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Soooo.. my second artbook is due this November :D

...and I want to include some fan arts of my artworks in it since your support means a lot to me. 

You can draw your personal version of any of my artworks .

Send them in low quality to or send me the link if you're uploading the images on Deviantart (to fave them) or Facebook, so that I can share them. I will contact the ones included in the book the first days of September. 

I'm also thinking about giving some premium membership small prizes to some of the elected ones but I will tell you more info soon :)

Deadline: 31st August


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hi, couldn't make it for the deadline but here it is. Just wanna share it.
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Hi I no I didn't win but could you give me feedback on my entry please if you have the time
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One date for the know the winners of this contest ? ^^'
I turn the brain and think only that :)

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Don't ask me why, but I'm afraid the winners have been contacted already :(
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oh yes, I think you say right :( .....maybe we must waiting for the artbooks for seeing the winners
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Hey Marta I emailed you my entry last minute. I didn't get a confirmation so I hope you received it. I uploaded my entry on DA today in case you didn't see it. Here is the link.…


Thank you :)


To everyone who entered I seen some amazing work and good luck! :)

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I've sent you an email on 24 of august...I just hope that you'll see my work :D…
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bueno, todavia es 31 en mi zona horaria XD espero poder entrar jajaja. de todas formas fue divertido =) te dejo link de mi fan art:…
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Just in time! Here is my submission… Lots of hours learning and enjoying this one!

Hope you like it!
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Te lo dejo por aquí subido a más resolución…
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Hey ! This is my fanart inspired by your drawing "Be my valentine" :…
I hope you enjoy it :3
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My final entry for your contest Marta, the Cyborg Elves Couple greeting everybody :)…
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Hola Marta,

Creo que ya mandé 2 por correo, añado un tercero y los otros dos, por si te resulta más fácil mirarlo así desde aquí (van en baja res).
Una iniciativa motivante, y con mucha calidad!
Por cierto, tu segundo libro incluirá nuevos tutoriales?

Un saludo y buen dolor de cabeza selecionando dibujos XDD, ¡hay muchas cosas muy buenas por lo que he visto!

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Hello again! I might as well enter this one too (It's a close-up version of my other entry ;)):…
Thanks Marta :heart:
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Hi Marta! This is my entry for your contest:…. Thank you so much for the opportunity to draw one of your beautiful characters, I hope I have done her justice! :heart:
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Hola Marta!

Como no estoy muy seguro de si mi primera entrada entraba dentro de las reglas (dibujo tuyo...y el parecido entre mi fénix y el tuyo es casi circunstancial) he estado trabajando en este segunda pieza para no quedarme fuera del concurso:…

Espero que te guste! :dance:
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Hola Marta! Te dejo aquí mi dibujo para el concurso!- Ari Fan Art -… Espero que veas el fan art y que te guste! ^^
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Marta! He hecho esto para ti:…
A ver si te gusta! Un beso!
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Mi entrada para el concurso!, hace tiempo que no la pasaba tan bien con una ilustración XP, aquí el link:…

 Saludos!! ^_^
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¡Qué pena! Estoy de vacaciones y no vuelvo hasta el día 1 de Septiembre. La verdad es que al leer esto me ha entrado mucha ilusión de participar. 

Estoy por acabar mis vacaciones un par de días antes solo para participar y entrar en el plazo. Tu obra me ha inspirado mucho y solo por eso puede merecer la pena :) 
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here is my submission :…
but I am disapointed, continous this art for try to make better (jealous by old submissions in this page ^^') or let this and make another try but only 6 days left...  :(
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Hello Marta!

What we can submit a new fan-art this saturday at afternoon?
Or should post the latest designs before 31?

I maked a second drawing and I would like make some correction before to post here.
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