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blizzard troll

I feel so honored to have been commissioned by Blizzard again, this time to create a troll for a World of Warcraft exhibition that took place at LA Twitch Con, this past October. I decided to portray a female troll hunter using the artifact weapon Thas'dorah on their race mount. :)

DAISY - AGENTS OF MAYHEM by MartaNael World of Warcraft - Undead Mage by MartaNael

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I absolutely love the electric atmosphere you create with colors, its neither overwhelming nor underused, but just the right middle to make the image really pop

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A mythical She Troll riding a Prehsitoric Raptor Dinosaur, nice but I kinda prefer Dinosaurs as sentient as Dragons.
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This is the perfect way of illustrating trolls in World of Warcraft. As a exotic tribe they deserve to be treated with this amount of colour.
Your art mesmerises my eyes...makes me want to play WoW again :) it's just amazing!!
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oh wow, i love this so much! the way you paint is just so incredible; your use of colour is amazing!
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I saw this one on DA's Instagram account !
Very happy to see it on the website ! :)

That's a very cool drawing and an amazing work ! 
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omg i'm amazed!! :wow:
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I really adore the colour palette you've used Heart 
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I am always so impressed by your art style and the way you use color! Beautiful! 
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outstanding work of ART...:clap:

cRAFTY Crow by Caddman by caddman

If you see mean you have
done a outstanding work of ART
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Un gran trabajo Marta.

Como fan desde hace tiempo del World of Warcraft es una delicia ver artistas de tu talento recreando escenas de ese universo.
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Love the nuclear colors ^^
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lovely use of color!
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Hmm that is very different from the WoW I was told.
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Dino plus cute troll girl. Epic mix. Great Job!
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Great as always Marta! Your work is already cited as an example of the style in coloring during training.
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One of my favourite things ever.
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this is epic as fck. :D
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Very intriguing art style! I really would like to learn to use your style aswell!
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I love your art <3
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