lie the many thousand forts and watchtowers of the Limes Gondwana, the single largest defensive line of all of Sector Gondwana. These are the walls against which the hordes of the Immaterium break, where the fate of trillions is decided with every loss and victory.


Through systems and interstellar space, the bulwark of the Imperium spans many dozen light years, all along the vast abyss of the Immaterium. To the galactic north, it ends in the fierce clouds of the Glacial Nebula, which not even the chaos fleets can navigate. To the galactic south and west, the Limes reaches beyond even the Erinnyenmere and to the spiral gulf between Subsectors Cambria and Ordovicia, where pandemonium of Chaos reigns. 


The Limes is structured in tiers of entrenchment. Highest among these is the First Castellum Mongotiacum, the ancient citadel deep in the Glacial Nebula. It commands directly, the major Castra along the Limes line. 

Major Castra

Of these, there are four: Rifersceith, Syburg, and Bilstein. Each Major Castellum, alongside Mongotiacum, serves as home port to one of the Castellum Fleets, and a standing regiment of the Imperial Guard. The Prefect of each Castellum, also titled "First Watchman", bears responsibility for their part of the Limes Gondwana, including the command of several dozen Minor Castra and Star Forts, as well as planetary outposts and the massive number of watchtowers, listening posts, and relay stations. 

In the event of a chaos invasion, it is the foremost duty of each Major Castellum, to alert immediately the entire sector and hold off the enemy at all costs, until a counteroffensive can be mounted. 

Castellum Fleets

The fleets of the Major Castra are sent to the Limes Gondwana directly at the behest of the Imperial Navy and likewise report directly to the High Admiral of "Battlefleet Gondwana", even though said Battlefleet does exist only nominally. Most importantly, the Castellum Fleets are thus freed of any accountability toward the Triumvirate Worlds and their schemings, acting solely to protect the borders of the Imperium. For the same reason, they will neither interfere in internal conflict nor incursions other than those of the Thetys Rift. Exceptions to this rule have been known in the Sector's History, but only when such orders were given directly after pleads to the High Admiral himself. 

Regiments of the Limes Gondwana

Like the Castellum Fleets, the Imperial Guard Regiments of Limes Gondwana are not those raised from within the Sector but sent from worlds elsewhere in the Imperium. Even though they have been stationed for centuries in these constellations, they do not mingle among the worlds of Subsector Cambria, and never come into contact with them, safe for mandatory drafts from the populace of Gondwana, to retain diversity in the gene pool of the Regiments for the purpose of breeding new generations. 

Since they have been stationed often in the fifth or sixth Generation since initial deployment, the Limes Regiments have come to resemble neither any force from within Sector Gondwana nor the homeworld they were initially from. Instead, an entire culture of its own has developed among each of them, leaving barely any memory of the world they once left behind. 

Notable Castra

As a fort unconquered for ten-thousand years, it is the supreme seat of command for the Castellum Fleets and foremost staging ground for the Imperial Navy and Battlefleet Gondwana. Maintaining the highest degree of Isolation from the remaining Sector Gondwana, not even the authorities of the Triumvirate know exactly how large the force is, which has been stationed there. Neither do they maintain regular contact to the officials of the Imperial Navy, safe for matters of utmost importance in the event of a sector-wide invasion. 

Even the architecture of Mongotiacum itself is shrouded in mystery since it is always only seen in the deepest folds of the Glacial Nebula, obscured behind clouds of mist and fractured ice. 


Lying isolated as the vanguard of the No-Man's-Land of Subsector Cambria, Rifersceith has been the lynchpin for the Limes Line since the loss of the nameless star fort, when Thetys last surged and lashed out against Myriadenburg. 

Out of sheer necessity, Rifersceith grew to maintain stronger relations to worlds of Subsector Cambria than any other part of the Limes Gondwana. Closest are its ties to the Forlorn Fortress Gahmuret, with which it shared its fate in many ways. Often fought forces of these two worlds together, alone and declared forlorn by the rest of all the galaxy. And nonetheless, they prevailed, earning them an infamous reputation. 


Closest to the Thetys Rift of all Castra lies Castellum Syburg, between the Pantheon World of Mekephau, the Cthonic Fortress Tumunzahar, and the Forlorn Feral World Kumaforth. It is daring fort, prevailing through methods and paths for victory frowned upon by all other worlds. Some go so far as to say the Castellum itself has been tinged by the warp, so fervent are its ventures into the abyss, to reach out to its bridgehead on the Forlorn Feral World, it's ties to the mysterious prophets of Mekephau's Pantheon and the legends of impossible victories earned by its forces. 

But the gates of Syburg remain closed to all the world – so none shall ever know what truly transpires in its darkest dungeons. 


Although a Major Castellum of the Limes Gondwana, Bilstein is most commonly known as the military capital of the Fiefdom of the Crimson Queen. Officially isolated, through elusive ways, it is in constant contact with the shadow fiefdom and maintains dealings with countless rogue traders. Though secretive, ever speaking only through automaton avatars, the watchmen of Bilstein reveal their strange findings and observations in the Thetys Rift to all who wish to hear them. Their fortress line was never broken, even during the last Surge of Thetys, which has led some to believe they are secretly allied to a mighty power beyond the Thetys Rift, which kept the forces of the Immaterium from their side in check. 

Fortress Worlds of the No-Man's-Land

Closely tied to the Limes Gondwana are the Fortress Worlds Tumunzahar and Gahmuret, both of which stand against the tides of the Thetys Rift as the Sector's second line of defense. 

Old and lost Worlds

There are remnants along the Limes lines, of worlds existing prior to the Imperium's coming to Sector Gondwana. These Old and Lost worlds are on no star map anymore, forgotten by the chroniclers of history, for all their erstwhile wealth and power veined and dissipated in the vastness of time. 

But the Watchmen of Thetys remember and maintain small outposts were once mighty cities were. On the ruined worlds without names, the soldiers of the Limes Gondwana gaze at the ruins of old and wonder what ancient wonders may be hidden underneath. 

The Coming of Trantor

The Limes Gondwana as such first arose under the authority of the Triumvirate World Trantor. Most of the watchtowers and castra were raised during this time when the Great Crusade had just halted and mankind entrenched itself on the frontiers of the Imperium. These Millennia, often painted now as an ancient golden age, were in truth cast in the everlasting light of desperation and the expectation of coming doom. The Horus Heresy shook the galaxy and brought the war to the young defenses. Since then, their test has never ended. 

Standing alone

Once the Castra had gained strength enough to stand on their own, and Gondwana was recognized as the outermost frontier by the high and mighty of the Imperium, the Limes Gondwana was granted a standing of its own and its bulwarks were strengthened once more. From the might assembled along with these stars, hubris grew. And so the forces of Gondwana stood ready, waiting when the Shadow of the Thetys Rift grew tall. 

The Surge of Thetys

Once Thetys Surged, it broke the line, and many forts faltered in the invasion's wake. The defenses of Subsector Cambria were swept away and the Castra of Limes Gondwana found themselves surrounded deep in hostile territory. All Major Castra were besieged for the duration of the Thetys Surge. Even Mongontiacum, the citadel of the Glacial Nebula, had to withstand a centuries-long onslaught of corrupted enemies. During this war, the Major Castellum, of which the name will never be spoken, fell to the demonic fangs of the Immaterium and had to be destroyed. The other Castra persisted but were reduced to lone outposts of humanity, insignificant to the larger war. 

Great shame was brought upon the Limes Gondwana on that day, and one standing regiment of the Limes Guard committed mass suicide once the battle was concluded, for they would not bear the shame of having been defeated.

Old power reasserted

Following the end of the Thetys Surge, Gondwana was to be rebuilt stronger and mightier than it had ever been. To the Imperium in its state of constant decay, the prospect of creating something unsurpassed in its strength in history was nearly inconceivable. But resources of the Mechanicum of Mars, of the Imperial Navy and all Triumvirate Worlds were channeled to strengthen the defense of Subsector Cambria, creating a vast frontier defense the likes of which is unique in the galactic region. Countless new forts and orders were founded, redundant auger systems and relay networks were put into place, and entire populations were raised to provide a worker populace to the great machinery of the Limes Gondwana reborn. 

A new shadow falling

At the dawn of the 41st Millennium, a new shadow grows within the Thetys Rift. And this time, the forces of Limes Gondwana will not simply stand to wait. Calls for aid have been sent throughout Sector Gondwana and far beyond. From the old homeworlds of their regiments, the Castra call forth reinforcements by the billions. The Imperial Navy has been called upon, to raise a true Battlefleet Gondwana and sent forth the Imperial might against the coming storm. In the wake of long millennia awaiting the second coming of the Thetys Surge, the Limes Gondwana gathers its strength once more. A new war is coming. 

Read the full codex entry and more:…
Warhammer 40k.
Feirefitz Fleet Banner

Vast are the fleets of the void-borne populace, unparalleled in their scale and number even by forces of the mighty Triumvirate Worlds. To the people of Feirefitz, these ships are their homestead and pride, the sole crucible of all their civilization. For this reason, the Hordes excel at the art of void-travel in ways unknowable to all peoples living planet-bound.

Void Hordes

The innumerable vessels of the Feirefitz Hordes know neither a final destination nor a port of call. Ships in service to the Horde are conceived among their brethren, built and christened along the way. 

Unlike the tainted metal ripped from the crust of planetary bodies near burning suns, the raw materials of the hordes are mined from rogue worlds and asteroids in the abyss between systems the constellations. It is the matter of worlds who survived the death of their sun, or the faint traces of ancient supernovae when the heavy elements were dispelled in an unthinkable explosion directly from the center of the star. 

Rarest Metals

From these rarest and most ancient metals of the galactic region, the voidsmiths of Feirefitz know to craft alloys and armor plating with the most carefully cultivated qualities.

The Machines made from these formidable resources are likewise the product of many millennia long selection. As the void hordes never lay any ship of theirs to rest, the most ancient machines still exist at the hearts of their hordes and are endlessly renewed and repurposed and used directly as reference for any new component created.

Whilst no weapon nor shield in the Horde's arsenal could rival directly the might at the disposal of the older worlds of Triumvirate, the technologies preserved by the Engine Smiths of Feirefitz are still regarded as some of the most excellent preservations of the lost craftsmanship of humanity. 

At last, the countless pieces of a ship, forged and molded aboard many different fabrication vessels, are brought together right at the heart of the horde, where the new ship takes shape under the watchful eyes of the Mechanicum Enclave. It is here that a new part of the horde is blessed and christened in ancient rituals, and introduced to the wider populace at large.

Unsurpassed Versatility

To be built in such a way, to be assembled whilst traversing the void and to survive the endless journey ahead, the vessels of the Feirefitz Horde are of exceptionally compartmentalized design. Unified plans laid out by the Omnissiah allow these craft to rapidly switch out entire sections of the hull, to grow and be augmented for every purpose needed by the Horde. 

Their machine spirits are known to be the most well domesticated in all of Sector Gondwana, accepting the rapid changing of their physical domains and becoming accustomed quickly to a new commander. 

These things make the Fleets of Feirefitz extremely reliable and versatile, capable of staying in the void indefinitely and fulfill any mission necessary, to further the goals of the voidfaring people. 

Elements of a Feirefitz Horde

The vast majority of all Feirefitz vessels by far never strays from their Horde. Within these gargantuan fleets of a void-faring civilization, groups and elements emerged, distinct in their task to further the continued existence of their people. 

Hearts of the Horde

Agriculture and industry, manufacturing plants and population centers are all confined within titanic vessels, forming the beating heart of every Horde. Each such vessels is an entire Hive lifted into the void, a world of its own inside a hulk rock and metal. It is here that new generations are born, that the arts and crafts are practiced, knowledge is preserved and recreated. Measuring dozens and dozens of kilometers, these are by far the greatest vessels of Feirefitz, wielding mighty void shields and entire asteroids as their protection. 

Mining Fleets

Feirefitz's flourishing life and industry are fueled by even greater mining fleets. These swarms of explorators and heavy industrial carriers, tankers, and refineries facilitate the discovery, acquisition, and processing of raw resources and rare treasures. On an endless search for more materials exiled in the void between stars, these fleets send out their exploration to seek out the unknown, and once an oasis of matter is found in the boundless abyss, the entire horde will be redirected to scour the remains of long-dead planetary systems. The hunger of the mining fleets can never be sated. 

In their endless endeavors, they are protected by the Custodian Fleets, ever watchful wardens of the Horde. 

Custodian Fleets

Tasked with the protection of their home fleet, are those souls of Feirefitz, who choose to master the art of war. Unlike the lumbering hulks of mining vessels or the surreal titans at the heart of the Horde, these are vessels purely made for war. Swift and decisively they strike, with weapons perfectly attuned with their warrior crews over centuries. The Custodians of Feirefitz are said to be relentless, both in the defense of their home fleets and the pursuit of any foe. Manned by the most formidable voidsmen of Sector Gondwana, they know routes and jumps through the warp hidden from anyone else. None can escape their wrath, none can hide their course from their auger arrays. 

Mercenary and Trading Fleets

At any time there are many thousands of mercenary vessels and traders traveling with every Feirefitz Horde. These are those who have returned from journeys far from the Heart of the Horde or are preparing to venture outward again. Their vessels are as numerous and different as their masters, but many were made in the forges of the Horde, from the matter and with the same versatility in mind. 

The mercenary craft is often small, but highly potent in battle. Rarely do the soldiers of fortune field vessels larger than light cruiser classes, for few in the Segmentum could even afford the services of larger mercenary ships. 

The readers prefer often massive barges, in rare instances small courier vessels for luxury wares. In both cases, they are armed well for their protection and maintain escorts for their convoy. 

In times of war near their homelands and gathering grounds, the Feirefitz Hords may gather the mercenaries in their midst and assemble fleets of them under the command of Trade Masters and High Custodians. These are fierce forces of rapid strike groups, fielding extremely diverse weaponry and utility systems. Less trained in combined fleet combat than dedicated military fleets, they will not form a strong main front line – but as cavalry support crashing against the flanks of their foe, they are unrivaled by most in the wider Sector.

Hordes of War

Only during the direst of times, or at direct orders from the Holy Throne World Terra, will entire Hordes of Feirefitz go to war. When such a time has come, among their highest and most respected will be chosen a Loke-Khan, one voice to call upon all souls in service to his people. All mercenaries, traders and scattered exploration vessels will heed the call of their high war master, and return at once to the Heart of their Horde. With them, they will bring allies and those in debt to them, until a fleet is assembled, orders of magnitude larger than the forces of Feirefitz itself. 

The Horde, by then, will be dedicated wholly to the war. Every industry and soul will work to outfit every last ship with protection and armament, converting bulk traders and guardian craft, and even the titanic hive vessels into mighty battleships.

Whereas elsewhere, the conversion of civilian craft might make for pitiful forces in desperate times, the versatility and skill of Feirefitz's engine smiths are unsurpassed. Each and every last of their vessels was built from the very beginning with this possibility in mind. Under the lumbering hull of every last freighter there slumbers a terrible beast of a ship. Once tanks and loading bays a stripped away, once all fat is cut from the vessels form, sleek and mighty battle craft will remain, ready to plunge into battle. 

When a horde goes to war, an entire civilization is mobilized. A relentless onslaught darkening the sun falls upon any world daring to threaten the horde and the forces of the foe will be drowned in waves of asteroids and comets thrown as harbingers of the Hordes of Feirefitz coming.

Warhammer40k fanart. 
Read the Full Codex Entry HERE:…

Earth 2180 (Star Blazers) (WIP)
I present you my first draft of a World Map set in Star Blazer's 2180. This is not the finished map yet - I want to get a bit of input from the community regarding this map. Obviously, I'd be thankful for any canon sources helping to make this map as accurate as possible, but I am also open to personal suggestions. 

I had three goals in mind when creating this map: 
1. I want the Earth of 2180 to be visibly different from today, to suggest without saying the more than 150 years of history having gone by in between. 
2. At the same time, like the canon of the show, I wanted to preserve much of the culture and identity of today's nations, as they are heavily referenced. 
3. I wanted to introduce a diverse and large roster of factions to make designs and background lore for. 

My current plan is to adjust this map according to the feedback and then to proceed by fleshing out the individual nations. While I have general ideas in mind, I do not plan to explain exactly all the changes on this map. Borders have changed, alliances form, territories swapped their owners - as they did always in history. So there were land purchases, internal strife, some conventional wars, and so on and so forth. 

Important sidenote: This map is supposed to depict the biggest political/military factions that'll play a role in the Second Inner Planet War (aside from Mars, obviously). They are, for the most part, military/poltical/economical alliances with varying degrees of internal cohesion. 
Kugelraumer Enkelados Approaching
On the blossoming nebulae of Orion-Cygnus, great starships rise. The expeditionary force is venturing toward a blank space on the astrography projections, a vast expanse of unknown aether, slowly drifting through the ecliptic of the Milky Way. 

Perry Rhodan fanart. 
ISEA Expeditions XI - Window into Otherspace
Through a gravely silent maze of twisted corridors, the first expedition team makes its way toward the innermost command deck. Compartments sealed for centuries open for the Centauri Pariah, revealing dark rooms looking deceptively serene. The lost ship of the Centauri expedition has become a timeless place, lost in all dimensions.
The way leading toward the inner center hall seems winding and endless, too long even to fit inside the ship. As though reality had been warped to fit a feverish dream, the unending way leads the expedition team ever further in. Time ticks slowly away. Only after hours have passed on the chronometers of the Laplace's demon, does the message of success finally arrive. The Pariah and the scientists have entered the inner sanctum of the Centauri Expedition. Like most decks they passed, it has long been abandoned. There are no remains of the command crew, no theatrical last display of their forgotten leader. The central chair positioned above all other stations is empty, not even dust has settled on it. Here, the flight recorder of the dead ship is stored. A black box, bearing the purple emblem of the early republic, safely stored in its place below the consoles of the helm.

Specialists of the expedition team examine the box, preparing its removal. But the Centauri Pariah has already taken his place at the center of the abandoned bridge.
"Play it here!", he demands, having gathered just enough of his composure to maintain the appearance of typical Centauri superiority.
"I want to learn the destiny of my kin in the place where they died. Not in some laboratory of yours."
The specialists exchange looks of slight concern, but playing the recording right then and there would safe time. After a short consultation with command aboard Laplace's demon, they attach a battery on the console and power it up. The projection dome overhead, a vast display of visual data, comes alive in a flash of golden light. All members of the expedition stare at it in awe. None noticed the slight vibrations echoing through the ancient ship.


"...found evidence of a gateway to the new frontier. We have -"
The black box contained a recording of the bridge, moments before disaster struck. Next, to a long list of system's status data and log entries, the command crew is visible on the central screen. The bridge room remained largely unchanged, save for the bright and colorful illumination in the past. Proud Centauri in impeccable uniforms moves across the screen. One stands behind the leader of the ship, denoted beyond any doubt by his mighty, gray-tipped crest.
"Can we reach it?", the commander demanded to know. The scientist by his side looked at him in distress.
"We don't know how stable..."
"Look at it!", the leader commanded and the view shifted to what they had seen.
A strange image fills the command center's projection dome. An image unlike anything, any of the expedition team have ever seen.
Space ripped apart, the night sky of the universe punctured by a swirling hole into another reality. The red glow of Hyperspace shines through from beyond, but this is no mere entry point into Hyperspace. It is entirely different. Through a mesh of lighting, tendrils and the streaming currents of the foreign dimension, the far side of the tunnel can be seen. Another black sky speckled with stars, and a world, beautifully green and blue, right at the center of the maelstrom – waiting.

"This is the new frontier of the Great Centauri Republic!", announced the leader of the Centauri expedition with unmistakable pathos in his voice. "A new golden age awaiting, new stars for us to conquer. Do you realize what you are doing when you suggest it might be too dangerous? Taking the future of our people away is treason!"
His head raised high, he turned away from the scientist and stared directly at the distant world.
"Helm, prepare all engines to go on full. A new world is waiting!"

The rest of the recording plays out just as expected. As soon as the Centauri vessel enters the strange event horizon of the Hyperspace anomaly, an unknowable force tears at the craft. The Pariah ends the recording before the tendrils close all the way in. All know how the story of the new golden age ended. Lost, forgotten. The expedition of his family, bound to bring such glory to Centauri Prime, was not even worth investigation to the republic. Slumped onto the chair of his deceased ancestors, the Centauri Pariah appears hopeless now. None of the expedition team dare say anything.


By distant thunder, the silence was broken. Vibrations permeating throughout the ship had grown first into a distinct, metallic drone, and now erupted in violent surges of energy. As impulses of power and information suddenly rushed through the ancient conduits, consoles and lights flickered all about the command room. A single look at their own sensor equipment told the specialists, what they had feared all along.
"Core reactor is destabilizing, something is happening in the aft section of the ship!"
"Did we trigger something?", the second asks, a voice shrill with panic.
"Negative!", Laplace's Demon responds. "We are registering movement in the tendrils. Return to the shuttles immediately!"
Another thundering explosion rattles the superstructure of the Centauri vessel. The sound of tearing metal drowns the specialists first answer. But sheer horror is writ across their pale faces.
"Negative, command", the first response. "There's been detonations on the hangar deck."
"Laplace's Demon Command, come in. We need an extraction shuttle asap, I repeat."
Only static answers the urgent inquiry.
"Command, come in!"
Silence. Contact to the exploration ship is lost.


The situation on the Centauri Exploration Vessel is rapidly deteriorating. Trapped aboard the vessel breaking apart, the Expedition Team has few options to pursue.

1.) Reach the Engine Room

Reawakened consoles on the command bridge show massive reroute in the engine systems. Clearly, the Centauri technicians had been tampering with experimental systems in the hopes of finding a way out. Obviously, their attempts had failed – but now, for the first time in centuries, the reactor core seems to have been freed from the tendrils siphoning off all its energy. If there was ever a chance for the Centauri's plan for a return to succeed, it is now. With the fate of the Laplace's Demon unknown, the Team can try and reach the Engine room to activate the experimental system and hope to return into real space. Perhaps from there, a rescue mission for Laplace's Demon can be mounted.

2.) Reach the Transmitter
The reactor core is overheating, the Centauri failed to make their return: The best hope for rescue may lie in contacting anything, anyone outside. The team's best chance to do so is the Transmitter station. If Laplace's Demon is still out there, it will be able to provide a connection. If not, it may be the only transmitter strong enough to break through the boundaries of this place and reality. The Team could hope to create a similar signal to that which led them themselves here. It is a slim hope for rescue, but better than none.

Babylon 5 fanart. 
Help the Imperial Cause by sending in your suggestions and ideas for Imperial Guard Soldiers, Mercenaries and all manner of souls willing to fight and die in the Emperor's name!
A number of suggestions will be chosen to be turned into proper artworks and get a fully fleshed out lore entry for the Brass and Iron Crusade. 

Come forth, Soldiers of the Imperium by Martechi

Whether it's singular original characters or entire guard regiments, the war council accepts anyone who is willing to face the eldritch terrors from beyond. 
The more original and detailed your suggestion is, the better the chance to reach the frontlines at the Thetys Rift and get to fight the demons besieging our glorious worlds. At best, tell me about their background and history and I'll do my best to bring your vision to life! 

All must fight for the Imperium to persist! A great Crusade is underway and the war council of the Triumvirate calls forth loyal soldiers of the Imperium, even from beyond the stars of Gondwana. The time has come for the warriors of the Elder Frontier to arise!




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BionicleRules Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2019
Question milord. Which imperial military space vessel would you want to serve on the least and the most?
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Ouff, that's a hard question, because it depends so much on the commander. In general, I'd say, any sort of tiny long-range patrol craft stationed on some backwater world would be pretty bad to serve on. Chances are the governor doesn't care much about it, so the equipment is in a bad shape, the commander is some unqualified noble and any sort of actual combat would lead to instant death or demonic possession. 

The best ship to serve on would be any one of the ancient battleships. They are extremely valuable to the Imperium - consequently, it's probably one of the safest places you could possibly serve on as a mortal in the imperial military. Most likely, you can serve on it for a thousand years without ever having to see combat. And if combat happens, you#ve got the best possible chance to be pulled out before it all goes down the drain! 
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I still don't know who the heck lets an unqualified noble get command of a millitary vessel... seriously each of those ships require more resources than one could possibly imagine!

You're completely right! Battleships are propably one of the safest ships to be stationed on especially if the captain of that ship is a hardened veteran but i think the two safest battleships to be on are the Apocalypse and the Macragge's Honor
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Probably right! 

That said, I think with a hardened veteran commander, you are probably well-off on any capital ship. For one, a good commander is going to want to make sure that his crew is as effective as possible and lives as long as possible because he doesn't want to constantly hire on new ones who have no experience at all. So you'd be at no risk of starving or randomly dying during work accidents because of horrid conditions. And beyond that, with a good commander aboard, Imperial ships are pretty darn powerful and superior to most things in a galaxy. So even if you end up on the frontlines, you'd have to get *really* unlucky to be on the loosing side. 
And finally, even if your ship gets beaten, with a good commander aboard you at least know he's going to blow up the reactor and let you all go out in a sudden blaze of fire rather than being possessed by demons or dragged away into the cages of dark eldar. 
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Thanks for fav!
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You're welcome! It's a fantastic take on the Yamato! Since I'm thinking about doing a few cosmo fleet ship designs myself, I'm interested to see how other artists went about adapting the style! 
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Personal interest:How do Imperial citizens(Citizens,I said,not any military forces) travel between the planet?By some kind of “Space liner”?
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Short answer: They don't. The vast majority of imperial citizens would never get into space let alone travel between worlds. Those that do are either rich enough to own their personal starship or hire on a rogue trader's vessel. That said, I'm sure space liners do exist between rich worlds, but they'd still very rare. 
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Well……if the “Imperial airlines” comes out,what will happen,do you think?
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thank you so much for the watch its very appreciated
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