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Don't be afraid, monsters

Don't be afraid, monsters. Photoshop 2012

Don't judge at first sight, even monsters can be afraid of you and willing to be your friend! :)
Prints here: BUY THIS PRINT.

:bulletred: JUST 10€
:bulletred: AS BIG AS 60X90cm (23"x 35")

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Wow so awesome - amazing work!
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This is an awesome piece!  Coloring and detail is magnificent - great work. If you get time please give feedback on some of my work. 
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HAHA, that reminds me of a quote "Not everything that hides in the dark is evil, sometimes its just hiding from what lurks in the light." and my personal favorite(Because I thought of  it) "Do you know a monster is? Its you, a monster isn't a dragon or a troll, they're just animals. A monster is a killer, someone who doesn't take pitty. Kinda like you."
Fantastic my friend!!!
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Reminds me when I visit "my Council of Elders". The spirits are not "cute". I think that it is so that I am not dealing with side issues, and the same problem, which concerns me, to introduce oneself.
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...Well, I really don't think there's much else to say here!
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I like this concept ! Good job !
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As a guy named "FollowTheRattlesnake" I beg to differ...
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Beauitful work and concept ^^
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They are smiling because they are good job
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Guys i need help i am looking for almost the same picture only diffrent.
The girl is in the bed and the monsters are reading her a bedtime story.
Any ideas where this picture is?
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The tiger is very pretty for a monster. O_o 
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this so amazing 
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don't be afraid :heart:
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Sin duda alguna uno de mis favoritos =)
I would love to buy a print of this.  So amazing!
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I think that the monster in the top right is adorable. I mean, look at those eyes! :3
I love the face of two monsters in the right =]] I have pin your work here:… Is that all right ?
I hug my monsters..  It makes them smile and cuddly..  I just can't find and have any more nightmares to embrace and hug the monsters in..  Seems I've "frightened away" all my monsters with too much love and cuddles..  I love your monsters.. I just wish I could find more monsters to play with like yours.. Monsters are so much more friendly, gentle, honest and loving than most humans..  I'd wish I could meet your lovely monsters in my dreams and cosmic trances, face to face 101, close up and personal, your majesty...
Are the monsters you mentioned real?
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