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This is extremely perilous, to pose a objective critic for a photographic work, when the beauty of the model is almost concurrent to the artist's talent,( as well talented she is ), but in this frozen moment, hopefully, we find a wonderful alchemy and symbiosis between you both... that pushes me to take this risk (if I fall: it does not matter, my heart is already at the foot of your model, far as I join him)

Well! For be totally honest, Personally and usually, I do not like very much pictures revealing too many lights in the backgrounds, they stop me often, to focus me on "the topic" , the story,who what telling the picture is, but in this one...these eyes full of innocence and sweetness, provide a pleasant contrast, sweet and savior, face to the "harshness" of the background's light: This data, which does not seem to have escaped to you, like this beautiful moment, congratulation!

It is on this point, we feel you, more than "provocative-accomplice" in this battle of brightness between the celestial body, the sun versus this young star, full of shining feelings, sweet, sad, a stunning beauty...suspended in time, like are the observer, lost in her eyes, through the magic of the lens "your monocle",this "robber of moments"

PS: I hope not to be offended you, and I swear that I have tried to make the best possible tribute to the artist and work in a language that I speak poorly (I'm French) it was risky, but it was the least I could do, for the pleasure and emotions pallet you offer to us, here, through your portraits, and chiefly, the choice of this model hauntingly beautiful...and almost "fierce silent concurrent", facing your artistic talents (Fortunately, from what I've seen, they seems able to "defend themselves" for our total pleasure)

Respectfully yours
Infernorum Canis
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used this photo as inspiration

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used this picture as inspiration

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what a stunning girl! her eyes are enigmatic, so much that it makes me wonder if she's blind, she has an uncommon brightness on them... she transmit purity and innocence, excellent capture!
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Love her face and shoulders
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You have amazing girls in Ukraine, I have to come there
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This will sound odd, but she looks cross-eyed in this pic, and I think it makes her look even cuter because of it. <3
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my name is dasha
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This is so beautiful.
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You have a wonderful talent behind an amazing eye for ones beauty. I do enjoy the breath-taking feel of your Gallery, and I do wish you all the luck in your abilities. The work you share is magnificent, and may you continue to allow us to share in it's loveliness.
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this is really good
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Ви казкова!
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красивая модель и замечательные веснушки
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I love this so much. :)
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OMG she so beautiful O:
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good idea with the shoulders. Maybe,by a picture like this the girl can also lift her head to the sun,with a smyle. Head lifting is everytime a nice idea,try it!
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is incredible her perfect beauty!
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Очень красивое лицо.
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i want to give her a hug and buy her a slice of pie and talk about her dreams
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You're a dream... a beautiful dream.
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So Beautiful!
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