What is your favorite Social media/art community to show your art? :)
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Published: May 23, 2016
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dracontiar|Professional General Artist
I enjoy posting on FB and FurAffinity the most, just for the amount of feedback. I've struggled to get a base here that actually interacts, but seem to have better luck on those sites. Tumblr is a deadzone for me though xD
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Artstation is great, if your work is good you will frequently get art directors, recruiters, film directors etc. seeing your work. You won't get that anywhere else.
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MadWlad|Professional Traditional Artist
I seem much more visible here, than for example on tumblr or facebook. .tumblr has less censorship but I have no idea how to be seen on the other pages
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JadasArtVision|Professional Traditional Artist
I love dA but I hate the app.  It is very hard to go through your messages there.  Facebook and Instagram are better for advertising anyway.
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Dwarfish-beer|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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JeremiahLambertArt|Professional General Artist
fb for numbers.
instagram for 2ndary numbers
dA cause of habit though not much going on around here nowadays
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blumilein|Hobbyist Photographer
Hmmmm i use FB, Instagram, DA & 500px.
My favourite at the moment is instagram.
Feedback on facebook is...well...it depends..Sometimes good, sometimes nothing. 
DA...i love DA,but feedback here is also much less then before...
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Samikleo|Hobbyist General Artist
i have 2 i really like to show my art. deviantart and instagram. but i love twitter and facebook for it too. tumblr as well...
maybe because i post my art everywhere xD
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fantasioEdited |Professional Digital Artist
I use all of the above and many more, all have their benefits and drawbacks. All pages with groups do suck out your time and do nothing in return - if you don´t pay someone to use these groups, I´d stay away from them - into that category falls fb, deviantArt, drawcrowd and g+.

I slowly build my ground on around 25+ networks, including Patreon which is my main hub for direct output(paid and free) then comes LinkedIn, behance, ArtatArt, Artlords and Paigeeworld. More professional networks are coroflot, creativefinder, Altpick and zerply.
It takes more time than to be active in one page, but with tools such as ifttt posting can be easier. Tumblr is a special case as I post regularly but my work rather gets attention when others pick it up and reblog. I´m fine with that, if you accept that tumblr works this way, it becomes OK. Many pages like Pinterest reblog's stuff from tumblr and deviantArt - it all comes together on pinterest and similar pages like Stumbleupon then.

Right now it seems if you want your art to get seen or if your goal is a community (for feedback) you need to publish in groups on fb or elsewhere, but that is a soapbubble and you surround yourself only with artists. Even if you find groups to promote your art to potential buyers, these are either too crowded, full of spammers or nobody see´s your stuff at all. If you want commissions or sell your work, Kickstarter, Patreon, freelance platforms and business networks become more important - but then, these also rely heavily on social media networks.

Besides the whole networking stuff, posting to my blog has become the center of my attention. At the end of the day and in terms of SEO it is where all efforts on those platforms point towards.
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MartaNael|Professional Digital Artist
Thanks for such an accurate response :)
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fantasio|Professional Digital Artist
you're welcome;)
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CyberborgEdited |Professional General Artist
Don't really have a fav.

I use nearly all of them. 
Works in progress and other pieces go on DA, and Tumblr ...and occasionally Facebook
I specifically place only Portfolio-grade stuff on Artstation, and cross-post to Twitter, FB, and DA. Artstation is also where I host the largest sized images of my work.
I use instagram for photos primarily, and those forward to Twitter and FB
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CosmicRick|Student Digital Artist
Mostly DA, though I hear Instagram is becoming a good place to get noticed. 
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pandacur|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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OleWormius|Hobbyist Digital Artist
DA completely sucks now. You can't even get your art seen without posting it to a million groups, unless you already have a huge following. Groups ruined this site. There's also too much porn/furry/bizarre fetish bullshit on here.

I just post to FB, Instagram, and Tumblr now. They're each good for different things I think. FB seems to be better for sharing with more loyal fans, Instagram is good for reaching a much wider audience, and well, Tumblr only works for me when someone shares one of my posts, but is otherwise great for discovering other art. :p (Lick) 
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Hermidraws|Student Digital Artist
Really biased stats. But depending what kind of art you do, there is like artstation/tumblr/instagram/forums/facebook. My main source right now for sharing art is forums since I am only doing sketches, but the main one I will probably start sharing when I get into digital art would be Behance + Dribbble. 
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Ailithir|Student General Artist
:deviantart: first and :twitter: for sketches and wips. I tried tumblr but it's too chaotic for me so I seldom use it.
And from what I saw :facebook: is even worse so I didn't even bother making an account eve,,
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ForeverMuffin|Hobbyist Digital Artist
dA and facebook

i've tried sharing through tumblr, but i never get any feedback at all
Here on dA and facebook i can always count on people seeing what i do, and both liking and commenting ^^

I wonder why tumblr is like that :/
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fabianfucci|Professional Filmographer
This is a biased stats. :D
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